1. Gabriel Z.

    Schizophrenic Magicians?

    Hello, I am curious to know if there is a large population of mentally ill card handlers or even magicians in general for that matter? I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia some time ago(roughly 2008). This is a question that has been on my mind for some time now, but just got around to...
  2. M

    Best cardistry cards. My opinion and yours.

    Hey guys. I've been doing cardistry for around 3 years and through out that i've collected countless amounts of cards like most do and i wanted to see what decks other people like for cardistry and wanted to share my list as well. Feel free to share your list and which brands/decks you like...
  3. C

    Please suggest online sites to buy Bicycle standard decks with low INTERNATIONAL delivery charges.

    I want to order just 6 bicycle standard back decks and one luxury deck maybe Monarch or madison rounders but delivery of amazon, Ellusionist,T11 is really high. Its like 15 usd's- 25usd. Is there a cheaper site out there for buying cards.
  4. C

    Is storing bicycle cards in fridge a good Idea? Also how to last cards longer

    I have purchased 4 standard decks (bicycle) and I want them to last as long as possible as I cant afford to buy decks every week also I live in Asia where delivery is really high. So whats better to use 1 deck for practicing and use it untill it geta destroyed or use alternative everyday. Eg...
  5. C

    Are all ellusionist decks made of really thick stock and are not flexible?specially kings & artifice

    I heard lot of people saying E decks are thicker and stiffer than t11. Is it true with most decks. I know that the E black decks and gambling decks are made of really thick stock but I want to buy kings deck and Artifice. Do any of you have them??? How do they feel?? I cant waste my money bc I...
  6. C

    Is there much difference between bicycle standard backs v/s tge 10 usd ones in handling for magic tr

    I only use bicycle standard backs which only last 3 months.(look new and fans properly) and at this rate of destruction 10 usd cards with be quite high as I will need to have bicycle standards because most trick gimmicks are made for it...... And also I live in Asia where I dont get these...
  7. C

    If u could perform one trick without gimmick, with just a pack of cards what would it be??

    If u could perform one card trick without gimmick, with just a pack of cards for a special friend what would it be??(u can stack the deck or do a little setup but No GIMMICK). For me its Binary code by Rick Lax......
  8. hellafont

    Shooting Sleeper

    Just noticed that with a semi-slow and very controlled riffle of the deck from biddle grip in your dominant hand to an open palm in your auxiliary hand (riffle facing the audience) you can use the Sleeper gimmick to fire the card pretty far. Seems to go about 1-2 feet minimum each time for me...
  9. C

    which is the best card magic INSTANT DOWNLOAD??

    Which is the best INSTANT DOWNLOAD or DVD WITHOUT SHIPPABLE GIMMICK according to you of easy-intermediate level. I dont want shippable gimmick bcause I live in ASIA where shipping from sites is quite high. I just want your favorites(single tricks only NOT SETS OR MULTIPLE TRICKS) and suggestion...
  10. H

    Why do all my playing cards have little scratches on them?

    I've been using playing cards for magic and cardistry now for about 3 years, I'm very careful and take care of my cards, however I have noticed that I have little scratches all over them, have no clue where they came from. I'm just interested to see if anyone has this problem or if anyone has a...
  11. makaruk

    Dreams 'MONARCHS' Playing Cards 2

  12. CharlieNevers

    Effect name!? (Spinning card)

    Hey guys, before you start telling me 'Pirouette flourish' or 'boomerang spinner'. Theres this trick thats been on youtube and instagram a lot recently. Heres a summary: Card is selected, signed. Placed faced up or down (marked?) and the an ace or joker is span around in the entre, stopping...
  13. A

    Adding smoke to magic

    Hi, this question is adderessed to magicians which have S.S.S by Shin Lim. I want to buy this product to perform mostly "smoke from mouth" effect. I want to know what is the difference between 2015 and later version. If you have both which you prefere and why you would recomend this version. And...
  14. S

    Gene maze and the art of bottom dealing

    After watching a couple dvds and reading Expert at the card table on the art of bottom dealing, I've found out that what Jason England calls the Gene maze grip is the most comfortable grip for me and in Foundations he recommends the book gene maze and the art of bottom dealing for further...
  15. T

    Books to Get

    So I've been casually doing card tricks for about a year now for friends and family and I figured now's a good time to start buying some legit magic books. I can do basic false cuts, double lifts, etc. and I'd say I'm at a late beginner, early intermediate level. I do tricks mostly for people at...
  16. davebarr98

    Lights and Loops

    Hello everyone. Recently y bought some sets of Loops. I´ve seen some magicians who advise you to be careful whith the light when using them. But the thing is, they don´t say a word about how to know the lights are good or not. Any help or tips? Thank you!
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