Are These Good Ideas for Routines?

May 31, 2008
Edit: I want to point out that these routines are for street magic and magic during school lunch and after school. Not for paid gigs or anything like that.

I've been doing magic for a while, but a lot of the time I never know what effect to do next. So I finally decided to organize my effects into routines. Tell me what you guys think please:

Turnover Cards:
1. Turnover Card
2. The Biddle Trick

Rise Up:
1. 2-Card Monte
2. Wave the Aces
3. Ambitious Card Routine

Mess Up:
1. The Chicago Opener
2. Trick Switch
3. Mindreach

1. Wave the Aces
2. Ambitious Card (V2 – short)
3. Indecent

Mental Cards:
1. Invisible Deck (thoughts are powerful presentation)
2. Card Mind Read (Simple force)
3. Stigmata (V1)

Mental Magic:
1. Pen and Notepad Prediction
2. Stigmata (V2)

The Hand is Quicker than the Eye:
Transposition using the French Drop (hand is quicker than the eye presentation)

1. Bullet
2. Coin Bite
3. SLAM!

Cellular Magic:
1. Pressure
2. ?
3. ?

As you can see I don't have anything else in the Cell Phone magic routine besides Pressure. Does anyone know of any good effects with cell phones?

All constructive criticism is welcome.
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Jun 26, 2008
San Francisco, California
These routines - what type of setting are you going to be performing them in?

They are not hardly long enough for any kind of party/small stage/close-up stage show at all.
May 31, 2008
These routines - what type of setting are you going to be performing them in?

They are not hardly long enough for any kind of party/small stage/close-up stage show at all.

Mainly just street magic and magic after school and during lunch. No paid gigs or anything. However I have thought about a routine for a parlor show, but that's later down the road.

for cell phone, I would say RingTone from Adam Grace.

I've looked at Ringtone, it's a little out of my price range for one effect.
Sep 3, 2007
Combine the Cellphone with the Invisible Deck.
Borrow a spec's cellphone call someone on it and have the person on the other end name a card.

Or you can do this on the spot if someone gets a call or a text during your performance.

Don't do more than one trick where you apparently mess up or it gets predictable.

I like the Rise Up Routine and the Mental Magic Routine.

You're gonna use the final cards from 2CM to do Wave the Aces and then the card from Waving the Aces for the ACR?


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You don't necessarily want to do 3 tricks with a cellphone in one set - maybe it's just me not really liking cell stuff, but mix it up a bit, you should look at maybe grabbing one trick from each of the groups you set and create some kinda flow, you know?

Apr 28, 2008
To be honest this doesn't seem like a great way of constructing routines, it seems very arbitrary. Why perform a load of effects at once just because they're similar? It's just going to get boring. It's going to end up like this 'OK pick a card, look, it reverses itself, how somebody else pick one, oh look, it reversed again' This is obviously an exaggeration but you get the point.

Mix them up a bit and give the spectators some variety, it's a great idea to put your effects into routines I just don't think doing it by category is the best way.
Jan 18, 2009
You did the same thing I was doing a few months back and was trying to fill the void of different types of effects like celluar magic and reverses etc. It fails because there are so many presentations and preferences that people have and you need to relate to.

Quick example, I do mentalism for a group of people in school and they absolutely love it. Today I switched it up with two great effects that I ALWAYS get good reactions with, Blueprint (original) and Search and Destroy (My Nowhere cut) and they were kinda like "uh, can you do the other stuff. It's cool but it's just making one card come to another."

That's the type of stuff that will kill you in any real world setting, so don't waste your money with cellphone magic because even though it's pratical it is quite dumb and I have yet to see great reactions consistently with many effects. Find effects from Card College, Royal Road, some mentalism from Dee's site, w/e you can find that you find pratical and suit what you are looking for that isn't defined by a genre inside a genre.
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