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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TimurY, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. I think we could fit a lot of people in there, if the clips are 10 to 15 seconds long. But first let's see how many really participate.
  2. I have some footage from a recently filmed video ready to be submitted, if that's okay?

    -Sam H
  3. This is a heck of a lot more confusing than it should be! Come on people, use your brains!

    The Penguinites videos (named because they started solely on are all about magicians submitting a short video to all be edited together by one of the best in the field, Timur.

    Now, because of the publicity Timury has put on this variation and the diversity, the clips have to be shorter; and no, they are not for a live audience.

    There will be a lot of people, and a continuing theme, but we can't make judgement until we know the continuing theme.

    And MagicLemonBird, I hate it when that happens; when you have something that you want to say but it never comes out the way you want it too...

    The videos contain cardistry and magic, allowing for a very diverse and interesting experience.

    And Timury, great idea for advancing this plot further. You know what would be cool? If eventually you LuLu'd a DVD of all of them put together.

    I missed out on the last two, but this one, I AM IN! I have a new flourish and some new quick tricks that would be awesome (and a cool new jacket that I could show off... heh!)

    Timury, I am PMing you some cool ideas for future ones or this one (not that I expect you to use them, just for some cool ideas).

    Sorry for talking so much, I shall shut up now.
  4. Exactly, I don't get why people are over-complicating things.
  5. I sacrifice my B.a.W.I and my CardClip to summon My CROSSED EYED WHITE TUMBLEWEED DRAGON!
  6. Uh oh........
  7. Looks as if we are not going to get the guidelines today.
  8. very cool, keep up the good work!
  9. Patience, my young padawan...i'll try to get it up as soon as possible.
  10. Count me in :)
  11. Well fine then, have it your way, but i'm taking my 3000 defense points with me.

  12. Come to the dark side with those sweet little Defence points... :D
    Ill give you cookies!
    Lot´s and lot´s of cookies...

    *Dumps a truck the size of the moon infront of B.A.W.I, its filled with hes favourite cookies*

    *Waits for his turn...*


    Count Me In!

    This will keep me busy for a bit, need to think of a Mentalism effect which will be accomplished in 15 seconds :cool:

  13. (That almost sounded dirty...)

    *thinks about it* *Vanishes* Thump Thumps over to the dark side for a trial period.

    So I need to snap my fingers, do something magical & snap my fingers, inside of 15 total seconds.

    Time to dip into the frying pan and pull out some flash.
  14. How about this: snap, do magic for 15 seconds, then snap again.

    What kind of magic can you do in 15 seconds?

    Simple transposition

    What can you guys add to the list?
  15. sounds kool and its due in july?

    if it is thats awesome cause ill film a 15 sec vid on the beach in floridaaa :D
  16. Do we have to snap with a particular hand?
  17. No, snap away!
  18. Ok, as of now my video is six seconds over the limit. :(

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