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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by trikuxabi, Jul 5, 2011.

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    You sir have a lot of what are often referred to as "warning signs" in your posts. The fact that you are mad because you couldn't get a customized hand picked BABOM is as funny as it is pathetic. Do tell us all sir what it is you are "about to do"
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    @raze Why would you think he would want you anywhere near anything related to his business?
  3. Is defending Jay on this thread considered heading south?
  4. I have a suspicion you are Jay. ^ Just saying.
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    Before you take this discussion any further, I recommend you check the product description from the boxes Jay sold on his website:

    This is the page that customers used to order their boxes. This page guaranteed 36 items for the first 125 boxes and 28 for the second 100. It listed each and every item, along with a retail value and stated here is what is in the box. It also guaranteed replacements of equal or lesser value for the second 100.

    I don’t see how you cannot view this product description and not agree that Sankey Magic was listing 36 specific items buyers of the box were suppose to get. If this isn’t enough evidence to satisfy our argument, we might as well stop here.

    If Sankey Magic had sold us $500 worth of unnamed items, or stated “here are some of the items in the box”, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Instead, these items were listed one by one as being in the boxes.

    In regards to your specific comment to me: If Jay has nothing to hide, I simply ask him to prove it by posting the original videos and product description.

    Obviously you have the same doubt as I do, by not recalling the exact wording of the videos. Do you understand why I ask Jay to repost them?
  6. I was thinking the same thing.
  7. Nope- I live in Western North Carolina. I just can't stand to see an entrepreneur (that means business owner/innovator/opportunity taker by the way) being trashed by dissatisfied customers who in my opinion have nothing to be dissatisfied about. To those of you superstar magicians who are the most vocal complainers- I encourage you to double lift a successful product to market or top change your own magic videos. Do you think you could re-invent the paper clip and sell it for $40? What experience do you haters have with keeping a business running? Do you really think Jay is getting mega rich, or do you think Jay is trying to run a successful business? I'm so glad you guys posted some of your communications with Jay on here- it makes me even more confident in the position I have taken.
    @Jay- Good for you for not putting up with this crap. Why try and please other people's crying children?
  8. If you guys hadn't taken me off of the "Bash Sankey" FB page, you would be able to see that, but oh well...
  9. Your link is not working
  10. Allen5252 - I see your point. People paid a relatively small amount for a relatively high amount of product. However, if I pay $10,000 for a $30,000 pick up truck, but the dealership gives me a $28,000 sedan, I'm going to be angry and unsatisfied. It doesn't matter if it's still a deal, it's not what I paid for. I didn't follow this promotion, so I don't know the wording, but obviously several people thought they were going to get specific items. His advertising was not clear enough on this point, so that's on him.

    Obviously, people were expecting to get X, Y and Z and many of them got X, A and Q. But I think the real issue here is one of customer service. People had complaints. The response to those complaints seems to be "Well, everyone else is happy with it so shut up." That is not acceptable. To brush off complaints like this is business suicide. To come in this thread and quote review after review is, essentially, an attempt to use peer pressure to shut down complaints. Which is, by definition, not addressing those complaints.

    Yes, a business has every right to refuse service to any customer for any reason. Or no reason, even. However, logic will show that if you make customers angry, you lose their business. Then they talk to other people, and you lose the business from those other people. This spreads like a virus until there's no one left that will hand over their money.

    I don't have a dog in this race. I'm just an observer, and what I've observed is a growing dissatisfaction with Sankey over the past couple years which is now coming to something of a head. Sankey's reputation is faltering and he's doing nothing to save it. He just keeps pumping things into the market, oblivious to the increasing distrust. This complete failure to address complaints is doing nothing to help that distrust and loss of respect.

    As for Slyder, well, that's not really what's being discussed here and I think that talking about it will detract from the issue at hand. That being the loss of reputation and poor customer support that people are experiencing.
  11. Well, if the videos had said what you contend they said, then I believe I would have expected the same thing you did- but based on the fact that I was expecting it to be a mix and match of the majority of those products, I can only assume I gleaned that information from the dozens of promotional messages and videos that were produced for this event. My BABOM had several substitutions and I didn't get everything I wanted. But see the thing is that I am the type of person who sees the good things in life as opposed to victimizing myself to everything. If I thought Jay was actually doing something unethical, that would be different. I honestly believe Jay did this, what amounts to a warehouse liquidation if I recall, for the benefit of his customers- not to their detriment. Honestly guys, he could have sold these for $300, but I think he wanted to make the promotion as attainable for all of his customers, even those on an allowance, as possible.
  12. Allen - it's these posts that take us "south". Can we ALL please try to be civil. You have a voice, we have a voice, let please not ruin that.
  13. Rather than answer that question because it would constitute taking this thread south, as Everhart put it, I will attempt to be as objective as is possible in my reply, which is frankly quite difficult at the moment considering your most splendid contribution to this thread so far, especially now.

    First, I was not in the right mind when I made those posts; rather I was possessed by the collective anger over the forums, and the ensuing arrogance cost me the battle in the end. But with all due respect if you have been following the discussions properly (which apparently you have not) you would have known that I deeply regretted burning the bridges with that company. I'm very sad that it had to come to this, but in truth (since he at least was considerate enough to grant me a refund) I might be considered the best off of the original 225 purchasers. You're right about the "warning signs". This isn't the first time my passionate sense of apparent justice has ended up with me drawing the short straw. However, I don't need you to tell me something I already know and burn in.

    While working at Goodwill (which is easy money in this economy), I saw a plaque that started out with "Children learn what they live." One of the statements read "If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn." I sure wonder what that says about yourself.

    Second, it would take a lot of convincing for me to ever buy from him personally in the future. I've analyzed the situation and it seems that the evidence is strongly on the complainers' side. I am (normally) a very practical and logically-minded person, and if you have solid evidence supporting your position, I'm most open to it. But Jay's people have delivered nothing but lies upon lies to cover their butts, and I'm sorry to see you have been brainwashed to their side. I thought at first you were trying to be a logical voice of reason when I first heard your posts, but especially with these posts, you've taken on a most untenable position that undermines your credibility with your pathetic ad hominem arguments. Sure I may be hypocritically using the same fallacies in my response, but your arguments dealt with matters long past that we're all trying to heal from. Way to go to beat a dead horse. *clap*



  14. Please be more specific as to what I have said that is not civil? "take us "south" It sounds like you are saying that I am responsible for the tone in posts that are in response to mine? Would you prefer your gripe forum not be interrupted by those who don't agree with you?
  15. I got it now. I am still not convinced that any false advertising or fraud has occurred here. and comparing this to buying a 30,000 and getting a 28,000 sedan is a bit of a stretch- would you agree? My god people- Sell the stuff and make a profit for goodness sakes. You got the stuff for less than wholesale.
  16. It appears you are getting personal and attacking some of the contributors. If the moderators find this discussion is becoming uncivil, I hope they consider the source(s) and shut them down, not the entire conversation.

    My concern is that you are trying to stir a hornets nest and take this conversation "south", hence getting it shut down. Please don't go there.
  17. Then we both understand each other's arguments. Let's agree to disagree and end this.
  18. Well, this may just be me, but I get a very condescending tone from your posts. You seem to imply that since we are not business owners (I, however, am the customer service front of the small business for which I work, and have worked in customer service for quite some time) we haven't got a leg to stand on. You also seem to be implying that everyone should just accept that they were offered one thing and given another because it's still a deal.

    I don't agree with those sentiments. One does not have to be a business owner to feel cheated in a purchase and one does not just have to accept something that is not what was promised, simply because it is still a deal.
  19. Allen5252:

    I see your point. I really do. However, can you see where these people are coming from? Put yourself in their position. They paid their money for something, and then did not receive what they paid for. Then when they contacted the company, the response was "other people are happy, leave us alone." I'm not asking you to change your position, but can't you see how this could upset someone?

    @seanhawk23: I think you have handled this very maturely. Recognizing the error of your ways is something too few people ever actually do.
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