Card tricks - Greatest Form of "Magic"?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr.Presidigitation, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Made my day ;)
  2. 1.Listen "magic man" you are not allowed to tell me what to do.
    You don't know who I am or what I have done and I prefer if we keep it this way.
    I have acquired a myriad of understanding over my career and I am always picking and analysing new ideas.
    I am not bound by limitations.
    I am capable of acquiring new ideas and make their worth increase by refining them.
    When it comes to providing advice I am the adequate opinion.
    I am not getting payed to come here and spread my ideas or help someone out.
    I do it out of my own charitable, confident, and modest free will.
    In regards to your outaregous accusations of me being arrogant and pompous I find them offensive.
    Seeing as I am actually quite humble and modest.
    Seriously anybody will tell ya man...
    I am always grateful and positive about everything.
    I am nice to people and even give random compliments to people who clearly dont deserve them. I Apreciate that they at least try and I never do the mistake of comparing someone else to me.

    2.Perhaps you are older but let me clarify this for you.
    I have and am capable of acquiring more knowledge and experience than an average being.
    Lets just say I am a quick learner and easily understand and comprehend many things.
    At a faster rate so I absorb more information thus my intellect is older than me.

    3.oh but I do have skill.I can perform the showoff routine faster than anybody else and the mechanics are all executed to perfection. I am here to have educated disussions on magic related topics not explain or prove myself to you. Just read my posts and who knows maybe you will pickup a thing or 3 thousand.

    I quickly wrote down my thoughts about the subject here,
    Don't expect the most developed thoughts and long explanations but it should give you an Idea.
  3. Can we hurry up and get a moderator here?? I hate typing this cause its giving this troll exactly what he wants but he is just infuriating to read. I vote for collectively disregarding his existence on the forums until he is banned again. He is a backpfeifengesicht, as a guy I know might say, and seeing as we cant actually hit him, this is about the best we can do.
  4. As soon as I read this part, I had a feeling that this was all some sort of joke by a guy with too much time on his hands and an overestimation of his own writing skills. As is usually the case, I was right.

    Dude, satire is supposed to be subtle. This was about as subtle as a screwdriver to the kneecap.
  5. Make no mistake,a tall order for you, I know, you’re wrong
    Also don't call me dude....fellah,
    I am not your teenage friend I am your senpai.

    In an attempt to get back to the topic of the thread
    Since we established that card tricks are the superior form of magic
    What is the lowest form of magic?
  6. At this point, I can call you whatever I want.

    Whatever Brian Tudor is up to these days.
  7. You are.

    (Word count)
  8. Let's look up Begging The Question, an informal fallacy that was old by Aristotle's time. Basically, it's when the premise asserts the conclusion, as in "since A is true, therefore A is true."

    First, you have to discuss why card work is the "superior form of magic." That has yet to be established, and just saying so does not make it so.

    Actually, there are... think about it.

    Which is undercut by...

    How can you guarantee such a thing? Modesty would prevent one from saying that even if it were true. Also, those shouldn't be capitalized, and it should be 'understanding.'

    The expression that comes to mind is "Only a fool knows everything. A wise man knows how little he knows."

    Because extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Would you just believe me if I said I was a seven-foot tall billionaire that can do an impromptu motorcycle levitation? Or would you require at least some evidence?

    Similarly, it is... difficult to accept the claims of a 'vastly superior knowledge' without any demonstration. Maybe give us an insight that we mere mortals may not have gleaned?

    Actually, everyone is. On both counts.

    Let's examine this, shall we?

    It's spelled "paid."

    It's "grammar."

    A little effort on spelling and composition will make you more easily understood, and truly reinforce the might of your intellect.

    A superior being, huh?

    Also, what's with the line breaks after each sentence? It makes your posts look halting and uneven.

    So we've established that

    -you fall for old and common fallacies in your reasoning
    -you fail to acknowledge limitations in your prop of choice
    -you misunderstand the concepts of modesty and humility
    -you have an incredibly inflated sense of yourself and abilities, making countless self-aggrandizing claims
    -you claim superior intelligence despite a style, syntax and composition that does not fully support the claim
    -you take offence at any notion of being challenged in your claims, your writing, or anything really
    -you claim to be a "superior being" and to have "superior abilities"

    I would suggest talking to someone about the rampant narcissism you display in your posts - narcissism at a clinical level can be incredibly isolating, as it tends to be off-putting to people. Just take a look at this thread - many card magic threads go off without a hitch, but you've managed to pick a fight with pretty much everyone by insisting your 'greatness' be recognized, without backing it up - while taking offence at the very notion that we don't share your view of yourself.

    The good news is that personality defects like extreme narcissism can be overcome in time with effort if you're really willing to change. I wish you the best on your journey.
  9. +1 JButterfield...actually +100!
  10. Mr.P

    I pity you.

    The pathetic, hollow self-aggrandizing really speaks volumes. The fact that you have made yourself an antagonistic outsider in a pretty accepting and welcoming community is beyond sad.

    If you aren't bound by limitations, then overcome some of the ones you may have inadvertently shown here - display some real humility, and talk to us as equals. Be gracious and polite, modest in your self opinion and charitable in your opinion of others. Accept that others may have contributions to make, and that you may not be infallible in action or in thought. I learn very little when I'm doing the talking... you may have a similar experience.

    We may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but it's never too late to turn over a new leaf. Respect can be earned with gestures as simple as that.
  11. . . . . . . . . . . struggling?
  12. Won't even make it to Friday ;)
  13. Oh. It's you again. I see troubled waters ahead for you.

  14. He's already been banned.
  15. Of all the people on this forum, I think he's the only one I wouldn't want to meet at Starbucks.
  16. OMG!!! I got late to this thread!! I wanted to kick his superior ass!!!
  17. Yea. . . I missed out on all the fun & games too. . . it sucks!

    So was it Jonathon Royal or someone trying to do an impersonation of him?
  18. It's more than likely the same troll we had here a year ago or some. Came in here with some elitist attitude and mucked about on the forums. I suspect it's one of our regular members with a self indulgent need to troll everyone by making a mockery (satire maybe?) of the magic community every once in a while. No one could be that self absorbed and legitly mean it.
  19. There was a time that Mark Lewis did this kind of game regularly. .. I even helped him in some of the fun & games a few times but it got old as well as frustrating. . . and yea, Mark has an ego that's just that big (but you gotta love him).

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