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  1. Added:

    Sudden Deck II - David Regal, Pressure - Daniel Garcia & Dan White, Universal Impression - B. Smith.

    - Sean
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    Graphic - Matthew Mello, X-Suspense, Impromptorn - David 'Dizzi' Fulde (incl. alt-link), Twist3 - Michael Paul, Downfall - Dan Hauss.

    - Sean
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    Tricks That Will Get You Paid - Gary Norsigian (Vol. 1) & (Vol. 2), Pocketbook - Curtis Kam, Digital Divination - Alan Rorrison, Leading Reading - Luke Jermay, Mirage Et Trois - Eric Jones, MAGIC: The Complete Course - Joshua Jay, Vanishink - Jay Sankey, Nestorizer - Nester Hato.

    - Sean
  4. Thanks for posting this.
  5. You forgot to add the Royal Road to Card Magic. By the way, thanks for taking the time to do the review.

    Royal Road to Card Magic
  6. Woah... how did I miss that? Thanks a bunch :)

    - Sean

    EDIT: Added it just this moment :)
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    Killer Gaft Magic - Cameron Francis, Devious - Geraint Clarke, Driven - Cameron Francis, Coinsomnia - Bill Citino, Anate - Dee Christopher, Rehab - Cameron Francis, Connected - Peter Harrison, Siamese Twins - Bill Goodwin, Newz - Nefesch, Out of Order - Cameron Francis, (Recommended Link for True Astonishments), A Logical Lesson (D&D OnDemand) - Syd Segal, Trifecta (1-on-1) - Homer Liwag, M@verick - Lloyd Barnes.

    - Sean
  8. Yes wynns. Blue, brown and red. Look carefully.
  9. Yay wynns!!!:D
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    Silver Lining 2.0 - Michael Paul, FFF + Faro (1-on-1) - Homer Liwag, Alternate Link for Killer Gaft Magic - Cameron Francis, One Handed Top Palm (Vanishing Inc. Download) - Alex Linian, Entourage - Gordon Bean, Cointopia - Kainoa Harbottle, Master Levitation System - Steve Fearson, Disc 1. Alternate Link.

    - Sean
  11. You should add in my WINDOW review.
  12. Better yet, why not update the Review List!

  13. Indeed, there are lots of new review, like Digital Conviction, Vanity, and the Wheel Change.
  14. Yeah, I agree, there has been more reviews since this last was last updated.

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    Don't worry, I'm getting round to it later today :) Had rather a busy week and lost track of all this. Fear not, a cup of coffee and some chocolate and I should be able to survive updating it :D

    Sorry guys!
    - Sean

    EDIT: If you guys wanna add links to reviews you genuinely think should be up there, that would be REALLY helpful to a speedy update! Thanks.
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    Undercover Switch (Dan and Dave OnDemand) - Kostya Kimlat, TickToids - Dan Hauss, Refilled - Dan Hauss, Infinity Bend - Eric Ross, Pieces@3AM - Dee Christopher, Kaleidoscope - Jay Sankey, Moment's Notice - Cameron Francis, Refined Card Magic - Ernesto, Sleeping Queen - Dan Hauss, My Precious - Brett Bishop, On Mephisto's Shoulder - Paul Brook, Pinned - 'V', Isolated - 'V', Pixel (Dan and Dave OnDemand) - David Jade, Redline (1-on-1) - Dan Hauss, The Plot Thickens - Oliver Meech, The Core - Pit Hartling, High Spots - Caleb Wiles, Sponge - Jay Noblezada, Art of Magic - Wayne Houchin, Ballooned - Nefesch, Triad (Dan and Dave OnDemand) - Bill Goodwin, Lazy Rise - Chris Mayhew, Temptation - Gordon Bean, Magic for Dummies, Window - David Stone, Bee Stingers Deck, Repertoire 1 - Ben Williams, Pinnacle - Russ Niedzwiecki, Vanity - Dee Christopher, Always Remember To Floss - Dan Sperry, Svengali Control (Dan and Dave OnDemand) - Chad Nelson, Beyond Secrets - Jay Sankey, El Cambio Nada (1-on-1) - Eric Jones, Fusion (REMIX) - Sean Fields, Crispes - Nefesch, Dark Light - Stephane Jardonnet, Cartier (Dan and Dave OnDemand) - David Jade, Don't Blink - Matt Smithies, Dancy Revelation (1-on-1) - Luke Dancy, Cardsexchange - Chris Mayhew, Digital Conviction - B.Smith, Deep 3 - Bro Gilbert, ChangE - Tony Chang, Freezer Burn - Chris Lafferty, Bison - Branden Wolf.

    Only took an hour and one cup of coffee, s'all good yo' :D

    - Sean

    EDIT: Pending reviews have been added to the list, many thanks to Moderator Jack :)
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  18. Actually JTM's been doing it for me since the list started getting beastly hahaha. S'all good Doug, don't worry - be happy. :D

    - Sean
  19. I notice that there are alternatives to reviews, that weren't posted.


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