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  1. Ah yes, there's quite a few of those situations on the list.

    The reason for that is when I'm going through the pages, I keep my eye out for effects with multiple reviews, from there I choose whichever I think is the best review. Sometimes there's two reviews which may either have conflicting opinions or compliment each others thoughts with thoughts the other hasn't thought about; it's in these particular cases that I give the alternate links.

    Reasons for not giving alternate links is so there aren't too many reviews by one individual person :p I like to keep things varied so you get thoughts from different people; I think in some way we all kind of get to know each other a bit better, humour wise and thought wise. :)

    On top of all that of course is the character limit in the posts, sometimes I just can't afford to add an alternate link because whilst it's only 6 characters to add it, those characters can add up eventually; for example if I gave 10 reviews each just one alternate link, that's 60 characters being used up, y'know?

    Hope that makes some sense and explains why there aren't alternate reviews for some effects!

    - Sean
  2. Yup...I see what you mean, and I does make sense.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  3. Then either Jack hacks T11, has special powers, or I don't know what the heck I'm doing. Obviously one of the first two. Must be.

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    Tricycle - Luke Dancy & Daniel Garcia, Kaos - Sean Beard (taught by Daniel Garcia), Close-Up & Personal - David Regal, Symphony - Daniel Garcia, Something Else - Cameron Francis, Gambling Protection Series - Steve Forte.

    - Sean
  5. I agree, it has been updated. :)

    - Sean
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    Apologies for not keeping quite on top of the few reviews that have appeared recently, not had a lot of access to a pc.


    Bat, M - Daniel Madison, Graffiti - Randall Freeman, Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen - John Lovick, Venus Trap - Chris 'Orbit' Brown, Psychokinetic Silverware - Gerry & Banachek, Rising Card (iPhone app) - Chris Kenner, 2wo Faced - David Forrest, The Manchurian Approach - Anthony Jacquin, Static - David Jade & Damien Vappereau, Syn - Dee Christopher, Legend: A Ghost Story - Steve Fearson.

    - Sean
  7. Hey Sean, I just realized that I never got round to thanking you for this thread. Of course, as soon as I realized this, I ran outside and buried my head in a pile of dodo dung whilst chanting ABBA's greatest hits from memory, as a form of punishment. Anyway, here we go:
    Sean, thanks for this thread. You have no idea how ridiculously helpful it has been. Actually, you probably do. I'm going to shut up now.
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    Hahah, you're most welcome man :)


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    Apologies for the somewhat late addition of these, partner's been down this past week and I've tried to refrain from being on the forums too much.

    - Sean
  9. Good idea Im always runing some kind of search for producct reviews1 Thanks Tray
  10. just to bump this thread, could someone either remind sean_raf about this thread incase he forgot, or someone take it over?
  11. It's stickied, you can't really bump it. Besides, bumping threads is pointless. And he's been LONG GONE from t11. He hasn't forgotten - more likely he's quit the t11 community.
  12. Yeah I noticed afterwards that it was stickied. Anyone want to continue this list?
  13. What would be nice is to see card reviews separated in a different area than regular reviews. That seems to keep the clutter down on review forums. Just a thought...probably to much work to bother with at this point.
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    Yeah, and there's a search function now too. The amount of work you'd have to put in to update this review thread would be a ton, there's probably 2-2.5x more stuff since this thread was last updated.

    To be honest, using the forum search function for a review would be a better idea, this list is more of an "Oh, what's that thing!" kind of inspiration.
  15. Hey everybody, I just did a bunch of interviews some magicians and my newest post is a review of the trick "a room with a view" by Branden Wolf....great poker prediction. I also have a sneek peek review on his latest project hes working on "Bison Bend". Basicially a great simple visual coin bend! love it! Check it out at Plus more interviews/reviews are coming very soon
  16. well .. a work of appreciation it must be called .. the need of such a vast range of reviews is needed once you have to come in to an insight of any specific show
  17. Hello guys. Where can I find a review on Spidey's effects, such as phantom or shredder, for example? I searched in the forum, but can't seem to find them. Thank you all

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