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  1. Ive never seen any magician do this nevermind David Blaine... But I came across the video and wondered what this tricks called and where I can learn it from. I dont think David has done this in his street magic specials so hopefully its a new trick for his street magic. Where can I learn this?

    PS: Its the 2nd trick
  2. Hmmm, it's not new. I learned this somewhere. I will dig through my books and see if I can find it. (Unless someone else already knows)
  3. A variety of places.

    Brian Tudor zip, snap, and inversion download
    David Stones real secrets of close up magic
  4. i saw that same clip and was just surprised because i had no idea how it worked.

    great stuff!
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    I actually perform this same effect the same way. Nice to see DB do it :D It is so hard to believe David Blaine was actually in Haiti 10 years ago performing magic. Congrats on DB for his relief efforts.
  6. It is so sick the way he handles a deck of cards.
  7. Chris Kenner has a nice routine in Totally Out of Control similar to that one called Perversion.
  8. That's crazy. I like how he dropped a card and said don't worry about it. Someone still picked it up though.
  9. theres tons of effects that are like this. Quite old effects.
    My favorite would have to be from Daniel Madisons collateral notes.
  10. You guys need to realize that there is no specific effect that he performed. There are countless types of inversion effects out there. It's like seeing someone perform an ACR and assume there's only one way to do it.

    And by the way this looks a lot live perversion by Chris Kenner.
  11. I recommend anyone to do it here.
    If you bend down to pick it up it in the middle of your show,it makes one look like a dunderhead. Say dont worry about it and carry on as if it was nothing.
    They'll take you more seriously
  12. anyone know the change he uses? it looks almost like a pass, but that dont make sense. anybody?
  13. david should of said something snappy like "WOW! WHO TURNED UP THE GRAVITY OUT HERE"

    hahah im jk btw
  14. kinda looks like he combined some stuff for sure.

    You can watch it a bunch more and figure it out yo.
    just think about it.

    but yeah as said above, D&D got some stuff on it and tudor as well
    Looks like Instant replay in the beginning type of thing goin on
  15. Hes shifting the top card to the bottom real quick, one card shift, just use your fingers and rip the top card down to the bottom of the deck fast (facing the same way) pretty sure thats what it is bro
    You can here the scraping in the vid, covers the sounds a little with a riffle
    pretty cool though
  16. Dorian Rhodell has one in his Avenue DVD, which by the way is a great disk.

    it's called AFI.. Another F****** Inversion
  17. This is what I thought too. Notice how the fan is really tight, only showing white. The top card is facedown obviously, but everything is else is faceup.
  18. really enjoyed watching that. it's unreal what he can do with a deck... that whole experience of seeing him in NYC that day will stick in my mind forever. incredible.
  19. edit. never mind.

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