General Discussion is not for Card Magic!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Tumbleweed, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. I'm just saying, look at the list of threads in the General Discussion forum, about 30% are on card magic. There's another forum for that guys, this one's for everythingelse, andthensome. :D Mods can close this if they want, I'm just making a public service announcement :D
  2. I strongly agreed with you. General discussion is only that is magic related. People in this forum should know of what to post their concerns or questions that they may have in the right category.
  3. A lot of threads need moving! ;p
  4. Haha, yes they do.
    Get your acts together mods!
  5. It's not the mods fault. It's the people who make the topics fault, they don't consider where the thread should be, they consider where it'll get the most views.
  6. That's true, but we can't fix a problem by saying not to do something that's already happened. That's where the mods come in.
  7. Yup, and whilst they try to clean up, we can atleast try to prevent such topics being created in the General Discussion area, which is what this topic is sort of doing :)
  8. There's a button for reporting threads/posts.

    Use it.
  9. A lot of pointless theards should be deleted... Like this one. It has nothing to do with magic.
  10. That's why I said it could be closed :)
  11. Thank you for posting this thread! We really needed this.
  12. It dosent say no Card Magic ;-], but I do agree with you.

  13. nobody cares about your "public service" this is not your duty, as some people say, it´s the mods who should organize this, if you see a card magic thread that is not in the place where it belongs just don´t read it, stop wasting everybody time!
  14. If its wasting everyones time why did you take the time to post on it?
    And personally I think it's a valid point as the forum's cluttered enough as it is.

    Just my 2p
  15. Obviously some people care since people are replying.

    What your saying is like "dont worry about Darfur,its none of your business.Its the government that should take care of it.just ignore everything"
  16. Unnecessary.

    good call my tumbly friend.
  17. I think it is good that it was pointed out. This is how things are improved, with criticism.
  18. Aren't cards part of general magic???
  19. Yes, but it should not be strictly card magic being discussed here.
  20. That's true, but no one posts in the specialty forums. In the general section there's a new post practically every minute.

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