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  1. So i was just wondering what your go too effect would be like if someone was too ask you "do a trick" what would it be?
  2. If I have cards on me (like I do most of the time) either The Biddle Trick or ACR. If its completely impromptu, then I'll do some rubber band stuff.
  3. I have a few "go to effects"

    If I know I'll be showing just a couple tricks, I'll tell them that I'm warming up my hands by telling them to peek at a card and hot shot it out.. flashy and quick and it does look like I'm actually warming up..

    Then I'll go into one of these effects:

    2 card monte - such a classis - my patter will change with every performance from comedy to serious gambling routine to just slight of hand patter
    ACR with a card to mouth finish.
    David williamsons Memory test effect.
    if I have a table I'll do, "box Clever" such a sick effect...

    just a few to name off..

    but there are so much, depends on the moment you know.. but usually will do the ones named above.
  4. I'll do an ACR, or one of two or three of my favorites from Royal Road. The Biddle trick is quick and always hits hard so I use that when I need a "hit and run" trick. What I do depends on how I read my audience and what mood I'm in.
  5. I would just do a simple sandwich effect! as its impromtu and it gives off great reactions.:)
  6. If I have stuff on me (deck of cards, sponges, a few gaffs) I would do Pip Streak, my Sponge routine, and card to pocket.

    If its just what I have on me every day. I would do Ring Thing, Extreme Burn, and either 4Q or 5-and-1 transpo

    Also if I have enough business cards on me I can do EI by Luke Jermay
  7. my go to effect will be any good colour change trick controling card to the top of the deck then do the clipshift or cardini then i do subway it looks magical then twinsplit remix
  8. Perversion by Chris Kenner with my own little opening with the Clipshift by Chad Nelson.

    Then I give them a "Gift" so they remember me and my magic. The gift is a rubber band after an effect about gift giving that I say I only do for awesome people like them. 'Cause if they ask for magic they are awesome.
  9. jajajaja!! A huevo que si!! y yo solia pensar que podia llegar a molestarme esa clase de preguntas..pero ahora que lo pienso es verdad..

    english: Nice quote!!
  10. I normally do mismade bill which I always carry, Crazy Man's Handcuff and then a Card Effect with the reveal on my business card so that they have it as a souvenir and my contact info for a possible gig later on down the road.
  11. I vary between an ACR, a 4-phase one coin routine, my own version of ACAAN, and a 3-phase rubber band routine. Occasionally I may also do a simple force then mindread with a top-change finish or an inversion routine finishing with triumph. If I am completely stuck for props and there aren't even any coins available (it has happened!), I have a short no-props mentalism routine prepared.

  12. Too many to name. Recently it is almost either Par-Optic Vision, a coin bend, PK touches.

    Hypnosis and Muscle Reading if I have time to build it up.
  13. I have one go to effect at the moment which is my Any Card at Any Number, which I call ACCOUNT
  14. I do either Helder Guimaraes' Oil and Water from his Small Miracles dvd or Tivo 2.0
  15. The trick I find myself doing the most is Palm Reader Plus by John Gustaferro, I do a lot of his stuff because of hoe practical it is.
  16. lately mine has been Daniel Garcia's .44, I love using the airbrush change. Another effect I love to bring out is Paul Harris' Las Vegas Leaper or Wayne Houchin's match bite
  17. My go to effect is rubber band up the nose...
  18. My "Go-To" effect is anything impromptu and without cards! I like to use Stairway, Raw Linkage, Exit Strategy, Slow Motion Coins, my two coin routine, and pressure. Thats what I can think of off the top of my head right now?

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