Going to Magic Live? Let us know...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Going to the Magic Live Convention in Las Vegas? Let us know - theory11 will have an official booth at the convention hosted by Dan White, Tom Isaacson, and many of our other artists - Daniel Garcia, Luke Dancy, Mathieu Bich, Jason England, Apollo Robbins, Chris Kenner, and myself.

    If you're going to be at the convention, definitely make sure you're hooked into the official theory11 twitter account for some freebies and giveaways at the convention. We'll also be debuting Chris Kenner's limited edition SUPERFLY at the convention, manufactured by Jamie Schoolcraft.
  2. I wish I could go, I've never been to anything like it. My uncle loves Vegas and magic, maybe I can convince him to take me...nah...it will never happen.

    I hope everyone has a good time though.
  3. I was actually hoping to attend this year, darn... Luke and I were talking about it because another NC'er will be out there, Joel Givens. He and Luke will have to fly the flag for us NC guys.

    Have fun guys!

  4. I'll be there. Set aside SuperFly #1 for me...
  5. ill be there, looking forward to meeting all of you.
  6. im going to be at the LVMI convention i wanted to go to magic live but it was sold out
  7. is there any way for non attendees to get into the marketplace? I just moved to vegas and am just getting into magic, I would love to check out the marketplace tuesday night after I get off work.
  8. What are the dates and times, I'll see if I can make it for a day.
  9. On my way to the airport right now for LVMI and Magic Live!
  10. Same here.
  11. I'm leaving tomorrow morning.

    Look forward to meeting you all there!
  12. I'll be there Baymey ;)

  13. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this year - but I expect a lot of Member Diaries direct from the front lines.

    Be sure to stop by our booth and say what's up, guys!
  14. As of last week there were some registrations available (basically, people with registrations have had conflicts and magic magazine is helping fill those seats.) So, if you can get out there, call magic magazine asap and reserve a spot. If protocol follows previous years, one day passes will not be available.

    See you there.

    Brad Henderson
  15. Just got to the South Point hotel. Came in solo. They have bowling here! Anyone up for a game or hitting the strip?
  16. Land at 3:00pm PST today (Sunday)... looking forward to seeing everyone there.
  17. I'll be milling around the hotel as I can't afford to get my broke ass in the convention ha ha.
  18. I will be there, I shouldn't be hard to miss

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