Good tricks to do on girls...

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  1. Personally I've always found that mentalism seems to resonate more with women, and visual magic seems to resonate more with men. That's just been my personal experience. I find women seem to really be fascinated with the idea of a man that can read their thoughts though. Peeks, center tears, forces, etc.

    I find I perform for women more than I do men too, so I know what you mean.

    Good Luck & Happy Magic
  2. Thanks.
    Im getting the vibe here that you guys think that geek magic isnt good to do on women. Am I correct?
  3. I have no experiance with this but I would think if you performed something like Sick by Sean Fields they would all scream really loud and think you're a freak.
  4. Here is the question:Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?
  5. Not sick by Sean Fields, Maybe thread. I think that Sick might be a little too much, and the chick could be hemophobic. Which would definitely back-fire.
  6. NEVER use magic specifically to get girls... you'll look like a needy little desparate show-off

    BUT, doing it spur of the moment, and using some skills is AMAZING for it.

    My personal faves:

    -Cigarette vanish (where you lick your thumb)
    -Tenkai palm credit card vanish
    -ANYTHING involving cold reading KILLS (the cube is single handedly responsible for getting me SO many girlfriends, it's widely used in pickup)
    -Cigarette ashes to palm
    Hypnotic suggestions... i.e the set pieces in TMA (actually, hypnosis with a girlfriend is the best thing in the world)
    -Can you count? my handling of the 2 in the hand one in the pocket sponge ball trick with coins... perfect when waiting at a bar with a girl (mind you never ever be the one buying her a drink)
    -Pickpocketing, nuff said
    -Moving straw in drink using IT loops
    -Bending silverware, but ONLY in places that naturally have silverware, it has to be a "lets try this" kind of thing, not a "look at this spoon I have in my pocket"
    -universal impression.

    other than that... never use cards, EVER. The moment they're busted out, you become a dancing monkey.

    Also if you are creative enough, and you see an oppertunity, bars are really good for inventing your own impromptu magic...

    for example, one time I "put a coin through the glass covered foozball table"
    and "produced a beer from nowhere"
  7. French Kiss seems to work fine with girls. But everytime I perform for girls they react way better than boys. Also when theres a heckler it always a boy not a girl. But sometime a do a routine that needs a little misdirection so I make eye contact with them and seems to work when I get their numbers, but most of the time they ask me if I have a phone and I say yeah then they grab it my phone and put their number in my phone.
  8. Obviously it depends on what you want to do with the girl.
    Are you trying to be flirtatious or pick her up? If yes,then why the heck would you do something like that if your intentions are to draw her in. Its common sense.

    Its wierd. Turns out if you want to get a girl interested in you,you have to be flirtatious,funny,charming,etc.
    I cant saw my neck and expect her to call me. What up with that?
  9. I know someone else said not to do stigmata but personally I think its better suited for girls.

    I agree with everyone else on french kiss.

    Smile looks like it'd be good.

    I have Rich F's Tagged and he talks about using it to tag your number on the girls arm. You could try that.

    A simple routine idea could be like:

    Open with Stigmata using cards. I like to make a game out of it. Say that you're going to ask them questions about the card, and they must say yes to every question, half the time they will be lying and half the time they'll be telling the truth. You can have some fun with this too like sneak in questions like "do you think I'm cute?" or "are you attracted to midgets?". Have them hold the wrist lightly at first saying that how their hand moves will help you figure out when they are lying. As you narrow down on their card have them squeeze harder and harder. Finally get to what the number is and have them squeeze as hard as they can. When you tell them to do that, if you know tagged, you can squeeze their arm to emphasize that they need to squeeze hard and tag your number on them in the process. Finally have them let go and reveal the number of their card on your wrist.

    From there you can use the same card or have them take another and go into french kiss or smile but tell them to write their number on the card as well as their name. If they are uneasy about it tell them they'll get the card back when you are done and if they want they can just make up a number. After the trick is done you can give her the card back and say something like "I'd never use magic just to get your number anyway but what if I gave you mine?". They usually won't object. At any rate point out that its already on her arm.

    She'll see it and freak out.

    Bonus ending- Say "thats not all I put your number and card selection on the bottom of your shoe". When she goes to check, pelt her in the head with the deck and run away. Team Jacob for life!

  10. Gator boots!!!
  11. This is how it goes.

    If you see her walking to a place as you watch her. Don't stalk her. Then go up to her.

    You: I saw you walked by. I thought geez you're like the cutest girl and I have to talk to her.
    Girl: Oh wow. Thank you. or *blushes*
    You: Do like games?
    Girl: Yeah I do.
    You: (pull out deck of cards) I bet I can kick your butt in SPEED.
    Girl: ok you're on.

    Let her win then high five her.

    You: Actually that is the first time that I beaten by a girl. Do you want a piece of candy?
    Girl: Sure.

    Do the "Sealed With A Kiss" trick. This always plays big.

    Girl: Omg! How did you do that?
    You: Can you keep a secret?
    Girl: Yes I do that.
    You: So can I!
    Girl: please?
    You: Alright.

    Show her different trick and easy for her to teach.

    You: Do you you get the whole thing?
    Girl: yeah, I think so.
    You: Anyway it's nice to meet you and I have to meet up with my friends. I let you have the cards and if you give me your number so I can call you how well did it go.
    Girl: ok (types her number in your phone) I can't wait to show to my friends.
    You: ok good I see you around.
    Girl: call me. I might need your help.
    You: ok I will.
  12. You my dear sir are bold and beautiful. Damn thats good actually, although i prefer
    getting girls by being myself(mayor chickmagnet, sorry but i can't give out my DNA). Anyway, a nice approach although you forgot the fact that the girl could very fell say **** you smack you in the face and go on.

  13. Or you could perform The Web :D:D
  14. I think Trick-E plays "The Game" ;) haha!

    Back to the posters original question, what's good to perform on girls, not to pick them up, but just to perform to them...

    I LOVE performing to a group of predominantly ladies, it can be SO much fun and if there's one or 2 guys there you can build up an immediate rapport and have a right laugh!

    I think Mat la Vore hit it when he said that mentalism hits much deeper with girls, I suppose it's the age old complexity of the female mind that us fellas don't understand that makes it seem more impossible and of course the fact that it sets up a solid connection between you and the subject...

    That aside, I'll always break the contact barrier early on, even if it's just a touch on the arm to move or get their attention, or to move the hands that are clutching a card or whatever - It allows for much more relaxation and again builds a connection/rapport with the subject.

    I tend to only do coin bends in ladies hands, they're fantastic, the 2nd phase of LIT I tend to always do in a ladies hand also - I've just found that they react in a much more visual way than guys, unless you get the RIGHT kinda group or guys anyway.. (the gangsta's go CRAZY, but the british business man often not so much, still a great reaction, but not as visually exciting as it could be)

    Get a few tricks down that use people's hands - then look at the way you perform them, it's all about building a connection and building up the impossibility, that's where the real impact will roll in.

  15. You need to understand that females are more emotional. By exploiting this idea the more 'psychic' themed mentalism pieces play very powerful. Cold reading techniques more specifically Q&A routines and psychometery. Very few people can pull off a effective psychometery routine.

    I spent somewhere near 30 minutes with one girl talking about the four rings she wore and the ones she was not. This was at a club after my show she came up to me and we started talking, it wasn't until 15, 20 minutes in when I started my reading her rings. I basically described what each ring meant to her and who gave them to her.

    Muscle reading is also a great way to get to touch females (in a nice and reasonable way) and prove that you have an amazing ability.
  16. You could try "the appearing personality".
  17. I got you guys one way not do it.
  18. I know this is a cringy subject but let's face it, some magicians USE magic as a way to meet girls. Even Jay Sankey released a DVD on the subject.
    But you know what? If that is the only way that they can build up enough "umph" to talk to women than so be it. Because magic is also a confidence booster.
    And I will tell you this. I perform in a bar 4 nights a week, and I will say that women are easier to perform for. But I am also WORKING and am not getting paid to flirt. (Well that and I have a But one should know how to properly perform for a group of guys/girls in a bar situation. Address the guys FIRST. This shows you are not trying to hit on their ladies, and kinda sends a message that you are just doing your job...Well, at least this works for me anyways...

    But anyway, I do think the idea of learning magic ONLY to use it for the sheer purpose of getting laid is pathetic. But again, some people need a confidence booster to be able to talk to women.

  19. I think you should change you wording in the title to "Good tricks to do FOR girls". :D
  20. i know justin miller got a sweet effect you can do with a card and a phone...its a sweet card transform thats happens in their hand and on their phone....

    W:H's french kiss is sweet......

    Oz Pearlman's True Love is pretty good.....

    first off, women aren't some little puzzles you can play with the best effect you need is "confidence" and "conversation" get that...and you are on......

    i do performances for wowen quite often and they don't look for you to do certain effect....your presentation is always can't talk like david blaine and expect to pick up girls....for one, he's a celeb, he can do will sound like an idiot.....talking with women is like talking to a male friend.... being boring isn't something they would want to hear....

    if you want a one night stand, then go to a bar and find the easiest chick in the place and have fun.....if you want to meet someone who's respectful then...just be yourself....

    i know i may have gotten off topic, but it really goes hand in hand...magic will not pick up women...personality will....magic is a kool opener, or a kool "go between" in convo's...

    it is a thing as getting their attention with magic, if thats what you are asking...go with what i said at first.....

    money magic is kool...holla at richard sanders' collections of extreme and slow burn

    magic using diamond rings....u know the saying..a woman's best friend.....

    i also recommend....levitations...( self levitations; name me one chick who doesn't like her own personal superman)......example: criss angel...i know i know..but the man's fanbase is full of women...his money making effect is his for me, if i really really wanted a woman's attention doing would be doing stuff with money, rings, and levitations....

    and if you are looking for some serious hardcore chicks....anything using an element of danger....geek magic....card like that....

    i hope this help......

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