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  1. So before I begin, I wish to say thank you to all the members here especially those that have helped me to grow as a magician, because witouth your help I would not be where I am at the moment.

    I wanna share with you guys what just happened to me, because Im really really happy, I landed a really good contract (liam walsh style) with some really big names in the T.V industry of my town , I went to a casting, I showed them part of the videos that I have performing and they liked them, they called me a week later and just yesterday I was performing at Raves and clubs with at least two cameras around me and the crowd cheering for me. Earlier that day we had a photo session with the other people and Im working side to side with some very known names in the tv and music industry and Im really happy for this.

    This means two things, first, I had to remove all my performing videos from Vimeo,(because the agency asked me to) and this project means good bye to patter, yesterday I was pretty nervous and I had to do a quick in the hands transposition because the music was way too loud and it was hard to get some patter in, later I performed a quick haunted deck routine and it went along fine, I had some troubles in the beggining ( I was shaking a lot im not going to lie) but It also went nicely.

    Bottom line is, Im rehearsing DnD tricks and Im looking forward to buying the tarantula, just to spice things up and to try to focus more into showmanship.
    If there is a gimmick or something very visual that I could use please tell me :).

    (BTw, don't move this into the product questions or card magic section please ;))
  2. I will be the first to say that I'm very proud of you. If it going to happen then it will. If I work like you then I probably be successful. Once again conguralts.
  3. So your not going to speak at all during your performances?
  4. CONGRATULATIONS MAN! :D That's awesome news!

    You may want to buy a good bill changing routine like Prophet/Extreme Burn/ Hand out 500 when it comes out.

    Here is a list of some visual magic that doesn't necessarily need patter:

    -WOW by Masuda
    -Distortion by Wayne Houchin
    -Panic by Aaron Fisher
    -Anything from the Ultragaff or something like that would be flashy and cool.
    -A coin through bottle maybe.

    That's all I can think of right now.

    Best of luck,

  5. Thanks for the congrats guys :)

    No :(

    The music is way too loud and I even had problems giving simple directions like "open your hand flat" and things like that, of course there are parties that are outiside and leave more room for communication and there is where I will of course use patter and character and whatnot, but the majority of the performances are going to be in close quarters with the music banging at it's fullest.
  6. You can use sign lanuage:p
  7. you should get WOW by Masuda, best trick i own
  8. WOW!! Congrats my friend.

    Why not get Strong magic
    The gecko
    The M5
    i dont know if these are any good or not but what about d'lites

    Do any of those help?

    Again congrats and it is great to see you moving forward in your magic.

    BTW have you ordered tarantula yet?
  9. Nope, But iM planning on ordering it.

    I heard some bad stuff from the gecko :$.

    Thanks for the input :)
  10. Check out Cultural Exchange 1 & 2. Great magic, and it's all designed for the exact environment you're performing in--loud music where your patter can't be heard. In fact, on the DVDs, whenever Apollo or Shoot are performing you hear nothing but music--just like they were performing the effects in a club.

    From the add page: "Facing this serious problem on a nightly basis drove them to create visual magic that would pop the eyes out of unsuspecting audiences without a single word."

    Hope that helps.
  11. Yes the problem with Gecko is noise, but since you're in a nightclub scene, the noise that it makes will not be an issue.
  12. Congrats on your success and hope to see that you have a bright future ahead of you :)
  13. goku, you had the gecko on your xmas list, you don't even have it why would you reccomend it? Its terrible.

    Anyways if you want somthing visual with no speaking then ill go with any bill change or possably loops?
  14. If i get it I will let you know how it is. Should I?
  15. M5 you could end up destroying some electronic devices, because you will be close to people and that's no fun.

    Gecko is not good at all, if you want to hand out the items given to you then you need to turn around then give it back, otherwise you will expose it. Also, many things you will not be able to because of clothing restrictions.

    WoW is pretty much what you want for this type of scene, you don't need any patter for it for people to understand what happened.

    Extreme Burn is very good and recommended along with Greed if you don't mind making the gimmick. Money is universal and needs no speech behind it.

    Tarantula could be good, however it only requires one person to put their finger in the thread before all goes haywire. If it messes up then it would be a bit difficult to fix everything I imagine.

    The Web maybe? I love it and it could really get some attention.

    Perhaps some stuff with flash paper also, making things appear or disappear of that nature.
  17. Yeah, Prophet is like INSANE but the problem is that the currency of the bills in my country are all different colors and sizes, so that is a problem for me.

    About loops? Yeah I think it's my best bet right now (besides Cultural Xchange wich looks really good) but right now I am really considering the tarantula.

    BTW, for anyone that has some insight or advice on how to perform at this revenues, any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the support and kind comments guys :D
  18. I agree, why would you recommend what you do not have. He could have wasted his money on that garbage gimmick because of your input goku. You need to be careful about what you say and what you suggest or recommend.
  19. Yeah, I also was thinking the same thing, the thing I noticed yesterday is that people can get somewhat intimidated by the camera, so they tend to do exactly what I ask them to do and hecklers and smart guys usually refrain from doing something akward or messing up te trick because they know they can end looking bad in the cam. That's a good thing I guess and it could play in my favour.

    BTW,I think that panic is also a great choice of a trick, I already own it so I'll let you guys know how that played :).
  20. If you have different bill sizes then its pretty much over with, however you can do a simple hundred dollar switch with just one bill if you wanted to. You wave one bill folded and it turns into another bill.

    Perhaps 5 and 1 transpo would be good, I believe it could work with different bill

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