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  1. I never said parents aren't involved, I said at times they are way too pushy. If you had some knowledge on how us "children" work you would realise that most of the time, whatever the parent says, we go and do the opposite. Sure, look after your kids when they're kids.. but around here, 15/16 year olds aren't classified as "children" and we're told to do what we feel is right and if the OP feels that magic is that right thing, then his father should be happy for him, not insult him.
  2. Aliright Im only going to respond to the nonsense that you just said and thats for one reason,...clarity. First I was kid before so I do have experience there so please dont go there I was actually one of the worst kind. Yes , I realize kids do the opposite sometimes but thats not always the case but you keep pushing that idea and you'll be bagging groceries in the next ten years if your content in doing that then more power to you. Second, you dont even have a drivers license so you are a child and thats classified by the US Government. Im not turning this into a piss all the children off debate you can take my advice for what its worth or not cause to tell you the truth I dont care what you choose to do for your future. He asked and I answered and thats how it works out here in the real world basically what Im saying is grow up Jakeh.

    Now in your defense yes, parents can be too pushy and there is a thin line there to walk but only someone thats been a parent can truly understand that. I understand and trust me Jakeh I do that it jusst feels good sometimes to go against the grain when your parents are parenting you due to the lack of feeling of being in control of your own life but you as the son or daughter has to know your limits in order to truly understand what your parents are going through. I dont have anything personally agianst any of you guys I just think you guys need to re-think the moral standards that going down the drain in this country and realize your parents love you and only want the best for you and to protect you from yourself.


  3. All you have to do is oraganize your time ... your dad is talking about you getting an education, ie graduating from high school and going to college/university.
    Because what would you do if something happens to you and you cant perform anymore? (hopefully that wont happen to any of us) your dad wants you to have a back up like a career ... and it's not hard to keep school and magic together ... Im a 3.5 GPA student n i perform magic everyday and i practice it everyday.

    The best thing you can do is do not quit magic and go to college.
  4. If you honestly believe that you will be able to make it big then I say go for it. But honestly, you need to start looking for gigs now then. Try parties or restaurant magic.

    Your dad is correct when he came to critizise you for looking at magic all day. Seriously, you don'y want to be that guy your dad was talking about. You should not be wasting all your time on the computer. No matter how good you are.

    If you are Lee Asher, Dan, Dave, Mark Wilson, Danny Garcia, Dai Vernon, David Copperfield, Wayne Houchin, or even houdini everyone needs to take a break and go outside for a little bit.

    It's OK to love magic and contibnue practicing it...just don't let it take over your life.

    Dylan P.
  5. That should be your plan.
  6. update guise. i quit magic. found out it was a pathetic waste of time even though i created some revolutionary sh*t (yes, revolutionary. you dont know what it is, so dont be too quick to judge)

    im into lifting now. i allowed my physique to reach far greater lengths than what i had dreamed of making it. i have a clear outlook on life and want to join som esort of law enforcement. particularly the swat/gang department of the local police department. or something bigger. who knows. time will tell.

  7. keep practicing....

    always perform as much as possible....perform for important people as well...

    add character to your performance......make yourself relevant.....

    find out what type of magician you want to be and be true to yourself as an artist....
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  9. If you quit you will regret it.
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  11. best of luck in whatever you choose to do.
  12. Hey magicman I am the only one who is aloud to perform Necromancy! FYE it is 2010 now ^^.
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    While the original poster has made his choice, I will add this for others who may have similar experiences.

    I was told something very similar, many times in my youth. It comes not from a place of hatred, but a place of fear and concern which ultimately stems from love. Or at least, I hope so.

    I stuck with magic and because of it I have had experiences I would have never encountered had I taken another path. I have traveled all over the world. I have eaten in the finest restaurants. Seen the greatest shows. Hobknobbed with the most amazing people. And built a magic, book and animation art collection that is the envy of many people who may be reasonably considered more successful than myself.

    Ultimately though, I did all that doing something I like. Never had a 9 to 5. Never had a boss. I made my way - with card tricks.

    Heck, I even took both of my parents to the bellagio for a week many years ago. It was both a gift and, I will admit, a little bit of an 'I told you so.'

    Having said that, school is important. Learn how to learn and take every opportunity to expand your sphere of knowledge. The more interesting you are, the more interesting your magic can be.
    Learn the history of your art and spend time with those who are truly successful - not magic dealers masquerading as artists, but real world, real people workers whose work is both commercially relevant and aesthetically exciting.

    Learn how to keep your books and do your taxes. Learn how to maintain a client list and ALWAYS put their needs at the top of your list.

    Treat them with respect, but never slight yourself. Insist on what you require to do a successful presentation.

    Learn to be different. Set yourself apart from just being 'a magician'. Magicians are a commodity and you will only be as successful as the cheapest guy in your town. Find your own voice and vision and there is no limit to your potential.

    Ps. Never label any of your creations as revolutionary. It only shows how little you've learned about that which has come before you.
  14. no, i am not getting into family issues, why would i come between a father and son....unlike most, i'm not going to do so....

    thats why i told him to do that...if he stick to his guns as well as listen to his father...all with be well...

    since this guy wants me to be the norm.....ok here's what you do...

    get an education..finish school...but keep the magic burnin inside.....

    i can relate to the original poster more than anyone. i'm a 24 year old guy, who has had it rough...messed around in school....now i'm back in college doing well i may add...but also keep practicing magic...i haven't stopped and never will....

    to the original poster:

    I saw myself ascending the magic ladder of success quick. i start creating thinking i'm the (you know what). i could care less about school. magic was going to save me. well i failed in school, and all i had was magic and no job. well this is life. you need ways to make money and the magic scene is a terrible business, no matter what people say. everyone is out for themselves. you are not going to get much help. you need to be your own man with your own style. listen to yourself and your audience. you know what you want to be and they know what they want to see.

    well I started talking with guys like lee asher, dee christopher, and well as others, and was immediately humbled. i had to not only rethink my magic, but rethink the way i live my life. always have a backup plan. thats probably what your dad is telling you. but as far as giving up your magic, don't. keep doing what you do but make sure your life is in the right perspective.

    to make a long story short, have a backup plan. your dad is probably thinking you would make the mistake i made in life.

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  16. Whoever so chooses to check out this video, please do so:


    It is one of THE most insightful vidoes I have seen in a very long time. And while it isn't really talking about us as magicians, it actually is...

    Now onward to my thoughts...

    Just because you are still in school does not mean you have to give up magic. You DO have the weekends. Work at a diner performing walk-around. Perform for charity events or at hospitals. Always be ready to perform. But at the same time, focus on educating yourself. Being in school, make school your 1st, and magic your second.

    Should you have a back up plan? Without a doubt. But do know that there are MANY people who perform magic for a living and do very well with what they do. There are also magicians who are VERY well known to us, that use magic as a SECOND to their regular 9-5. It's not an "all or nothing business". Hell, I was active duty in the Marine Corps performing at paying gigs on the side. And the Marines took up 85% of my 24hr days!

    But NEVER give up what you love to do. So many people work their 9-5 jobs making great money, but are so unhappy with how their lives turned out. They "wished" they had of went to art school, or dance school or whatever instead. But you wonder why they felt so discouraged to do so? Again...watch that video I posted.

    Best of luck,

  17. all i'll say is faith, these are the things we pray on. if God wants you to be a magician, He'll let you know, with out a doubt. and if he wants you to be a body builder/ cop he'll let you know. but one thing thats for certain, He'll never let you go somewhere that He doesnt want you to.

    thats where its at guys. i'm not trying to start another religion thread but thats what i believe.

  18. Not to be rude but for the future keep these things to yourself.
    We all believe in something but going out and posting about them isn't something i'd like to see.

    Again nothing personal just this is a public board and you can never know what this might do.


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