Introduce yourself!

Real name: Aaron Jones
Age: 35
Hobbies other than magic: Japanese, Relaxing, Japanese Comedy

How I started in magic: Saw Doug Henning on TV at around 10 years of age I met Tony Eng and the magic never stopped.

Where Am i now: Performed around Canada since I was 16 and have been in Japan the past 6 and a half years.

Where do I come from: Victoria, BC, Canada
Where do i live: Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Jun 2, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Real Name: Connor Branach

Age: 17

Hobbies other than magic: Perccusion, boxing

How I started: I always watched magic specials on tv aroung when I was 5 or 6. When I was 10, I saw a waiter do magic on a cruise ship and I was impressed and then hooked at age 12.

Where I am now: I'm a part time performer at a restaurant and do gigs every now and then.

Where do live/come from: Dallas/Fort worth, Texas
Jul 28, 2009
New York City
Real Name: Jivan Gandhi
Age: 14
Hobbies other than magic: Music, Percussion, Scouts
How I started in magic: My scoutmaster was a professional magician for some time. He did some tricks at a camp out and I've been hooked ever since.
Where I am Now: I perform for friends and family at parties, and work pretty much just with cards.
Where do I come from: Full bred Indian
Where do I live: New York City, NY
Nov 11, 2009
Real Name: Josh Stacy
Age: 15 (I'll be 16 this month)
Hobbies other than magic: Graphic Design, I sing a little bit too
How I started in magic: Just watchin David Blaine specials and wondering how that stuff could be done
Where I am Now: I perform at school and pretty much just stick with cards but I like anything impromptu :) I've performed at some parties but not a bunch
Where do I come from: Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Where do I live: Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Jun 22, 2009
sarnia Ont. Canada

Hey everyone
My name is Isaac Butler, and I am 14 years old.
My hobbies other than magic are football, art, and some cooking .
I started to learn magic after I begged my brothers girlfriend to teach me a trick. I eventually got it out of her and I was hooked. Since then my magic has just flourished. (ha ha "flourished. )
I live in Sarnia Ontario and perform at my High School .
I was also born in Sarnia. I have allot to owe to magic but mostly God for giving me this talent to gain friendships and to entertain.

Working on : the clip shift , and mentalism such as muscle, pencil ,and lip reading.
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Aug 16, 2009
Hi guys !

Real name: Alex Coquentin

Age: 17 years old

How I started in magic: I saw a friend's magic trick, during a trip in Portugal, few months ago. After this, I started magic with Youtube and easy tricks. Day after day, I bought cards, DVDs and books to learn how to become a magician xD.

Where Am i now: I can show what I can do to my friends or my family, but that's all. I'm not ready for doing it in the street or in a show (in front of many persons). I prefer work in my bathroom and use my mirror as a spectator :)

Where do i live: In France, in the city of Rennes.

What is my king of magic ? Cards, cards and cards again :) I learned a lot with T11, especially with the trilogy. I start also cards manipulation, as Dan Sperry does :)

I think that's all for the moment :)

See u guys !
Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
Real Name: Felipe monjaras

Age: 19

Hobbies/works other than magic: Filmmaking,acting,modeling,muscle and fitness training,physics,metaphysics,exorcisms,catholicism,writing.

How I started: Found a book containing amazing stories of magicians and later on David blaine.

Where I am now: I work for private parties and at bars. Studying film at UTA
Where do live/come from: Dallas/Fort worth, Texas. I currently reside in Grand Prairie.
Oct 29, 2009
Just around
Real name: Ryan Newman

Age: 15

Hobbies other than magic: Reading, Piano

How I got started: One day I just thought, "I want to be a magician". That's it, seriously.

Were I reside: Oregon

Luis Vega

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Mar 19, 2008
Leon, Guanajuato Mexico
Real name: Luis Vega

Age: 23 years old

How I started in magic:I saw The trick this ´n that in youtube...learn it,perform it and liked it...haven´t stopped since

Hobbies other than Magic: Architecture, Music and learning foreign languages

Where Am i now:making the change from amateur to pro, I have many shows and I´m preparing my firsts gigs as a stage performer...I have a lot of great things that the magic got me (friends, gigs, money,sponsorships, tv appearances)

Where do i live and come from: Leon,Guanajuato Mexico
What is my kind of magic: Cards in the I do a lot more
Apr 1, 2009
Real name: Asher Fry (yes, my name really is Asher, contrary to a comment received the other day, lol.)

Age: 19 years old

How I started in magic: I loved watching David Blaine, and seriously thought what I saw was not trickery but rather something beautiful and almost miraculous, something I had to know the inner workings of... I was right.

Hobbies other than Magic: music is a huge passion of mine, even over magic. Acting. Psychology. Reading.

Where Am i now: I'm in a very student mode. just taking everything in right now, not performing so much, for camera even. lol.

Where do i live and come from: Colorado. But I come from everywhere.

What is my kind of magic: Im trying to get my feet wet in everything. I love the impromptu real world effects that I can do with materials that surround the real world. real magic.

Real name: Mikk Pärg
Age: 16
Hobbies other than magic: Film, Volleyball, Beatboxing, Flourishin, Web Design and Graphic design, hangin out with friends.

How I started in magic: I saw David Copperfield perform here and i was just amazed that someone posessed the powers for that and a few years later i mate my magic buddy with who we now stopped performing together since we saw that it wasnt working out but we jam a lot. Anyway, after meeting him he introduced it to me and then it began. 6-7 months of Street...

Where Am i now: I'm now a part time performer. I go to gigs every now and then, in school still so i can't perform full time. I have had TV appearances, i am an active and well ranked guy in my countrys magic Society, i now have 5 over 200 people events under my belt and i am the only Mentalist in the country(pure mentalist).

Where do I come from: Pärnu, Estonia
Where do i live: Pärnu, Estonia


Just to kick things off with pictures:


Apr 26, 2009
Real name: Maxwell
Hobbies other than magic: Guitar, Videogames
How I started in magic: My friend Dan had been performing magic in school, and i kept hearing talk about how amazing he was. Naturally, i thought he could use a little healthy competition
Where Am I: I am at the point where i want to start doing gigs more seriously. i feel i'm at a performing level, and i'm not able to get out and do street magic a ton.
Where do I come from: NJ
Where do i live: NJ
Jun 1, 2009
Real name: Ryan Newman

Were I reside: Oregon

Dude, I'm from Oregon! What part are you from?
Well while I'm here, I guess I'll join in.

Real Name: Jacob Lindsey

Age: 17

Other Hobbies: Used to play basketball, but now my foucus is acting and theatre.

How I got started: I saw Arthur Atsma perform at my church a few years back, and after he did a book test to me (and then guessed the OTHER word I was thinking of after the show) I knew I wanted to persue magic.

Where I am now: I perform (or try to at least) pretty much wherever I go. I'm pretty comfortable with just going up to people and asking them now because my confidence has boosted so much lately. I'm working on getting some gigs, for now its just walkaround stuff. Also just getting pattter down and routining.

Where do I come from: Portland, Oregon.

Where do I live now: Franklin, Tennessee (me and jok3r taking over :D)

Your boy,
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Jan 5, 2010
Real name: Robert Livingston

Age: 21

Hobbies other than magic: music in all shapes and forms, drumming, trying to get out of college on a music education degree.

How I started in magic: my brother was into it for a while and would always perform little tricks, then somehow I got into it, and now it's all I think about.

Where Am i now: Getting out as much as I can to perform for random people.

Where do I come from: Orlando FL

Where do i live: Florence, Alabama

That's pretty much me...
May 31, 2008
Real Name: David

Age: 14, 15 next month

Hobbies Other Than Magic: Guitar, I also write Steven-Wright-esque one-liners.

How I Started Magic: There's a magic shop within walking distance from my house, (a guitar shop as well) There's absolutely nothing to do in this town besides skateboarding, and I HATE skateboarding, so those were pretty much my only options for fun.

Where I Am Now: I've been in magic for five years. I occasionally enter talent shows for money. (Entered three times, lost once, 2nd place once, and 3rd place another time) Next Summer I might try to get gigs. I perform a lot of street magic (

Where I Come From: San Francisco

Where I Live: I live in a small town in California.

I didn't imagined that most users here were so young :p

I believe it is because only the young-ins such as myself are wasting our time writing these things about ourselves.
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I liked that photo mikk :p.

What camera did you use? did you used the sepia tone from your cam or from the edition in your computer?

It was a Canon i believe don't remember that well. But its done in a professional studio in my town. Got a chance to shoot some pics, ill add some more to my gallery in my profile.
But the Sepia is added on a computer and tweaked a bit. Adobe Lightroom is just amazing :).

May 3, 2008
Real name: Raymond Zhang

Age: 15

Hobbies other than magic: handball (the NYC sport ;)), public speaking, writing

How I started in magic: I saw David Blaine around 3 or 4 years ago and tried learning as much as I could through youtube and such. I later found out it was wrong to do that and from there I discovered Tannens Magic Shop. They pointed me in the right direction.

Where Am I now: I am the president of my school's magic club. At the moment we are trying to gain recognition around the school and are working on a show with a magic buddy of mine. I hope to start doing restaurant gigs within the next 2 years. For now, I'm just performing as much as I can and learning all that I can.

Where do I come from: Brooklyn, NY

Where do i live: Brooklyn, NY
Sep 6, 2009
Real Name: Will Abbottsmith

Age: 13

Hobbies Other Than Magic: Flourishing, Mentalism, Just plain talking to people, short cons, social engineering, squash

How I Started Magic: Pretty interesting, actually. About 2 years ago, I was on, and I accidentally clicked on a how-to for a card trick. I was interested, so I googled to learn more about it. I went to a site, and it had an Ellusionist ad. I signed up for the "5 free tricks". I went about learning from the internet (public domain copies of Royal Road to Card Magic) then I found a magic forum (not this one) and the members there were really helpful, and I got more interested and bought more books, and it all went from there.

Where I Am Now: I have a deck of cards in my hand all the time at my house, and If I'm out I always have a few half dollars as well. I'm into flourishing, and I do that a lot. I also do magic a lot. I perform at people's house parties and dinners, I get those gigs from performing in random places.

Where I Come From: Cincinnati (near the USPCC)

Where I Live: Still Cinci.
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