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  1. Ok, this happens to be the only picture I have layin around right now.

    I manipulated the hell outta that one.

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  2. You look absolutely fab, I hope that's what you were going for ya big bear.
  3. ... rawr ...
  4. ok!! so far I must admit nobody was how I expect it!!

    keep them coming!!!
  5. You might know what I look like already, but if you didn't here are a few.


    There ya go. We had a mini Photo shoot at a graffiti wall, and I guess they turned out fine. :)

  6. nice suit!
  7. Just to Recap...

    I've actually been a member of this forum since it's early days, it's only been recently however that I have set some time aside to "get involved".

    Some of you may know me from other forums or On-Line VISIONS eZine (which is coming back on line next month). I've also produced several books and systems that you will find scattered about the Internet; Magic Box, Lybrary.com, and MEVPRO being the primary hosts for such.

    The first 15-20 years of my work in magic centered on large scaled illusions and the more traditional touring Magic Show ala Blackstone as well as some specialty "acts" that catered to Dance Clubs and of course, the Halloween season via a rock-n-roll blood & gore show.

    Even in my teens I was experimenting with Mentalism; there was a full 20-minute section in the traveling show dedicated to Psychic styled material, specifically the Eddie Joseph "Intuitional Sight" act which is still a part of my repertoire even though it's seen some heavy evolution over the years (I outline it in my PSYCHIC TECHNOLOGIES marketing manuals as a shopping center promotion).

    At 22 I went out for a brief trial weekend with a full-evening (90 minute) Mentalism program entitled "Pineal Promiscuities"... the public response scared me to death; I wasn't ready to become anyone's guru and that is what many were asking of me. Granted, I'd been doing traditional readings (not what magician's call "Cold Reading") for several years before this. I likewise come from a family situation in which Dowsing, Healing, Readings and even snake charming were "normal" (think old south fundamentalism)... my personal joke being that I went into show biz so as to be a more honest charlatan...

    While that experience put my mentalism career on hold, it did not thwart me when it came to having psychic-styled features in my regular shows and later, at the behest of New Age author/publisher Louis Hay, create full shows that focused on what most would call "New Age" thinking, which evolved into my current "Mental Mischief" programs... but then "Life" itself tossed in a raw bone...

    I've had poor health for most of my life, plagued by an elusive condition that would cause me to simply loose my strength and not be able to function. It would likewise cause incredible pain in my legs, back & neck which I managed through meditation techniques and over the counter meds like Advil. Even when I broke my back and some years later, my neck, this is how I managed my pain.

    In the fall of 2003 an attentive physical therapist became suspicious of these symptoms. Long story short, I was tested and within 6 weeks time, diagnosed with Relapsing Recurring Multiple Sclerosis... the Neurologist working with me suspects that I'd been dealing with the disease for a minimum of 25 years, probably my whole life, given the extensive history of leg weakness and pain well into my childhood.

    To summarize this little side trip; I spend a good 80% of my time in a wheelchair (just got a new one, check it out -- Pride Powerchairs -- QUANTUM and more or less "home bound"... writing and the internet being the main course of things these days, though I do have a new vocational course with things...

    Meet Phineas VanBirch, Esquire... Phineas was first seen in conjunction with the Kirby VanBirch shows in Branson, MO. Kirby gave me the name and the gist of the character, which was over a decade ago. His original essence was that of the typical 1800's early 1900's fast-talking Snake Oil pitchman, but "educated"... a bit of a world traveler (usually because he had to get out of every town he visited FAST). While he lay dormant for several years, I was introduced to the SteamPunk sub-culture by my friend Scott McClellan and WHAM! Phineas was resurrected... proper Victorian era clothing with a hint of Jules Vern's future-shock accessorizing and a wheelchair akin to what you may have seen in the movie Wild, Wild West (but very James Bond when it comes to the secret tricks & whistles).

    Even out of character I now offer a Ghost Hunting and Haunted Tour services as well as private parties for groups of 6-60 staged around Lunch time or Dinner. 90% of what I deliver in these programs is self-contained, leaning heavily upon the power of suggestion as well as my skills as both, storyteller and mentalist.

    To Sum it All Up... I have two key areas of magic that I'm a specialist in; Grand Illusion and Mentalism/Bizarre Magick. Aside from performing, my primary role has been that of technician and consultant; developing original effects for clients as well as aiding in the blocking and design of routines so as to optimize deception as well as routine quality/impact.

    I was inspired to learn magic by the old Alakazam shows in the early 60's and in that same era got involved with Puppets thanks to Shari Lewis & Lambchop as well as Kukla, Fran & Ollie shows.

    Aside from the various books & articles I've written my biggest claim to fame stems from my ties to the late Kirk Kirkham and being named by he & his wife as his successor, which ties me directly to the Thurston-Will Rock side of the "Master's Legacy" collection... Lance Burton represents the other side of that legacy by way of Lee Grabel. The other major kudo stems from my work with the late Ken Whitaker (Creative Illusions, Las Vegas) and effects like Shadow Vision, the Haunted Vanity, Water Fount Penetration, and others.

    I am ALWAYS available for the serious aspiring performer. I will gladly work with those that are honest and focused, be it in traditional stage work (Illusions) or the Mystery side of things.;)
  8. TL;DR
  9. Sure, why not. This is indeed interesting.

    The last one with my daughter pretty much sums me up.

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  10. thank you very much sir. :)
  11. I was asking for photos...but this is very good...thanks for introducing yourself and showing us your courage...I am truly impressed!!

    lots of respect!!!
  12. your welcome if i had a tie that white it would not be that white!
  13. oops!... I probably should have read the first post... by the title of the thread I thought this was for introductions... dang, book & cover things... :rolleyes:
  14. This is me!

    Me at MUAC (Contemporary Art Museum)

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