Let's Get To Know Each Other!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Luis Vega, Jul 10, 2010.

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    AHA! I have it working! Cheers, you officially win at life.
  2. Ok, I'll break from my normal avoidance of showing pictures of myself.

    First one is me performing at my first table hopping gig, second is me with Teller after their show in Vegas, third is me doing Card To Mouth at that same gig. I have more hair now :)

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  3. wow..I must admit...in my mind you looked diferent!!
  4. o_O.......? Weird:p

    It's starting to get obvious you can't tell what someone looks like judging from what they type:D I like this thread.
  5. Okay, I'll play along. Here's a few pics from a couple of show's I've done.


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  6. It's funny because from the get go I pictured you as skulled-top hat wearing kind of guy.

    Oh wait a minute...;)
  7. I'm curious, how so?
  8. Well,I thought that you maybe were more like a teenager (a very inteligent teenager I must say)

    also..and this is not your fault, but each time the name Simon comes to my mind I can only thing about the Simon Belmont of Castlevania...again not your fault..
  9. you look ALOT like a old friend i use to have! wow cool!!
  10. i would do this too but idk how to add a picture ;x
  11. Press the Post Reply button and click on the paperclip icon at the top (picture 1). This takes you to the Manage Attachments screen (picture 2). Click on the 'browse' buttons or paste a website address, depending on whether you want to upload it from your computer or from a website, and when that's attached, click 'upload'. Voila :)
  12. greetings..
    just sign myself up today..

    well~ glad to meet you guys here...

    kinda like the atmosphere here.. :D
    and here is one of my pic..

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  13. Screenshots of some old videos :)

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  14. Hello Melvin!!

    I hope your stay here is great!!

    welcome to T11!! thanks for posting your photos!! very nice shot!!
  15. thanks for the praise dude...
    sure thing.. i will have a lots of fun here..
    will enjoy myself.. :D
  16. Finally the moment of truth.....

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  17. 1. Me doing one of my displays which i don't have a name for!
    2. My reaction to my own anaconda.
    3. A somewhat normal picture of me =)

    or you can just check out my facebook =P

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  18. How is that second picture even possible?.....
  19. thanks!!! now that i know i guess u will see me soon!
  20. Here it is! The third one was sorta a joke that i didn't realize until later.

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