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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Luis Vega, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Hello Everybody!!

    So I´ve been on this forums some time now and I have always had good experiences here with great people and it´s been good times...

    now there is something I would like to do...

    I have friends here and when I respond a post or send a PM I always imagine how that person looks like...but It´s always imagination..

    so I want to do this thread for you to upload in response to this thread, photos of yourself, this can be you alone, you performing or just hanging around, so everybody here can have user with a face and not just an avatar!!

    I´ll start with mines

    1:photo of me
    2: photo of me performing

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  2. Annual Banquet
    Talent Show
    I'm the guy standing next to Ammar... not ammar.

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  3. I don't have any performance photos (you're welcome to check my youtube)...

    Great idea! I must admit you're very different to what I pictured Luis!

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  4. Luis, that wasn't what I was expecting either!

    Unfortunately the hat was too expensive to buy, otherwise I would be wearing it around all the time:D

    Great idea Luis!

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  5. Me about to perform Pressure: Last day of school found this in my friends locker (my name's not Chase)

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  6. Me performing at a wedding reception.

  7. HAHAHAHA!! I would really like you guys tell me how did you pictured me in your minds? please!!!

    @Reverhart: I like your suit!!

    btw...glad you all liked the idea!!
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    Don't get mad...:rolleyes:
  9. Ok..I wasn´t expecting this kind of response...funny...
  10. Just playing, I had no idea what age you even where! This is a nice exercise in testing out my profiling skills...
  11. Cedric Taylor aka CEDthegeek


    The New Face of Scary


    website below...
  12. ...And unnecesary advertisement.
  13. actually I think that banner was pretty cool!! and well, we must spread our ideas in any way we can!!

    btw: post your photos Raul!!!
  14. ok.....

    That's me in a interview for a local TV show, That's me rehearsing with my band, That's me playing with said band and me chilling out with the T.V crew in wich we recorded live events in some clubs.





  15. The first one was the one I was expecting...Nice!!!

    btw...tienes la misma cabecera de cama que yo!!

  16. Ese es el cuarto de un camarada :), no es mi casa :p
  17. I don't have a picture of me performing..but I thought this was a good idea so I wanted to contribute a picture :]

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    One of me looking weird, and one of me showing off in a tux and top hat ;)
    I don't have any performance photos though, but if I get any, I'll add them.

    Incidentally, both Gus and Scarecrow look just like people I know. That really made me jump for a second...

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  19. haha, I couldn't either. But you go to advanced post and make the pictures an attachment.

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