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  1. CK and his book own all of those things!
  2. Dai Vernon, Fred Kaps and Lennart Green. That should do me for now...
  3. on a serious note, I must say that aaron fisher and derren brown could be possible the best sources and friends I could ask for...:D
  4. Anyone from the T11 crew, Danny Garcia, Blaine, Michael Ammar. Dude the list goes on....
  5. d+M because i love all of his work
    CK cause looks like he knows everything and he's funny and sooo skilledful (if thats a word)
  6. I would probably say Derren Brown but I will instead go with Luke Jermay or both if possible. Love both of the stuff they do and hope I become close to what they have done so far.
  7. If I was doing this with T11 members it would either be D+M or Andrei.
    D+M because he has really great magic and good flourishing to go with it
    Andrei because he hasn't released any material so everything would be new. And who doesn't want to be able to flourish like that?
  8. David Blaine, since he is my inspiration. And Bill Malone because his work with cards is incredible, and I think I could learn a lot about presentation from a guy like him. Although Malone and Blaine are on both ends of the presentation spectrum, I would love to learn from them both.


  9. D+m =] or garcia and wayne
  10. Numero Uno.... Jorge Blass ... HE IS....>THE MAN
    Numero Dos.... Wayne Houchiwoochiii cuz everything he does is simple yet phycological so hes a badass in my book.
  11. On a side note... id love to get mentored by that magician Steven Henriquez...
    i hear hes pretty sick...
  12. Penn & Teller

    ...of all people.
    yeah, it was those two that got me interested in magic.
    And judging by their tv show "Bullsh*t', they'de be the kind of people I'de like to meet.

    |ve never actually seen Blane or Angel, and I've never heared of any of the guys on this website.
  13. John Carney or Wayne Houchin, can't decide.
  14. Derren Brown 'nuff said.
    His stuff has amazed me countless times and also taught me a lot about presentation.
  15. If I ever even see Derren Brown, I will hold onto his leg and scream untill he teaches me everything. :)
    Also Daniel Madison, I love his work, yep, definite fanboy.

    Not so much but, Wayne and well, friends because they just seem so cool and it would be an absolute laugh.
    And JB for the sense of humour.
    oh, Also the Bucks - flourishing mayhem.
    And Bill Malone or Ricky Jay to learn about card control...
  16. Wayne Houchin, Daniel Madison or the Buck twins (Buck twins count as one. lol)

    Either of them would be good. they're all inspirational. i'd say blaine too.. but ive got this image of me asking him a question then him just staring at me blankly for some reason.

    Dont get me wrong, i think he's amazing. but i dont know why ive got that image lol.

    crap: i forgot about Daniel Garcia and Derren brown.

    Mm, tough choice!
  17. one of these three

    Houdini- He was the worlds greatest magician. And he is still bad ass 80 years after he died.

    Wayne houchin- he is awesome, has some great ideas, and he is awesome.

    Michael Kent- He is great at magic, he is funny and he is creative.
  18. I would want to be mentored by Mac King. He knows how to put such a good show together and he has some great views of magic.
  19. I would love to meet:

    -Danny Garcia and W:H - together! xD
    -Jeff McBride in the 80s.
    -Harry Houdini, when he was all... alive and stuff.
    -Chris Kenner, with Dori. :)

    And I'd probably want to be mentored by either Wayne Houchin, Chris Kenner or Banachek.
  20. No offense to the T11 staff or anything, but, WHA!? You guys would all wanna meet the T11 staff people? You have the options of Lennert Green, Tommy Wonder, Juan Tamiraz, or Dai Vernon. People who revolutionized the art! And all you can think of is D+M.

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