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Discussion in 'Cerca Trova' started by waynehouchin, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. I too, have used many different brands of playing cards throughout my study of card magic, and I agree with Wayne...laypersons could give a rat's ***what cards you use. But they do get suspicious if your performance is poor. Use whatever cards you feel the most comfortable with. I feel most comfortable with the drab looking Red/Blue Bikes or Tally Hos...
    Best regards,
    Dom Kabala
  2. No you misunderstand. I understand what you say, and I've done plenty gigs, the fact in the matter is that if they say that I'm using a trick deck and I let them check everything out to make sure it's a normal deck, then that makes it seem even more impossible for them because they know it's not a trick deck, though the fact that they called you on that means that you've tricked them good enough that you have made them think that it's a trick deck.
  3. Stripper deck is hard to notice, so are marked decks. When I started I knew trick decks existed so I didn't trust myself when checking a magicians cards. Blatant gimmicks are of course debunked but the really sneaky stuff will sneak by.
  4. I have only been called out a couple of times on carrying a "trick" deck, but I explained that it was normal and let them spread through them and shuffle them etc. and they were cool with it. Someone did think that the Werm was done using a trick deck, though. :rolleyes: I think as long as you do multiple effects that are of completely different styles (a production, an ACR, and a Triumph, for example) in the same routine, most people will realize that it's not just the deck. Most people are smart enough to know that a trick deck will only do one type of thing. Just don't go "For this next trick, I'm going to use this cool reversed color deck with the desaturated court cards" and then put it away before continuing. ;)
  5. A little while ago there was a short argument on this forum about custom cards. My opinion bounced around a bit. Well, I believe custom cards are fine. I never get called out on them, however, they are a bit expensive. Yes they may last longer, but.... 12 bikes for 12 bucks.... 3 centurions/guardians for 15 bucks. If one deck of Guardians can last as long as 3 or 4 bikes, then great, however, I doubt they can. (I haven't tried to experiment yet.)

    If you have the money for them, then great. They do look great. I must say that if you get called out on your cards, it is your presentation. I have been asked a few times (very rarely), but once I told them they were real and let them see them as well, suspicion went away. I never really get asked anymore.

    The next time I buy cards when I'm out (which will be soon probably) I think I'll pick up some Centurions. I don't think you should be using ONLY Guardians or ONLY Centurions. I suggest using bikes most often. However, custom decks are fine once in a while. I'm surprised you actually used this topic considering you sell cards yourself yet you are offering an argument against them. I respect that. :)

    I'm not sure if I will get either just a few black ghosts and a few Centurions, or just black ghosts. The reason I want black ghosts is because I use thread and thread does work well on the backs of Guardians and Cenurions, however, I do a rising card with thread, and a black line in the front of a white card.... not good. ;) I will surely buy some Centurions though at some point in the future. They are the cheapest of the custom decks and look awesome! :D

  6. Great points on both sides everyone. Very fun to read.

    Now, I've never been called out while using a custom deck. Most of the time I will usually call out the fact, "Oh, your looking at my cards. They're custom made for exemplary performance for magicians. Now you can check them out if you want, up to you" That's something along the lines of what I would say.

    Now, when I was performing for someone from France, They saw my cards on the table I was eating at and noticed the name "Bicycle". So, they asked "Why do you have a deck of cards?" I told her I was a magician. Now this was a deck of Guardians and she saw the word Bicycle and said "we have those one's back in France".

    So, just a little something I had happen to me that I thought was interesting. They didn't look at the design, or the colour but, the actual name. Bicycle is world-renowned and people realize that.

    Just my thoughts, and story :).

  7. Hey Wayne.

    I would agree with you that Ghost deck is a little bit distractive and people get confused what was their crd because pips are a little bit weird but at the same time Ghost Deck is amazing deck. Awesome handling and beautiful design and also last for a really long time.
    What about new Centrusion deck of cards they are also good. they are elegant and simple. and dont confuse audience as much as some other decks do.
    All i can say is good job.

  8. I thought this was really cool. Maybe something we can do as magicians using custom decks is put emphasis on the fact that we are using a deck of Bicycle cards.

  9. I recall having typed up multiple times how I found a way to get around anybody questioning my deck and defaulting to the idea that my cards are a trick deck. And with the ability to search for my previous posts, no one really has any excuse for not reading it at this point.

    I maintain my stance that if a funky-looking deck of cards can ruin your performance, you're not a very good showman.
  10. Well, unless the cards are hard to read. But I agree. I only participated in this topic because I had nothing else to do. Let's get a better topic next time.
  11. The custom decks i use are good. The Black Tigers are good becuase they still have the red pips on it. The ghost deck is confusing because all the pips are black, and some of my spectators thought that the 7 of hearts was the 7 of clubs or something. Although, it was good for Halloween performing, and it spooked most of my spectators out!


  12. But wait. Can you tell me why you would have a funky looking deck while performing in the first place, rather than a normal one?

    You bring up the argument that it shouldn't ruin your performance, but I'm asking how can it improve it and what purpose would it serve(unless it has a theme)?
  13. You use a "funky" deck for style in your performance or to catch somebody's attention. The look of the deck can contribute to your style and the image you project as much as the shirt you are wearing does. I'm not saying that a regular deck is bland or not stylish, regular decks can add to style also. But it all depends on your own style also.

    If you are wearing darker clothes do you want to have brighter cards which are all white (Ghosts) or red (any red deck) so that they stand out OR do you want a deck that is black and matches the tone of your clothes, whats your style? If you are wearing a blue shirt, do you want a blue deck that matches or do you want a different deck that contrasts? If you are wearing stylish clothes, do you want a deck that looks regular or a deck that also looks stylish? Its all about your specific style.

    Different looking cards can also grab a potential spectator's attention. I have been asked so many times if I play poker just because my irregular deck has caught the other person's attention while I was playing around with it. The fact that the spectators may think that its a trick deck at first can actually be a plus if you hand it out to be carefully inspected at the beginning because they are very interested and are investing their time. Somebody who has invested time and energy is less likely to walk away and more likely to enjoy themselves.

  14. I think the only times people accuse me of using trick cards are when they're joking around, and it's a very obvious joke. for example.
    "Careful those cards are fixed, handle em wrong and they'll explode on ya."
    Which has happened whether I'm using Blue/Red Bikes or any custom deck.

    I personally feel a custom deck is for a style and situation, if i'm at a pub or I have a few friends round then i'll bring out a regular deck of blue/red bikes, but if i'm performing at a club or party, where the atmosphere is more 'cool' as it where, then a custom deck matches that atmosphere and you get no complatins about using it.
  15. Well, I am from Europe.. Excactly from Slovakia and If I'm using GHOST deck or regular red-back Bicycle deck it makes no difference to spectator... And that is just because you can't get regular Bicycles over here so easy and NOBODY ever heard about them over here... (except of poker players and magicians)... So they just think its pretty looking deck of cards and usually are not questioning whether the deck is tricky or not. But if they do I simply tell the truth, that I'm using this cards for it's quality and they're made in US and they are not tricky, they are generally used in US and so on... And that's true...

    I could not use regular deck of cards made here. Because the quality of the cards made in Austria or in Slovakia is not good for magic and flourishing at all... They break easily (Yeah, for example if you fold a card in half it will simply break so from Pop-Up move of ACR you have TnR), they last like half an hour, they are made just in bridge size, etc....
  16. I personaly love regular bicycles. When people see custom cards, most don't know what they are and, as other people have mentioned, suspect they are trick cards. Also, they are way to exspensive! The only custom cards I really like are T11 cards. They handle much better and in my opinion look better than most others.
  17. Great job guys. There have been some great points brought up on both sides of the issues & I have enjoyed reading your actual experiences regarding performing with custom cards. I think it's very interesting that so many of us have had different experiences & I think it raises the question... why? Why do some in our audience suspect gaffed cards & others do not? What are the determining factors? How much of it is due to performance style and presentation - versus the cards themselves? Great job & we'll see you guys next month.
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