Most underrated magician in the present day?

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  1. You mean pointless? Thats just one effect.
  2. he also has Biclette at Vanishing magic. ReCapped in AoA and The revisited version in his On the Spot DVD.
  3. I dont think Andy Nyman is underrated at all. He's extremely famous among mentalists and his products are really popular.

    With all respect to the posters, I think all the ones mentioned are treated fairly ( except Dynamo, but I'm not a fan).

    In my humble opinion, underrated creators ( not performers ):
    - Bob King - lots of stuff, especially Bre. Crimps.
    - Jack McMillan - loads of stuff you probably do though don't know he invented them.
    - Currently, Scott Robinson, made a name in Trapdoor mag., though dont know about new published material. He's quite known among magicians familiar with FFFF though.
    - Gene Maze, probably because most of the stuff need a table.
    - Underrated outside Scotland: Steve Hamilton.
  4. Whoever said Dan and Dave....

    Sarcasm five!!
  5. this is going to sound strange at first, because he's pretty well known in the community, and pretty well known in asia, but I think Cyril Takayama is one of the most underrated performers of magic (at least here in North America).

    I like his style because he doesn't overdo it too much in any extreme direction and he just seems like a fun, entertaining guy. I guess that sort of style doesn't jive too well with North American culture, but I love checking out his Japanese/Korean specials whenever I can. He really should have blown up after the THEM specials, but I guess that didn't pan out too well.

    Personally, I think he should be as much of a household name as alot of the other big guys, I'm always amazed by his performances, even if it's something I've already seen/know.

    oh well.

    on a side note, anyone know where I can learn that whole "time capsule"/"time machine" routine he does?

  6. Actually,he's considered the first "cyber celebrity".
    His short clips and magic specials posted on youtube have made him one of the most viewed and discussed magicians in the world.
    Everyone here in the states ive encountered refers to him as that "asian magician on youtube".
    They all say he's way better than David or Criss
  7. That's EXACTLY my point though. He's always "that asian magician on youtube" or "the guy that pulls the hamburger out of the sign."

    If someone says David Blaine, Criss Angel, or David Copperfield everyone knows who they're talking about. Try saying Cyril Takayama outside of the magic community and count the blank stares until you say "the hamburger-out-of-sign guy"....
  8. Dan Hauss hands down...wats so kool about dan, is he uses his area around him. when you find out his methods, it makes some of these really complex methods seem like, " how the hell did he do that using just that?" dan is smooth, a true ninja, i kinda like to do my work in his mold...not saying i'm him....but i try to tap into his thought mechanism when doing my projects....he is very underrated....
  9. I still stick to my main points on him being the most discussed and watched magician on the internet.
    He's clearly not underrated.
  10. I believe Paul Vigil is underrated. His published work is phenomenal. I've never seen anything like his work before. Most people that I meet have never heard of him.
  11. I have not seen Scott Robinson perform but I have seen his tricks and they are amazing. It was good to see that name pop up.
  12. ricky smith!!
  13. yes i was going to say that, he is just awesome with cards, i think he can do every card sleight that exists!
  14. Is he the guy that throws the cards?
  15. Yeah, Ricky Smith Jr. He's like a staple gun, but instead of staples, think cards.

  16. Yeah, he's pretty damn good, tho that throwing can hurt your arms and shoulders a lot.
  17. Just want to point out that Rick Smith Jr (the card throwing guy), isn't the same person as Ricky Smith (the guy who invented the Cherry Control).
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    Well since the thread is most underrated MAGICIAN do you guys really think rick smiths magic is underrated?
    He's not much of a performer.
    He's badass at throwing cards but his magic is neither.
  19. Some guy called die vernin. Or something like that.
  20. Its David Verner son.( I caught the sarcasm)
    Not underrated at all.

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