My conversation with someone who wanted a tutorial...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jake the snake magic, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. im not going to say his youtube account. I will leave it annonymous but all his vids were of tutorials :-/
  2. Did it start with a P? The name of the channel I talked to did.
  3. "Your just a fat white kid that still follows some damn magicians code" ?

    Sh*t that's messed up; :mad::eek: That noob is some fat white kid :D

    It is not a very well known fact, but some of the higher level tricks out there have secrets that are so closely guarded that those who perform it have a licence to kill. This eliminates the weak-minded who would try to steal said secrets.

    A penny for your thoughts
  4. yup portal...
  5. This is how you know you've got the upper hand. When a person starts sending ultimatums, it comes from a position of powerlessness. Just tell him to shag off, block his channel and let him scream and cry in indignation with only his pirated My Chemical Romance albums to keep him company.

    No matter what he does, cease all further communication with him. The only to deal with snotty little brats with skewed senses of entitlement is to ignore them to death.
  6. you should block him
    but I wouldnt. I like to piss ppl off but everyone says im wrong. But oh well works nicely for me.
    you should just reply him with "RAWRRRRR" and see what he does.
  7. serious ? you can get a licence to kill by doeing magic ? xD

    I wan't one :D
  8. Get a vimeo account. thats a great page.
    second. you can make your videos so people cant comment without you approving them.
    but yea you cant do anything about it
    i would take your trick off for a while.
    then just share it with the real magic community.
  9. can you give me your or that guys acc I'll go put **** on his page and block him to ^^

  10. This is what I would do. Create a new method to your trick, and make it IMPOSSIBLY hard. Like you know those rube-goldberg mechines we all had to make at school way back in the day? Accomplishing a simple(not calling your effect simple, just using this as an example) task in a long, drawn out way? Then, give him this new, impossibly hard method, and if he can pull it off, then kudos to him. And if he does, laugh in his face, and tell him it's not the real method, just something you gave him to shut him up. That's a little harsh, but I hate youtube exposers with a passion.
  11. Haha no, I was being sarcastic :p

    Oh well, I kinda wish; one day we'll see that around; maybe when Copperfield starts getting a military escort to his gigs :p complete with his private airplane with armed guards aboard and surrounded by 6 f15s. Oh and then he'll carry two uzis

    If anything, the killing thing is probably only for the holiest of holies of magic, like the vanish of the Statue of Liberty. Theory11 and Ellusionist are NOWHERE near that, so don't worry (although Danny Garcia chasing you with his nunchucks is probably the worst you need to worry about)
  12. VERY handy information! I'll see what I can use with this the next time someone does that to me ;)
  13. You simply PWND this noob...
  14. i think we should saw him in half....
  15. ...and not put him back togethor.
  16. the best way to deal with people like this is to IGNORE THEM. reacting only gives them satisfaction.
  17. yes ill pm you the name

  18. Yes. I would love that. :D :D :D
  19. That's not even the sad part...
    Some people who have accounts on theory11 reveal tricks also. They feel the need to attract attention to themselves and get more views on their videos.
  20. Dizzi, ignore him?.....awwww...i wanted to use big shiny blade......

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