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  1. No, I'm not battling. I'm issuing a challenge to anyone who wants to show they can rise above the general mediocrity of endless TiVo variations and Queens battles.

    Here's what I'm looking for. I want to see two videos using mythology as the script to a routine. I want to see some fresh, inventive presentations, and I want them to be damn good. Here are the rules:

    • The routine can be original or one that you learned elsewhere, but the presentation must be your own.
    • You must perform this routine for at least one person, though a larger audience is acceptable. Looking at the camera is forbidden. Eye contact, people! The performance can be done indoors or out to accommodate whatever equipment you have.
    • You are free to choose from the mythology of any culture you want. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Celtic, Aztec, it's completely up to you.
    • No flourishes done just for their own sake. Everything should be motivated.

    So... who's going to throw their hat in the ring?
  2. I'm surprised no one has gone in for this yet - The hardest part about creating unique presentational scripts is coming up with a concept that's logical and equally as cool - Alexander's lain it right out for someone to grab a hold and no one's biting yet!

    If I had the time, I'd go in for it - it'd be good fun, I hope people can see the potential of a battle like this, it forces you to create a new presentation that is unique to yourself and you will be able to use and evolve it from the moment of inception!


  3. I like this idea. I'll try to put something together. But I'll only post it if its really good :p. I look forward to seeing what other people can come up with aswell though... I think that if you can, you should try this. It could go a long way in improving your scripting.
  4. You realize that performing this in front of an audience requires from me (and other non native English guys) to speak in their own language which is not understandable to you?
    And if that is not a problem, than I can do any presentation I want and just tell you it was about mythology, even tho it wasn't.

    I wouldn't do that, but I think that it is a possibility for other people, if they are doing it in front of an audience...
  5. I'm up for it. This'll require some thought, but it's a nice idea. Also, the advantage of this battle over the many others is that this battle is about improving our own magic, rather than just showing off and proving ourselves to everyone else. Who else is doing this? Zephil, are you still up for it?
  6. If you have the free editing software that came with your OS, you should be able to add subtitles and title cards as necessary.

    I ask for the audience because I'm just sick of seeing a pair of hands with someone's pubescent package as a backdrop. I want to know if anybody here can actually perform for something other than a camera.
  7. I will definitly take on someone with this battle.
  8. I'll send you a pm first thing tomorrow morning? In the meantime, I'm off to bed.
  9. I know what you mean, I'm just saying...
    Btw, if I do this, I will definitely throw in some subtitles (correct subtitles lol).

    Oh, and because this is such an interesting battle, I think that more than just one pair should do it. The more, the merrier.
  10. Hey, throw down. Make it a free-for-all.

    Battles like this can be used to show who's got the goods and who's just running their mouths.

    Incidentally, I recall you criticizing me a few weeks ago for not posting my own videos. I'm not posting it here, but there's a demo video of me performing for a small group on my website. Check it out if you feel so inclined. I had to edit badly because the lighting in that room was unspeakably awful and there was no room to bring a good lamp in. But I at least managed to save some of the highlights.
  11. I love how you word things.
  12. If I saw the right video, and that is you, I have to honest in saying, I admire the patter you've added to The Biddle Trick.
  13. what is your website?
  14. The one about William Tell and running out of places to hide the bodies? Yeah, that was me. But remember, it's not patter, it's scripting.

    It's in my signature.
  15. You definitely add more to what you do than most, and I applaud that. While others would most likely show the effect and do nothing more than just explain what's happening, back away and say "Now Watch", you seem to give something more to grasp onto. I like that.

    I'll be sure to remember that.
  16. That's the key to making magic commercial and artistic. There has to be something for the audience to relate to and associate.

    As an example, I recently had to do a 60-second commercial at a networking function for a colleague of mine who works in divorce and collaborative law. As I described the process, I used a pair of linking rings to illustrate the points I was talking about. To boil it down the rings are presented already linked (divorce is an ugly thing), they're roughly tugged and clack and ring against each other (often the separation leaves one or both parties hurt), the rings are brought together and when my hands part the solid rings silently separate as if they had never been linked (but collaborative law allows a peaceful resolution and separation without litigation and unnecessary negativity and fighting).

    Through the whole presentation, I never once even looked at the rings. They only served to create a visual motif and illustration. After the meeting, practically everybody came up to tell me how poignant and effective my little 60-second speech was.

    And that goes to the point of this whole challenge. Magic is in the people, not the props. I want to see some videos that give us a great presentation where all the bells and whistles are entirely incidental.
  17. You make a very good point. Given the current status of this battle section, I think this is what's needed. It provokes people to think more with their brains than their hands, which there has obviously been a lack of lately. I hope to see this really turn into something, dare I say, a trend?
  18. Not enough people who care. Most people are content to continue doing TiVo and pass battles, laboring under the delusion that technical skill means anything more than dick to people who matter (i.e. me).
  19. I saw your performance, and you are nothing like I imagined you. Physically and performance vise. But good performance non the less.

    I guess it's my turn now for a video...
  20. It's a sad day when I look up at what you just said and realize the truth in it. There's no substance in most of the battles that have taken place so far. A battle over one move? Serves as nothing more than an extremely cheap & meaningless Ego Boost to the one who wins. It's worth is that of a small pebble found on the sidewalk. While I don't believe that technical skill means absolutely nothing, to watch it happen without reason, is like watching an Anne Frank play without the words. It should be about Routining moves together and "Scripting".

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