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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Aris.SA, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Hey, I'll take you on for a flourishing battle. Interested?
  2. i hate quoting myself, but i think this would be an awesome comp :D fun, different, and creative?

    i can make it a 1 day thing if anyone wants?

    EDIT: u must dribble, spring the cards before, to prove that there not stuck together xD
  3. Yeh, why not!
  4. Alright sweet. I'll PM you in a sec to talk about rules. =)
  5. Well, Hi there.

    I'm seeking for a performance battle. Live performance (For an audience :)). It can be anywhere; Street, bar, coffee-house, farm. Like I stated before, just a performance for lay people.

    No cheating with hired actor-audiences please.

    Now for which effect you should perform? If you specialize in coins, cards, mentalism or money, please say what's your main category. I don't accept mentalism, since I don't really like that.

    So yeah, card magic should be great, or some coin stuff as well. You don't have to do the same effect as I do, but it would be appreciated :).

    Please give me a PM ;).

  6. Hey everyone,

    Glad the first impressions of the Battle System are great. You have no idea the countless hours Bayme and RichardZ put into it. Both of them stayed up nights in a row to get it done and test all of the bugs.

    Anyways, I'm always up for a battle but, my camera I'm using the mic is broken, meaning no live performances or magic with patter. I can do a flourishing or magic video with no talking but, that is it.

    If you want to challenge me, send me a PM first please so, as not to clutter up the battle page with 3 different challenges to one person.

    Thanks everyone and enjoy,
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    anyone want to battle Dan and Dave moves only? flourish video. PM me
  8. Who wants to battle im up for flourishing please PM me
  9. I'll battle.

    But I think it'll be hard keeping this thread organized and easy to follow as it grows larger...

    But it would work if T11 made a new forum subject for battling. :D
  10. I think this thread, can make it alone..
  11. A sub-forum is almost urgent. There, every member could post his own topic, with all the details of how he battles and everything. Much easier to organize and view.

    Oh, and whats with all you "no-patter, no audience" challengers? That's pointless, and if you read Richard's topic for Battles, you can clearly see why is this made for.

  12. anyone want a duck change battle?
  13. OK, lol only if the deadlines like tommorow.
  14. any one want to battle me?

    any kind of magic is fine.

    maybe best reactions or so.

    Anyone Challenge me PLEASE!!! =]
  15. I'll have a battle, best original false cut. PM if interested to discuss rules etc.

  16. Ha ha... Shouldn't this be called Magical Duals instead of Battles?
    Man, this is so Harry Potter!
  17. Best Daniel Madison voice impression?

  18. I'm kind of a n00b (less than 2 years in magic) and I've been kind of nervous about doing a battle. If anyone feels the same and wants to battle, PM me.

    Note: I'm not n00b baiting, so don't try to bait me if you're an experienced magician or flourisher!
  19. i would mind a magic battle if anyone wants no audience just for camera and it can be best ace production
  20. Kinda taken from mini magician's post, I've been known to a lot of my friends and what not for my ace productions. If anyone is interested in a ace productions contest let me know. =)

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