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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Aris.SA, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Question:

    Will the theory11 artists be up for battles? i know that could get hecktic for them because everyone will want to battle them, so like we could have a tournament and the winner battles Madison or something like that?
  2. Dan and Dave, Jordan Lapping, and Kevin Ho, I will have a flourishing battle with all of you combined. I will dominate. HAHAHA Just Kidding, I would be humiliated.
  3. Anyone up for a battle of "Fake the Facts"?

    An effect must be performed for the camera with no sleight of hand. Everything must be done using camera trickery and video editing. Make the effect as impossible as you like, but it has to look realistic.

  4. me!!!!!!:)
  5. Though I do not want to participate in this battle, I think this is the coolest idea so far!
  6. I am so up for that! I'm not experienced using editing, but I think I can come up with something ;)


  7. Who's up for a battle entitled, "Just Believe" in which you perform Believe, and only Believe, for an audience (preferably small). All the patter you want, but the effect has to be Believe and can't be preceded by any other effects. Best reaction(s) wins. Who's up for the challenge? PM me.

  8. You're on! xD

  9. Bring it. (Word Count)
  10. I'm anxiously awaiting the chance to watch the first Coin Bite battle. :)
  11. my friends chris had a great idea.

    Batlle Name : COPS


    You may only perform for the police
    you may only include tricks to do with altering currency

    Extreme burn

    and the such.
  12. Who would like to battle with created tricks. They must be original, if it is not you must forfeit. One original effect, can be set to music or use patter. Please specify category, cards, coins, money etc...
    The effect can be an old concept, such as a sandwich routine, collectors, and torn and restored. This will be fun.
  13. I've finished and uploaded my first video xD. The idea I had worked surprisingly VERY well.

    The ultimate coin matrix... I can't lose! ^_^

    Has anyone else done their first video yet?

  14. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone is interested in doing a battle with me about ace prodctions. Here would be the rules:

    Video can be as long or as short as you want.
    As many ace productions as you want.
    Any kind of editing.
    Any kind of music.
    Any kind of ace productions.
    Only ace productions (Unless a flourish is used to do your production).
    Original or not. Dosen't matter.
    1 week deadline.
  15. I'm open to battle!
    Bring it!
    I'm not that good at Cardistry, but if anyone wants to have a color change battle or something, I'm up for it.
  16. Anyone wanna battle?
    Only flourishes you've made yourself, and for a minute or less only.
    Must be done before next Monday.
  17. I should battle d+M in a CHANGE video lol.

  18. de'vo, jerry and tudor should make t11 accounts and battle :p
  19. With no gimmicks allowed. :)
  20. anyone want a clipshift battle?

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