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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by jake the snake magic, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. I say I vote for Davey because I felt Jake's effect was a much stronger effect but it wasnt presented well and didn't get good reactions.
  2. Actually david blaine does it.
    Evident in his magic man and frozen in time specials.
  3. I didnt saw those specials ;). But I have seen Daniel do it almost on every flourish video that he has.

    BTW, it's rare to see you in this forums man, did you voted? Im curious.
  4. Oh yeah,he used to do it constantly in his first videos..
    Because theres hardly any interesting topics throughout this place.Just like two or three recent threads. I didnt vote yet,havent had time to watch the videos but I will in a bit.
  5. Jake the snakes performance -- The trick felt very rushed when the effect was taking place.
    when the magic was actually happening you were constantly speaking which,at times,takes away from the effect and doesnt allow for whats happening to register in their minds.
    Because they're listening to you talk.Theres power in silence.Also no justification for the effect.No conotation for whats happening,you didnt even ask her to think of her card which was an important element.
    My advice is to slow down and speak a bit less and not as fast.
    NOW heres something that EVERYONE should take notice.When you said to one man " heres a deck of cards,a normal deck of cards.." he said "alright" and shook his hand in a whatever type of fashion. Now,I see that constantly in magic videos and performances when the performers mentions his "normal deck of cards". It pretty much means,they dont care,they dont suspect the cards,they just want to see the magic.Take note of that.

    DaveyG's performance-- I liked that you introduced yourself. Hate your camera man. We should see your spectators and you more than the cards.
    Its good that they thought the cards were "trick cards" because it means that the effect was so impossible looking that the only explanation was that you were using trick cards. And of course at the end,proves that they arent. Your performance was rather lackluster. It was just the "ok if i do this,this will happen" which is getting redundant and boring. I know you can do better.
    Thats all I gotta say,the performances were pretty close but my vote went to DaveyG for some fine points that made the show more entertaining.
  6. You summed it up perfectly! I agree that my patter was indeed quite lackluster. I am not proud of this performance at all, I can do much, much better.

  7. if this was a hat competition, idk who would win
  8. You should see my new hat...It will make a cameo in my next video.
  9. lol i gotta admit i think daveyg we have a pretty even performance IMO i mean it would be fun to do another battle after this one is over oo and you should see my new mets hat lmao
  10. I can't remember who did the bluff pass but it made me cringe, the card shouldn't be held in your palm like that!!
  11. I am aware of that. Read this:

  12. well idk i mean i think he did one but i also did the no where pass so it could be both lol
  13. I think both of them where not having a good day.

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