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  1. So DaveyG and I decided to do a live street magic battle. It had to be on the street etc. look at the rules when u vote loll. Anyway so we both would like feedback and what you think. Even drop a vote!

    Thanks alot

  2. o one more thing.. i did notice now i say perfect too much lmao
  3. Jake got my vote, but I still think that Davey is a better performer, he just had a bad day ;).

    BTW, Jake, get your own personality, recording your videos Daniel madison or wayne houchin style will not get you anywhere buddy :).
  4. i dont edit it
  5. and it is also my personality i dont think it was really that much or anything really like wayne or danny but thanks for the reply
  6. cool vidoe

    (word count)
  7. I vote for Davey!
    I don't think you managed your spectator correctly at all, the end when she looked at your wrist she should be excited(from my experience with Stigmata)

    Instead you took a yep i just did that, it's a trick approach like you didn't even want to be their.

    Where even though Davey Flubbed on stuff like the Pirouette, and some other things, and needs to control his nerves, the performance was overall better!
  8. I think Jake's nerves were playing more of a part in his performance than Davey's. However, I think Jakes video was better. Davey's ACR seem a bit bland, although it has to get points because the audience enjoyed it. Jake's performance was a bit better, in my opinion, because he was able to have a bit more variety. Had he just perform Stigmata once, then it would have been much closer to judge. I just enjoyed Jake's a little bit more.
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    Jake, I wish you had told me that you made a thread!

    Ok, so here's the deal with my video:

    My patter was mediocre. It was slightly better than the, "look I'll put it in the middle and it rises to the top" simply because I was more loose and interacted with my spectators. If I hadn't interacted with them it would've been a terrible performance. I usually do a longer routine in which I talk about Dai Vernon and Houdini, but they were kind of in a hurry. My sleights were fine except maybe my Shapeshifter. The camera wasn't at a very good angle for my LePaul Bluff Pass, but even if it was it would still look like crap.

    I was planning on doing an ACR, but not this particular ACR. I usually use a different, much better, one where I talk about how Dai Vernon fooled Houdini, and I end it with either card to mouth or Riot. (I would've done card to mouth) I noticed that the Farmer's Market was closing, and I had to act fast, and I was already having him sign the card, so I had to do an improvised (badly) ACR. Like I said I'm not proud of this routine or the coin through bottle. I would've loved to make the card jump to the top while it was in her hands, but I have no idea how to do that. Like I said, it wasn't my usual, practiced, scripted ACR, and I'm not proud of it. Not to mention my bluff pass was beyond awkward.

    I was not planning on doing an unpracticed routine. I would've changed things up before I started had I known I wouldn't have time for a full ACR. You see, I had already started my regular ACR when I noticed the Farmer's Market starting up. I had to just improvise. I understand that that was a bad thing to do, but I had no choice.

    Unfortunately I'm using my good video, sleeveles 360 arm twist, for another battle.

    I really wish I could've done a better job in this performance.
  10. A little off topic, but how many laypeople know who dai vernon was.
  11. Almost none, and that's what my routine is based off of.

    "Have you ever heard of a magician named Dai Vernon? That's ok, not many people have. But you have heard of Harry Houdini right? Ok good, well in his later years Houdini issued a challenge to magicians, he said, "I want you to fool me." Only one magician could, and that was Dai Vernon. Now this is what he did. He Houdini sign a card, much like you did..."

    As you can see, the fact that Houdini was fooled by some "no-name" (to them) magician only adds to the mystery.
  12. Ok, I will probably write up a little more later, but I think Jake may have picked the wrong audience to perform Stigmata for. She was a middle aged woman, and I think she kinda felt like a pedophile for squeezing your arm like that...
  13. Thanks for that, I was indeed having a bad day. I went to sleep at like 4:00 AM the previous night, and we can't drive, so I was walking for miles on no sleep and a bad hot dog. I'm very disappointed with my performances. I might remove them if I don't post some new videos that will bump those ones down.
  14. Ok, at least that makes more sense than some routines of that nature that I've heard.
  15. JTS::

    What was the point in YOU cutting the cards at the end of S+D? It was a little bit of a disgrace to the trick. If you are going to post a video of you doing live magic and you aren't performing your own original tricks, do justice to the creator please.
  16. I never understood the reason behind people walking down narrow streets or throwing cards at cameras, but that's off topic and not really my business...

    I voted for Jake, the reasons have already been said in this topic and I cant really be bothered repeating them.

  17. Because it's "cool"
  18. Duh, Because Daniel Madison does it...:rolleyes:
  19. I never saw daniel madison doing it actually we were chilling in the alley cause were so BA (not) and i was just throwing cards and it finally hit the camera. So we decided it would be cool to add it

  20. oh and yah i agree with u. Even as I was doing it I knew i was making a mistake but the reason i actually happened to do it was because by mistake I gave him the rest of the deck to hold and he from what i remember had no more hands so i did it. I usually let them do it just to clear it up.


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