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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tmac5454, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Hey ya'll, figured I would take a minute to introduce myself.

    Currently I am from PA (may get relocated to Colorado for work) but I have been doing magic off and on for 12 years.

    About a year or so I got back into magic after approximately a 2 yr hiatus (by hiatus meaning I didnt have my cards in my hands during all of my free time practicing) and I picked my deck back up and brushed up on any tricks I knew previously. Nothing too fancy and slowly I got back into it more and more and finally did a performance outside of my family and friends and the reactions I got have driven home a new found desire to learn, expand and create my magic repertoire.

    I am currently working on mastering some newer card tricks to throw into my routine as well as branching a little into the money side (slowly i might add).

    Alright, enough said, its a pleasure to be here.
  2. Welcome! Hope you learn a lot here:)................................................................(you will)

    PS:If any one bashes you, ignore it unless it's true.
  3. Welcome to the forums!
  4. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay, there are many great minds here (William Draven for example) who offer great advice and insight on magic, and you would do well to read pretty much all of their threads. Have a good time here!

    Your boy,
  5. *Gives you a bone necklace,

    Welcoming gift from me enjoy.
    May the spirit of a wolf grant you intellect, and the ability to communicate effectively. May the coyote spirit grant you skills and inventiveness.
  6. Thanks ya'll! I don't even remember how I found this site, but I am glad I did!


    funny you say that...the wolf= my spiritual (animal) guide
  7. Haha K!

    Welcome tmac :)
  8. I live in colorado myself. Welcome to the forums.
  9. Welcome, hope you find this site as useful as the rest of us!
  10. Glad to meet you sir. Hope you learn and like it here.
  11. Hehe, don't get any ideas. *vanishes into mist.*

  12. Funny you said that, because Ke'oke just happens to be THE wolf. That's right, THE Wolf.

    Anyways, time to post an LOLcat.


    Have a good stay man, and because no one's said it yet...

  13. lol, will (not) do

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