Saturday Night Contest - A Simple Display of Skill

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  2. Amen.... and were still waiting
  3. I always do magic for the camera. so i decided to feature someone who is truly skilled. thats right my mom.
    enjoy. this is her first video performance.
  4. Your mom is very good Chris! Awesome video.
  5. Holy hell, *makes a note to not mess with your mother,* She doesn't have a gun show going on, but a cannon show.
  6. There were quite a lot of entries tonight... this is going to take a while..
  7. I loved tonight's submissions! Each of these was very well done and very fun to watch. Some thoughts:

    chriswiehl, your mom's coin bend was awesome! Rneogy, your presentation was a great fit for this contest, and showed an apparent triumph of technical skill. Malibu, it looks like you need an ice pack and some Tylenol, but that is a GREAT effect - and one I have performed on many occasions. wZEnigma, the arm twist was a perfect thought for tonight's contest. The one thing I thought could make it even better was use of a coiled piece of plastic to make the crunchy popping sound - I know that Asi Wind never leaves home without it.

    LuseifHo - your presentation was humorous and entertaining throughout - and the deathgrip of your hands would cause an iPhone 4 to lose signal in record time. ayli - I thought the application of the coin vanishing into your eye was both believable and memorable - so kudos on a great concept.

    Needless to say, it was very difficult to pick a winner tonight. The entries were top notch, and every single one of you brought your A game. After thorough review of each entry, I have to award tonight's prize to PaulTheIllusionist. Simply put - it was outstanding. The routine, the presentation, the scripting, and the execution - great work. Congrats on the win - and thanks to EVERYONE for participating. Last but not least, King Of Spades, next time you're in NYC, I would be more than happy to film your SNC entry myself. Rock on.
  8. Congrats Paul, it is an earned achievement.
  9. Wow!!!

    Oh my gosh! I can't believe I won! Especially for my first entry ever! Thank you everybody for all of the support. I really appreciate it:)

    Best Regards

    SNC Winner 7-17-10
  10. Congrats bro, you deserved it. Got some nice patter going there too.

    By the way, exactly what effect was that? It's very interesting.
  11. You deserved it. Wow. Im sitting here thinking about how that could be done. I dont know. Fooled me.
  12. Congrats, Paul!

    Sabor-I believe it's Jeopardy by Paul Green. You can find it on the In the Trenches DVD.

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