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  1. Jason,
    If you will allow me, I will retract my initial post and clarify.

    The fact that the ONLY credit was what inspired him as opposed to including other credits that record the history is what I had an issue with. The other issue was that he was told about a credit, yet he still published it.

    Maybe I am wrong but it just seemed like he dimissed the other magicians trying to help him with crediting. However, your claim that I had an issue with "teaching" something that was not his is totally wrong. In no way did I mention nor hint that him "teaching" something that was not his was wrong. It was just a crediting issue.

    Hope this clarifies my stance.

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    I agree with Jason E. in that what you posted was uncalled for. Knowing Jason the way I do, he is one to help keep the published record straight. I know he is VERY knowledgeable in our art, especially card magic, and will correct anyone that is incorrect. I also know that he is not the type of person to turn his head on magic history just to earn a little cash.

    I am not trying to help Jason fight his battles, for I know he is very capable of doing so. However, when someone says something about something that is the absolute furthest thing from the truth, especially when it involves a friend of mine, I feel it necessary to chime in and defend. Jason was a little harsh in his reply, however, I don't blame him for it, do you?

    The Flawless issue has to do with a credit(s) that were omitted by Mr. Lim, NOT Jason or T11. Let's keep it that way, shall we?

    Trini Montes
  3. Trini,

    An excellent clarification. I too am puzzled by the apparent lack of a credit that was provided prior to submission, but then I don't know Shim and can't speak for his reasoning. I do know there are three sides to every story as the old saying goes.


    PS: Thanks for the supporting post with regard to Toby. As you correctly pointed out, I try very hard with credits and sourcing. I think it's a very important part of the history of our craft. Whenever someone says anything that belittles that effort or questions my motivations for a decision, I come out swinging!
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    Hi guys, I admit I missed out on some very important credits here, one of them being Card Control by Arthur Buckley. And I am truly sorry if I have offended anybody in any way. Again, I am truly sorry. I was ignorant, and had left out research in this area, and had only given credit to the books which inspired me for this effect, leaving out the other sources. This was my bad, and again, I am human, and I have flaws.

    Jason England: Dear Mr. England, I would like to sincerely apologize for having missed out on crediting Arthur Buckley's book (and others) and having only credited the books which inspired me. I know it's both T11 and the artist's responsibility to have everything right before approval, but I'm only 19 years old and am in college. Our brains can only hold so much! Again, I would like to apologize for any heartache I may have caused, and will promise that I will try my best to be more precise next time when it comes to crediting! Thank you.
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    Edit: Never mind. All in all, I do apologize to T11 team, including Mr. England, for saying they did this because of the money. I understand Mr. England's frustration because of my post, and I can only hope he understands mine because of his.
  6. Jason, thanks for your lengthy reply.

    Firstly, thanks for your confirmation on the magical literature on this move. It is more than understandable for someone even of your calibre to make a mistake. I hope I have not offended you by implying that you or T11 did not do your job right; such an implication was not intended. I'm sure I could find something more obvious that I've missed on many occasions in the past. I can't speak for anyone else, but my questions were asked with knowledge and respect of your abilities. Perhaps this is why the review process has been questioned so much.

    I would also like to add, to anyone keeping track, that I have yet to find the source I am looking for, and, no longer being a card magician, do not expect to any time soon. Although I was unaware of the Leipzig source and had probably forgotten the Buckley one, I started the topic with the distinct feeling that precisely this move had been published, which itself no doubt is a descendant of Leipzig's (as opposed to this being a new variant of Leipzig's). Nonetheless, without proof or citation, this is the last post in which I will bring it up. I am, incidentally, in no way implying anything other than independent creation in either circumstance.

    For the record, I have no problem with the speed at which this topic played out. I believe Monday is just starting over where you are due to the time difference.

    Finally, I agree with your summary of this is as a crediting issue, notwithstanding my inability to show otherwise. I have in private expressed certain reservations about the value of the Wire. However, none of these pertain to the actual testing process; I would therefore like to note that, as the OP, I am personally content with Jason's answer to this situation. I hope that no loose ends remain on your end that pertain to my own posts. :)
  7. Well, Toby has already apologized and so I think it is time for mine as well.

    I apologize if my post has angered you and am completely prepared to delete it if you wish.

    Thank you once again for your contributions!
  8. Sweet dude, very much appreciated and big of you for admitting the mistake. Looking forward to your future work.

  9. Is it just me or isn't it better to have the spectator place the card back on the cut and you complete the cut and then turn over the top card? I think that the spectator can even complete the cut just so it's even fairer.
  10. Somewhat on topic: If I've already bought the effect, and I have questions for Shin, is it considered acceptable and appropriate to message him through the forum about it?
  11. shin lim

    Hi Sovex,
    You are more than welcome to send me a private message, or you could email me at my private email i will be more than happy to answer your questions:

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