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  1. hey, has anyone recieved the down load of this yet, and if so... is it a good buy and is it practical for the real world? because it looks truly amazing.
  2. Spin is really good and when you preorder you get the download immeadietly and a FREE download of Power Word Fall.
  3. This is a KILLER effect - I LOVE it.

    Matt showed me a while back and I had no clue at ALL. I learnt the effect and I'm loving it, completely impromptu and something you actually WILL do.

    Also watch out for Shane Black's variation, it's WICKED.

  4. Spin is WICKED!
  5. alright cool, i'll pick it up.
  6. Where did you find this effect?

    Edit: Nevermind I found it :D
    Edit 2: Does it really live up to what it says, being impromptu and gimmick free? I dont have a problem with gimmicks, but I dont like being mislead by adverstisments
  7. What the ad states, is 100% TRUE!
  8. It is extremely easy to do and very practical. And it accomplishes the thing all my illusions have to do...it needs to feel like magic to YOU while you are doing it. I love illusions that make you actually feel like you are performing real magic and this is one of them.:)


    Yep, it requires no gimmicks is impromtu and really does what you see in the demo. I strive for transparency in advertising and I believe the demo is 100% true in what it shows ans states. Also, at the end of the video, we give credit where credit is due. This stands on the shoulders of some great people and we state who they are.

    Enjoy and SPIN the world!

    -Matt Sconce
  9. I want to get this reaaalllllyyy badly right now, and to get the free copy of Powerword: Fall with it would be amazing! but with Christmas in just a few days, wait no with Christmas being tomorrow, I can't! Any idea how long this promotion will last?
  10. My routine allows Matts retake on the method to spin cards at will with other tips which you see me do in the trailor but the original idea was brought to me by Shaun I just took it to the next level. Matts handling is in depth and very informative in fact I have been performing these effects all month and it absolutley kills laymen on every level. Matt has done a terrific job with this, glad you liked it Dee!

  11. KERPOW! Awesome stuff. Can't wait to gig this - It's a killer.

    I'm more than happy to say that everyone on PCM is absolutely AWESOME. Can't WAIT to see what next year brings! ;)

    Awesome start with SPIN, I think it's one of the best PK effects I've learnt in AGES - LOVE ITTTT!!

    Matt Sconce, I LOVE you. :p


  12. "Matt Sconce, I LOVE you. :p" Whoa settle down Dee. To be honest I am falling in love too.

    "Ya Blew It"
  13. I love you too D!:p

    I am glad SPIN is one of the best PK effects you have learned in ages! It is an effect I am quite in love with also.:D
  14. With me or Matt? :p

    I say we jump him... annnd his little dawgggg too! ;) ;)

    Oh dear... It's happening again... So much for the "subtle and reserved english gent" look... *sigh*

  15. Marc Spelmann just posted something about SPIN on the cafe. Here it is: :)

    "Spin is not as mentioned before a new principle but Papercrane make a point of making this clear on the download. I do have to say however it is in my opinion a very worthy release. Matt has taken something many of us, myself included, have played with and experimented with it to the point that warrants a release.

    I love Andrew Gerrard's Energy Bill as an impromptu PK effect and Spin is a brilliant addition to any PK demonstration, it is totally impromptu, effective and well taught.. If James Hydrick had this knowledge he may have just fooled Randi..

  16. Magician, Cameron Francis just posted a comment about SPIN over at the CAFE that made me smile. Here it is:

    "Yes, this is very good! Really fooled me and the method made me smile. Extremely practical. How could you NOT use this. :) "
  17. Can someone please tell me how long the setup takes. Because I already know the method (learned it in some random video a few months ago on the internet, the guy used a straw). And don't know how to setup the object without the spectator easily seeing what I'm doing. So would it be worth it to buy this even though I already know the method?

  18. I will quote a comment from Magician Sean Fields on the Cafe to answer the question:

    "Just watched the download.

    As many have said, this isn't new technology, but it provides a much stronger understanding of the principle. If you are not familiar with the principle, this is a great place to start. If you are familiar with the principle, you will still learn something, as Matt goes into great detail on how the effect works, and all the variables that can affect the outcome, such as items to move, surface to move on, etc.

    All in all, the effect is only limited by your imagination, and as such is a powerful piece. And this DVD is a relatively deep exploration of the effect, and the concept on which it is based.

  19. Should have posted my previous post in this forums.
    Just wondering, how are the angles on this effect?

  20. There are no Angle issues per say. You can do this surrounded :cool: It is an effect that you can learn in five minutes but really needs a lot of practice to give it that magical look.

    Spend 3 days working on it and you will be rewarded. Its a very old principle that Mr. Sconce puts a new "Spin" on =) I have been working with it for about a day now. And I feel that I will be able to preform it for someone by Thursday at a New Years party.

    Again this effect will appear as REAL magic to a laymen. Very Nicely done.


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