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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Seawood, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. Ok, so normally I try to refrain from posting in such situations but I feel I need to interject here. Before I start this though I do feel I should preempt this by saying that I do not in any way agree with what the berated member was suggesting. So with that out of the way . . .

    Argument 1
    At no point in any post does he make the assertion that the act of piracy is justified or right. In fact the primary portion of the quote in question is a question, which isn't debatable because it isn't a statement.

    Argument 2
    He does not in his statement detract from the legitimacy of a previous offender's criticism. He only implies that such would make you a hypocrite. This opens up a whole new can of worms that is beyond the scope of this argument. Regardless your reasoning missed the target again.

    You awarded your self 3 points though there are only two arguments, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that one of the points came from a previous post. Now I think that the score should be adjusted to the following.

    You: 0
    Him: -3

    P.S. This is all in good fun. No offense to you praetoritevong I just like to argue and saw a good opportunity to change the subject.
  2. But, does this mean that I lost my half point?

    Sorry, just felt the need to do that.
  3. And you must be a dumbass for illegaly downloading things. Go crawl in a hole or something. I just hate people like you man. ( Sorry for the bashing T11 )
  4. Im sure somehow, somewhere you've downloaded something illegal at least once in your life. its kind of hard not to, the temptation is too great. Free things at the palm of your hands, Why resist?

    Course, that isnt to say that i support piracy. No. Im just curious as to why this guy is so vigilant. Just trying to get a point across.

  5. No offense taken at all! I am more than happy to laugh at myself if I am wrong - and I accept your points. Oh, and the three points came from the previous two posts as well as this one. Haha. I like your points allocation though, not that it means anything...
  6. i never upload anything....i just download it if it's available....but i'm never the one to post it up for others to feed off it too
  7. you are so bored're like the nerd in every class or something aren't you?....Urkle has nothing on you
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    Hey if you wanna be a functioning member of this forum I highly suggest that you let this thread go man. Whether or not other people are posting in it I would just let it go. You have already made some enemies and you are making more with every post.

    Edit: Oh yeah and never bring up the downloading thing again or join in any discussion pertaining to it.
  9. ^+1000

    Word Count
  10. I bet YOU are the nerd in every class. Get a life. A legal one.
  11. I would actually be the one picking on you :)
  12. I bet you wish it was true... Jajajaja, funny guy...
  13. Seeing how Seawood got his answer and the thread went downhill from there and this thread was reported a couple times...

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