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  1. I have been doing the pass FOREVER. I started about 3 years ago when I learned to do the shift. I practice ALL THE TIME. Whenever I have a deck of cards and I am not showing someone a trick I will most likely be doing the pass, over and over and over again. Heres a short video of me being very bored and doing the pass. Tell me what you think.

  2. Very smooth, nice work.
    And amazing song btw. :]
  3. I must say impressive. This is definitely worth of 3 years.
  4. good, the quality of the vid is shabby, so it doesnt give a clear picture on how good you are executing it. but it looks good from what i see.
  5. It's a bit hard to tell from the video quality. It looks like the fuzz might be hiding the flick a bit, but even so, it appears to be performance worthy. Your riffle pass is particularly good, I think.

    Good job.

  6. Why did you spend so much time on one move? I mean it is incredibly smooth, but when you are in the real world with distractions and proper attention management, the pass can be as slow as a turtle and you will still get away with it.

    You seem to have a varied mix of classic passes and variations of it so I guess you are good in the department of controlling a card to the top/bottom, but I am curious onto what you are going to use this move in other then an ACR.

    I am not knocking your hard work I just don't see the point in putting so much work into one move, it just seems to me the ones who do this are just trying to impress other magicians which is bad and good at the same time.

    These are in no way meant to belittle the OP so don't even try slapping me in the face by saying this is a bashing. (I slap back)
  7. Very nicely done. Although its not amazing like that japanese guy.. um.. Akira Fuji thats the name. but that is good in terms of the time it took. Seems like a waste of time though. Not that you shouldnt have but wouldnt you have rathered spent the time on something else?
    and nice to see someone who is performing the pass for real... I remember someone on this forum (not gonna name who... mainly cause i forgot his name) wanted to put a video up for battle and asked me to check his video. It was at first amazing but then I realized the bottom card was the 10 of spades every time... which... is quite bollucks... after I pointed this out he kinda dissappeared... prolly made a new account.
    ah well... nice pass
    I also like how you showed angles, unlike some magicians who choose the best angle for one move.
  8. very nice

    dude very nice pass. I do the same thing when I have nothing to do I grab a deck and practice the pass. You know most tricks call for you to control a card to the top or the bottom and why not use the pass if done right it looks natural. Unlike some of the cuts and flourishes these days. I just prefer the pass if you are throwing the cards around it looks like you are doing some thing sneaky but a pass and a few shuffles and you look natural. That is my take on it. I am not knocking xcm because it is hard and looks good but to me there is a time and place for that in some but not all tricks. Any way very nice keep up the work.

    Mundus Vult Decipi
  9. Really guys? This bothers me. Now this might partially be the move monkey in me, but I think every move should be worked until its the best it can be. You guys are essentially telling him it's ok to do a half-assed job and not work on a move, so long as it flies in performance.

    Now I don't know about you, but I try and push myself to be the best I can be, not to just be passable in performance. Yeah sure, you COULD do the pass slowly, just in the same way you could perform a ****ty DL and get away with it 80% of the time. Instead, a lot of us put hours, days, years into perfecting a good, authentic, single card-looking DL. Why would you ever use a no get ready DL when you can just thumb count? In fact, why pinky count if you can thumb count?


    Its terribly hypocritical to talk about why he put so much work into the move when all we do is preach about practice practice practice.

  10. Yeah it is the move monkey (as you called it) talking. Besides there are better moves out there that are better to work on then the pass. Top change, bottom changes, side steals, are more useful IMO then a pass.

    Give yourself a pat on the back for projecting the idea that I meant it is okay to be half assed.

    You missed my point, the only reason why most magicians strive for move cleanliness is because they want it to pass by other magicians or personal reasons (which am fine with), I believe magicians want everything to look clean because they do not know how to properly manage the attention of their spectators. Also I have to say, *Sarcasm* You really sound intelligent using Sh***y in your word structure. High Five *End Sarcasm*

    I could care less about what people do in there free time, they can go choke their chicken for all I care.

    What my point was, there are better things then to do other making a move flawless. You can have flawless moves but have a sub-par presentation, and basically ruin all of your hard work. Not saying the Op is not talented in his passing abilities, but with the focus on the mechanics you may tend to pass on other parts of the formula to the entire magical experience.
  11. You're better off working on other moves that can accomplish the same thing with less effort. Sure the pass is great if you like it when people burn your hands, but the majority of people out there won't do that unless you are an extremely boring person. Which I can tell that you probably are, for spending all your time trying to master one move.
  12. The pass has more uses than just a simple control sire :)
  13. Yes and so does a crap ton of other moves as well. That can accomplish the same thing with less effort. Work Smarter, Not Harder.
  14. Okay, tell me another sleight that serves as a vanish, as a color change, as a control to either top of bottom, as a packet change, as a false shuffle....

    Work smarter?

    I prefer to learn one sleight and learn it well than to know how to do 50 diferent sleights.

    At least with the pass this principle applyes.
  15. I agree

    I have to agree with RDChopper on this the pass has been around for a long time and is noted as one of the harder moves to do what is why people came up with other ways to achieve the same goal because they did not want to spend the time needed to prefect the move. That is why in a lot of books it is not the first thing shown, but you cant just dismiss it as a whatever move. It is all over expert at the card table by Erdnase and it is like the main topic in paper engine. After all it was called "THE MOVE" by a lot of magicians for a reason.
  16. Exactly... I want to know that to... As the matter of fact, tell me sleight that can bring more than one card to the top and bottom (nothing more), as fast and as invisible as a pass can...

  17. The pass is another name for the shift
  18. Missing the Point

    Hi Guys, I think that most of you have missed the point here. Yes he can do a Passable Pass (sic) but so what? Isn't it the point that a sleight should never be seen? It really doesn't matter what control of a choosen card you use, as long as the spectator isn't aware that you are controlling the card. It should appear as if you do nothing. Hence the term, Magic! There is too much emphasis put on what is going on in the hands especially on youtube! The camera is always pointed directly at the hands and it is all too easy to see! You don't say to a spectator, "Hey guys, watch my hands while I control your card and look how skillfull I am", or do you? Remember, if YOU are looking at you hands when you do the sleight, then so too will THEY be!!!!! In the real world your patter and your misdirection are what should Cause(cover) the magic to happen. Please remember that all of this is just my own humble opinion but you know that i'm right! ;)
  19. Are you going to be super cereal RD?

    If you do the pass over and over again to accomplish different things you will surely be caught. You have to have more then one sleight whether it be a completely different pass/control/shift. If you kept doing the pass you will be caught eventually and once they catch the pass I assure you the specs will burn your hands clean off. Just speaking from personal experience of course.

    One thing that bugs me the most is when the pass is used as a color change you want to know why? The pass is supposed to be invisible like a thumb tip. You draw attention to it everyone will notice it, that essentially is what you are doing when using it as a color change.

    Truly you have to have more then a good pass in your arsenal in order to get out of sticky situations.

    This is just my opinion from personal experience, it may not apply to everyone.
  20. you do the pass well...i suck at the pass so i took those same moves and do it at different offbeat and it can be completely surrounded and hands being burned and still execute it like a normal move....

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