The Wire - Truth or Epic Fail?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dylan P., Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. "The Wire", a work in progress or it just never existed? Hm...
  2. It's a conspiracy! The Wire is the government's way of influencing American-based companies to cover up their secret attacks on their own country! 9/11 and it's BS shall live forevahz!


    Someone had to say it.
  3. Or it just could have been Theory11's way of keeping members on the site and continuing them to be interested long enough to see what "The Wire" is... or what it isn't at the moment. Haha
  4. Waits for either Demon5, Faust or Tally-ho to post....
  5. Or perhaps the wire is already revealed and in full force, but you need an invitation to participate... ;)
  6. I've been on the wire for ever... I even have a countdown from when I started using it ...

    Kidding aside

    The wire will always be in the hearts and minds of the original T11 memebers :)
  7. Thanks man. Wasn't touched by the floods or the cyclone, but was pretty damn close. Hectic time for heaps of friends and some family though.
  8. Demon5 posted somewhere else on the forum recently.. I think on the Criss Angel thread.
  9. Oh my god!! I thought you were dead or something...

  10. ...




    *tear* I missed you guys so much, group hug!

    Also, because this thread deserves it:


    But really, The Wire was the Frodo Baggins picture of T11, and it was a great idea. Bayme has always thrived on hype, and this was an amazing way to breed it. The Wire was essentially a meme, and it brought people together. You would ask what The Wire is, and you would get mocked. Then someone else would ask what The Wire is, and you would have the right to mock them. I would have to conclude that it is neither truth nor epic fail, but rather a new champion, woo.
  11. Ha ha, well said
  12. The Wire makes Theory11 mysterious and interesting. It upsets some, it intrigues others, and it makes all of us ask.
  13. I'm gonna make a blind guess and say it will be released at 11/11/11 at 11:11
  14. Everyone,

    Officially, HERE is The Wire


  15. That joke has been done before. I actually don't find it funny anymore.
  16. Heh Ian or enigma.
  17. I'm sad that no one caught my Frodo Baggins picture reference...

  18. [​IMG]

    Don´t hit us please!
    We really need to do a meeting between the originals. Just for the sick pleasure of our perverse minds.
    Also where is BAWI?

  19. Who said it was a failed project?
  20. You're really going have on the inside references aren't ya? X3


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