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  1. Hello fellow magicians,

    I am looking for the best published effect for this plot. The plot is, "The magician places an envelope on the table, the spectator is asked to freely name any card, the thought of card is found in the envelope". Essentially I am looking for the cleanest, most practicle, and reliable version.

    Some versions that come to mind are

    Dean Dill- "The Revelation"
    Paul Harris & Tony MaClaren- "The One And Only"
    Docc Hilford- "6 of clubs"
    Derren Brown- "Mental Card Forces"

    Please reply with any you would like to add to the list.

    Mark Storms
  2. Daniel Madison-The advocate
  3. Daniel Madison also had a psychological force in one of his books that was a thought of card in envelope. With an out.

    I'd have to sift through the PDF's to see which one it was in thought. I want to say one of the trilogy notes...I could be wrong.

    Anate could also be employed, not much thinking added to it, might be a nice way to present it.
  4. "Pocket Index" ... originator... umm... dunno.
  5. Daniel Madison's is called 180 and it can be found in ONE. There is a physical method to achieve the effect if the force misses. If done well you can use equivical methods like the one in Paralies.

    Dee's Anate force is very nice so is the cross roads concept.
  6. I have a similar trick where i ask someone to shuffle the deck, i rifle down and ask them to call stop. They do and remember the card, i don't touch the deck at this point. I ask them to remove their card, they don't find it in the deck and is found in an envelope introduced before the trick and handled by the spec.

    I would be more than happy to share it with you. Very easy trick that i made up.
    PM me if you're interested ....
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    I believe Bob Kohler has one called The Black Envelope.

    It is FAIRLY easy and practical to use. Very diabolical method, if I do say so myself.

    EDIT Whoops, Black Envelope is a SIGNED card to envelope actually.

    But making it where it's a thought of card instead shouldn't be quite that hard either.
  8. Anate.


  9. Kevin Parker just released Chronic which contains a thought force that could be used to accomplish this.

  10. Daniel Madison's Advocate can suit your needs. It sounds good, but have not tried it yet. Also the Anate should to the same, but its not freely name card.....its more of a force. But these two things may the things your looking for.
  11. advocate is basically a pocket index. wont work for this.
  12. Awesome.

    Thanks for the guys who noted my solution to the plot, it's very effective! :)

    Advocate would work fine, you'd have to be the one to open the envelope though as you'd have the card palmed to mock taking it out of the envelope after you rip it open.

    My vote's with ANATE, but I am a little biased ;)

  13. Thank you all for your suggestions. I own both Anate and Daniel Madison's pocket index. I have had very limited success with Anate. As for Advocate, I love it! However, I wish there was a way to eliminate the switch. Anyhow, feel free to post any other solutions you all run across.

    Mark Storms
  14. Tyler Wilson has a nice effect which can be used for a thought of card in envelope. I have no idea if he is selling it or not unfortunately.
  15. Drop me an email Mark, - I'm sure I can up your success rate ;)

    Realistically, there are only two ways to get this to work - To force the card or to get the card in there after it's been named.

    The only other way I can think of is to create a dual reality, you could find out a card that will be named before the trick even begins - A very situational method though!

    Work on the problem, I'm sure you can find a GREAT solution!


  16. Thanks for reminding me of this, I saw his lecture and learned this method and had forgotten all about it.

    Maybe have the card written down instead of inside the envelope?
  17. Yeah, it's a great effect. I was thinking of that, a pocket index, mercury fold or anything similar.

    EDIT: It's good that he's teaching that at his lectures, it deserves to be out there.
  18. Tally! Good news I almost have enough money to purchase something from Outlaw Effects! I'm so Scited!!!!
  19. Eugene Burger's Exploring Magical Presentation has an effect on it called the The Black Envelope. Perfect for what you are looking for.

    It is performed in the demo video for the dvd. Here is a link:
  20. David Regal has a version called Special Delivery that uses a window envelope. It is a VERY simple method and I used this all of the time.

    The spectator selects a card, signs it, and it is found in the envelope that had been sitting on the table the whole time.

    It isn't exactly what you are looking for but it hits hard.

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