Twizted by Eric Jones

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eric Jones, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Yeah. Never got to see it. Sucks. I haven't seen much of Mr. Jones' work, but I really like what I have seen.
  2. I think Eric needs to get back here and settle this lol
  3. lmao, Sounds like you expect him to come back here and fight some one.
  4. Ok guys here's an update. As I stated, this is an effect that is only about a week old at the time of this posting. My inspiration for Twizted, wasn't Roger Smith's Maxi-Twist(which I am a fan of and perform several variations of) but rather Guy Hollingworth's Waving the Aces in which the cards turn over one at a time while held in a spread fashion, eliminating the need for moves like the Elmsley Count.

    I've made the video private as my suspicions about my current handling have been confirmed, the transitions between the moments of magic seem "movey" and confusing. While the script I use fully justifies the actions, I feel I may need to find other means to bring about this georgeous piece of magic.

    I thank you all for your feedback, and I will be posting another video in the upcoming months on the effect once I have spent more time w/ the routine and polished the handling.

    Please direct any questions you may have to me directly either through PM or through e-mail.

    Kind Regards,

    Eric Jones
  5. You're a top notch guy man. I'll be watching for the next video you post.
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    *Word Count*
  7. Im pretty much sure that he's joking. :rolleyes:
  8. ... :confused:

    T2C said: "I think Eric needs to get back here and settle this lol" and I joked about it. I didn't even mention you. To my knowledge, the only time i've even spoken to you in this thread was when I quoted you about the "credit" thing. And when the hell have I EVER tried to instigate anything around here? I specifically put "lmao" at the beginning of that because it was a joke. For godsakes, Sinful07 knew I was jokin, and i'm willing to bet everyone else did too.

    Next time you have a problem with me, contact me via PM, because the way you attacked the situation was very ignorant and to quote yourself "un-called for".
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    *wordy word wordy word*
  10. I just recently saw Eric perform Twizted at the St. Louis Magic Jubilee, it was very impressive. It even looks better in person than on screen. He also showed me his version of Paul Harris’ bizarre twist using the same method as Twizted for the color change at the end of the routine. It was also one of the most visual changes I had seen. He said it could be a future 1-on-1. If it is released be sure not to pass it up. Eric is a very nice guy and a great performer…hope to see more from him soon.

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