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  1. probably just post links to the books, unless the book in question is out of print.
  2. I will do that once i have a long list out. i know how hard it is to find books, so i hope it helps some people
  3. For you Jok3r, the world =P

    The Tarbell Course in Magic (Volumes 1-8) were written my Harlan Tarbell

    Apocalypse (1-4) by Harry Lorayne

    and the Fitzkee Trilogy which includes Showmanship for Magicians, Magic by Misdirection, and the Trick Brain are all by Dariel Fitzkee
  4. Just wondering, are you putting these into categories???
  5. haha thanks.

    yes i am working on that
  6. If you need any help sorting it all out, I am more than willing to give a hand. Here are some Mentalist books that everyone should read:

    Fundamentals by Bob Cassidy

    Practical Mental Magic by Ted Annemann

    Psychological Subtleties (1-3) by Banachek
  7. you people tell me this after I buy a $130 book. GODDAMMIT!!!

    thanks for the info for later :p
  8. tee hee hee hee
  9. Card Classics Of Ken Krenzel.
    Relaxed Impossibilities.
    Ultimate Sercets Of Card Magic.
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    I think the intention behind this thread was a great one, but I doubt this thread is going to really help anyone as is. The reason being is that this thread is just a large list of books without any context. If I go to a magic shop I see the same thing--a large selection of book titles. If I go to an online magic shop and look at books I see the same thing--a bunch of book titles. And what is a skippable book for one person may be on someone else's must-read list.

    So in order for this thread to amount to anything more than a place for everyone to throw out some book titles until every major book in magic has been named, each book really needs to be addressed individually as to why it is considered a "must read." If it is truly a "must read" book then it is surely deserving of a few sentences summing up why that is so.

    To get things going in the right direction I'll start with why I think Art of Astonishment is a must read series. If everyone picks one (or more) book(s) they feel passion about and writes a few sentences relaying that passion, this thread--rather than just being a catalog of tossed-out books titles--can be a really beneficial and comprehensive catalog.

    Art of Astonishment offers, in its very first few pages, a short essay written by Paul Harris that changed not only my life, but the lives of many, many magicians around the world. The short yet effective four-page essay on how astonishment is our natural state of mind has been paraphrased and quoted by magicians such as Derren Brown and David Blaine, and with good reason--Paul's position on the role of magic and the magician is radical as it outlines how the art of magic, at its best, transcends tricks and puzzles and becomes something truly inspirational and meaningful.

    As far as the magic goes, AoA boasts a whopping 222 totally out-of-the box effects using everything from playing cards and coins to leaves and silly putty that is sure to get your own creative juices boiling. The magic Paul creates--both in plot and method--are just so different than anything else to which you've you've most likely ever been exposed. Many of the effects presented have become modern classics, and many of them have been performed on television by magicians like David Copperfield, David Blaine, and Cyril Takayama. And it's all wrapped up in Paul's unique and always entertaining writing style that will literally make you chuckle outloud to yourself as you read through what have become some of the most enjoyable and influential books in magic today.
  11. Matt's got the right idea! I'll follow suit.

    The Golden Rule of Schmoozing: Aye Jaye
    The art of entertainment is an art that puts you in contact with a lot of different people. Sometimes you'll see these people again, other times you won't. Anyway it goes, what you say and do while you are with them can leave lasting impressions. Author, Magician, and Clown Aye Jaye is a master at schmoozing, and he'll teach you everything you need to know to be successful at being a people person. People will always go that extra mile for a friend, upgrade travel accommodation, comped meals, premium services, all possible with just the right schmooze! Some of the tricks I've gleamed from this book has brought me repeat bookings because my clients adore me! Who wouldn't want to hire a friend?

    This book has a forward written by Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller, and an audio book is available read by Penn too.
  12. I would like to add for card magic books.

    Card Control by Arthur Buckley
    Expert Card Technique by Jean Hugard and Fred Braue
  13. If I'm not mistaken, no one mentioned two of the greatest books for every beginner in magic:

    1. Royal Road to Card Magic - Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue
    2. Modern Coin Magic - Bobo

    Both of these books are perfect for beginners, first one completely on card magic, second one completely on coin magic. They don't offer much from presentation aspect of magic, so I would add Strong Magic - Darwin Ortiz to the list, and you are set for a long LONG time.
    Both of these books will teach you fundamentals of card and coin magic, and some of the advanced material. And once you are done with them, and perfected all the effects that you wish, you will have enough arsenal to make your own effects (you can add Designing Miracles - Darwin Ortiz, to help you along your creative process).
  14. I would love some help =]
  15. I completely agree, should i put what you said after the book on the first page?
    or how should i go about setting this up
  16. omg thank you! I was gonna be sad for a second cause i thought i had to remind everyone of these fantastic books. :D
  17. I have updated it to only two books, Mat la vore and williams draven's explanations on why you should read these books.
    Unfortunately i have not read alot of these books, so i can't comment on them. But i will on the ones i have read.

    Please explain why we should read 1 or 2 books that you think are must read.
  18. An Actor Prepares by Constanin Stanislavski
    Magicians love to say that we're all actors playing the part of a conjurer. Yet disappointingly few magicians know how to act. How can you expect to sell me on an effect when you're all stiff and weird? Or chewing the scenery like a goat with an oral fixation? This is the standard introductory text on acting and is still one of the best resources. If you want to make it as a performer selling audiences on the impossible, you have to be able act the part.
  19. Marlo's Magazines
    Small, colorful pamphlets at magic shops that people pass up
    Anything Jason England or the theory11 sraff recommend must be fantastic
    The second edition of the fourth edition plus the square root of the twelfth edition minus the fifteenth edition of Expert Card Technique
    Card College? More like card crappage! (ref: magicdude09 and majestoshifton0obsterpalm)
    Or just stick with good ol cliche Erdnase. Then you can be just like Jason England
  20. awwww, but studying acting takes work.

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