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  1. I wouldn't be so sure about that, I'm pretty sure Dana Hocking is outside my window with a pitch fork.

  2. Nah.

    Like he said before, he'll give you PM's saying, "WHY DON'T YOU LIKE ME??!?!" and other death threats that he's capable of. xD
  3. Anyone who wants their video converted to Quicktime. I'd be glad to do it. Don't know whether or not that is allowed, just being a good samaritan is all. Pm me if you'd like.

  4. Yes we will. We will kill you until you die.

    (That's not true, but if you're able to use one of the conversion sites listed above, that would be great.)

    P.S. Raiker - WHY DON'T YOU LIKE ME?!?

  5. Where do we upload the video?
  6. Upload them just like you would a normal media section video. Click on "Media" and then "Submit Media." Or follow this link:


  7. Well my video is submitted, if it wasn't for Dana's reassuring words I don't think I ever would've done it, I ain't no Jordan Lapping but, with only 4 months experience I think I'm alright, I just hope the looks of my video counts for something, hopefully about 50% because I think it looks very nice, too bad my video camera has issues with my comp and when it's uploaded it goes from High Def looking to pixely = / I hope everyone else submits one as well, since skill does matter but, win or lose you put on a performance and made an excellent video in the process and even had opportunities to hone your skills or show off variations or flourishes you've made up yourself =)


    *Hurrah for 300 posts
  8. Here's my experience with this contest so far:
    Sunday afternoon I drove up to the Marin headlands with my dad to find an old fort where we coul film. Sunday evening we finally found one. We shot about 30 minutes worth of footage (how the hell am I supposed to turn that into 1 minute?) and we drove back home. Sounds fun? Good. Sunday night I realized that I forgot a bunch of moves. It's okay! My garage looks forty-ish enough, so I filmed some stuff there, including an ace production and the samurai fan (thank you fatty). Now i just have to wait until this weekend when I get final cut so that I can edit the movie. Oh yeah, I also filmed at the same spot Dana and Wayne filmed for the DisTortion trailer. Cool! I am very excited to see what everyone has made. In fact, I'm so excited that I don't even care if I get 1st or not. Well maybe at least 2nd, because i could use some Jerries, but no biggie. May the best flourisher win!
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    is it just limited to 1 min or can it be as long as you want
  10. That's already been clarified sx297, please read the thread :)

  11. nice

    too bad noobs dont have chances in these kinds of contests and these kinds of prizes. I really want the trilogy lol. Ill guess ill have to wait a few years until i get good so i have a chance =) Ill stir somehing up anyways just for the fun of it.
  12. That's one fine prize there, and some sweet music... now to figure out what moves I can use?
  13. I'm a mad noob, but you never know!

  14. Dont make assumptions, Sometimes at the least expected moment someone will jump in and..
    shabang blow your mind.

    Maybe that will be me..

    Ya never know.
  15. I do not excel at either cardistry OR video editing... I'm okay at both... really just okay... =( Magic is my big thing... But I'm puting together a short video anyways! haha. Hope I get some sort of recognition. Good luck everyone!
  16. The only way I could hope to win is to learn some mad video editing skills FAST, because my XCM is okay-ish for me at the moment, but total n00bishness compared even some people who think they aren't too good. Yeah, so I suck.
  17. So this is a video contest based solely on XCM?
    hmmm... if anybody needs video editing, let me know. I can either give you advice or actually do your stuff, and we can see where that goes.

  18. A lot of confusion regarding terminology, no? Whatever you consider XCM is probably what we're looking for in the contest.

    Focus on non-magical though highly skillful manipulating of playing cards. That's what cardistry means.

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