What do you think of this Cardini?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by cherryillusions, Nov 29, 2009.

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  2. I don't get that guy. He is such a good magician, and he makes tutorials on moves that aren't his. Anyway, that was a very nice Cardini.
  3. It wasnt bad, but if you have a tutorial of it, one would think it would be pretty much perfect.
  4. Its ok. But i didn't like the performance.
    Placing the index on the corner doesn't look very natural. Its better just to flick over the cards while changing i think...
  5. What performance?
    He was just showing the trick. There was no performance at all
  6. Nothing original or special about this, just pointless
  7. In other words absurd.
  8. From a technical standpoint, the change was executed well. The "routine" however, needs work, in my humble opinion.
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    Who the hell cares, I swear to god this forum is becoming less and less fun to visit because of so many people acting high and mighty, its tiring and quite sad.

    Not singling you out cedward, there are quite a few others that either need to get a sense of humor, or get there head out of the arse. Now I really didn't get to speak my mind very much in the double lift exposure thing.

    If I recall I mentioned a tutorial of that would be beneficial, scarecrow agreed. You see, the double lift is exposed so many times on youtube it really doesn't hurt to add an actually good tutorial out there. Especially when you can use it as a reference, sure it is nothing new at least he is actually trying to help others instead of putting them down. Seriously too which one do you think a serious beginner would like more: A lengthy post about crap they don't even know about, or a video that will give them instant gratification?

    Most of us know how to do a double lift, but some don't. That video is a great building block for the beginning magician.

    Don't get the wrong impression that I hate this forum, I just have a strong distaste of the community that resides here.
  10. Very well said. Thank you

  11. I'm with cherryillusions, thank you for that Keokesilverfang.
  12. That could have been said in a private message since it had little relevance to this thread.
    And to backup cedward I say,we are tired.
    We are tired of mediocrity.
    Tired of pointless crap that is nothing to do with magic.
    It has gone for far too long. furious masterbation,lack of character.Lack of substance. Magic is dead here.
    And we are tired of it.

    I will not lower my standards or "lighten" up if people will continue this way.
  13. Then why are you here big guy? Your the kid at school that just b*tches about school and the teachers and the other students, but still goes. I dont post much on here anymore, because i see pointless stuff or bashing, which you tend to lead. i could pm this to you, but why bother?
    We are tired as well,
    tired of elitists who dont have any reason to be.
    Im not mediocre, and am not for backing up with mediocre by saying: Shut up.
    Rarely do i see you with some decent to say. Your like steerpike without the intelligence to back it up, and oh yeah you'll come back with some sarcastic comment about something i said or some grammatical error or something irrelevant, and then youll get off on some tangent about how i dont know just what im talking about. If magic is dead here, then why are you still here? Go out and perform and make magic "alive" instead of wasting your time on a "mediocre forum".
  14. Im not the kid that complains about school. I go because I like to.
    I come here because I will NOT allow or want this place to be filled with people who dont know a damn about magic,and just wish to show off there fast little fingers. I do go out perform. The problem is not out there,its here. Durr.
    Theres nothing to say because who freaking says anything worth talking about here anymore? No one. I come here to talk to people,privately,who do more than sit in front of a webcam or poring over pasteboard. I speak out against that which ive grown to despise. Thats why im here.

    Oh and please look up the definition of elitist first because no one here is acting in that extreme.
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    Wow I guess my very vague post has weeded out the guilty, go figure. You see magic in your eyes maybe dead here. In mine its been dead a long time, but like a phoenix there are some signs of potential rebirth, a Renaissance. No one is asking anyone to lower standards, people can have high standards yet be loose about things.
    You know what, I am going to turn my back on this. Some of the older folks here know who I am, and know I can be hot headed. But with that hotheadedness I have been beneficial. I witnessed the Go out and Perform slogan's Birth, and its growth. Made many friends, and few enemies. I have met my magic goals and long term goals. So I am going to end this on a high note for myself, and let the ones you call "we" destroy whatever fire was still here.

    Time for dog to go into hiding as well, ciao...
  16. The thing about a magic community is that its not just about you. It is about helping others improve themselves. Selflesness is what many people here lack. Its all "I got what I need and to hell with everyone else".
    Frankly I dont care about the magician himself. I care about his spectators.The people that matter. It makes my stomach churn when I have to watch a half-a$$ed performance(live or video) and see the weak smiles and nods given by the spectators. There hasnt been a fire here for a long time.
    Thats what some people here are tired of.Thats what steerpike was tired. And so am I.
    I want to see performers. Real performers.
  17. Visual, you and this "We" are either completely oblivious, or just dumb.

    The small flame I was referring to were the videos you despise. Clearly there are many many skilled magicians in the craft of magic. Telling them it is pointless to post videos showing their skill level and then not suggesting the next step is more pointless then what you deem pointless.

    You know what I am tired of? People trying to force change, they're no better in my eyes then an immature child trying to get what they want. Change will happen hell it is happening, I personally since you think I am talking about myself; have not grown at all. The only thing that has grown is my hatred for this generation of magicians, your not helping my disgust.
  18. Change never just happens.
    People make it happen. And its not just videos. Its everyone now. Ive seen these people in person.
  19. Once again you project and misunderstand my meanings. True people make it happen, I never said it didn't. All I said was, don't force it to happen let it happen, the community will do it on its own. I am not saying don't post lengthy essays, but I am saying stop caring about what others do.

    Magic truly can't "Advance" and I am using that word like a meaningless candy, if you aren't advancing as well. Personal better will make yourself better, and it will indirectly influence the community. But whatever do what you want, I truly can care less now. Time to dance the dance of awesome to a song a quite enjoy and feel is relevant.


    I find it very amusing anyone is trying to be elite here, where all still children compared to the timeline of magic.


    I take that back, I just find posts made by the current elitist members Amusing, good show.
  20. check your box

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