What's With All The Lefties?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Foldmaster, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. My man Eric is right on the money! I am a leftie too!
  2. Woah, thanks :D
    I've been tring to find a way of creating effects and this sounds like a great way to go about it. If only I hadn't read all my magic books about 50 times each :p
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    I'm a lefty also. Except for some reason I throw a baseball with my right arm.
    For everything else the left is dominant.
  4. thanks i'm left handed haha:D
  5. Lefties unite!

  6. Yeah Lee, High Five!!
  7. I am a lefty, so they have to be amazing! :D
  8. I am not left handed, but I do all of my magic with my left hand.

    Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) was right-handed, but he played guitar with his left.

    I don't think there is any connection between left-handed people and magic though.
  9. I'm exactly the same way, I am a right handed person for throwing, and writing, but my magic is also in the right hand, which is considered lefty for magicians.
  10. No, he was left-handed.
  11. Are you positive about that? I've read a book about him plus numerous things on the internet and I'm pretty sure he was right-handed.
  12. He wrote right-handed, but he was naturally left-handed.
  13. Very interesting topic. I'm completely right handed, I can't do crap with my left hand but for some reason, ever since I started doing magic I held the deck in my right hand. It wasn't until I got DVDs and books that I was like, wait wtf is going on, why are they holding the deck that way?

    It is a pain to learn flourishes and all that good stuff but now that I'm used to it, its fine. I just note finger movements and etc and adapt. Over the shoulder shots never work for me.

    If you think about it, its kind of weird in general. Right handed people hold the deck in their left hand, vice versa. Crazy phenomenon.
  14. I think the hand you write with is considered "your hand."
  15. No, your dominant hand is the one you are naturally inclined to use. Kurt learned to write with his right hand by choice, but in his youth he wrote with his left.
  16. This is a very interesting point, as lots of influential artists (both in the magic industry and out) are left handed.

    I'm naturally right handed, but I have worked with my left hand a ton recently, and have become almost 100% ambodextrous. It's kinda cool, because I can now complete complex one handed cuts in each hand, at the same time. However, it can be a dilemma at the same time, trying to keep both hands at the same pace.
  17. Chris (Kenner) writes with his left hand, but does card/magic stuff right handed.


  18. It just sucks that us lefties die sooner.
  19. True dat. But the theory is that this is caused by many lefties dying of unfortunate accidents with right handed tools ;)
  20. Yeah, that and I heard something about it having to do with the brain. I can't remember though. Maybe I heard wrong.

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