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  1. KoryB87

    Camera Effect

    hey everyone! I’ve seen a lot of similar tricks on TV, like James Corden and AGT (Shin Lim) of effects where they take a picture of a spectator holding a blank playing card and later on when they pull up the picture they’re holding the selected card! WHAT IS THIS CALLED?
  2. Zenn_Magic

    Magic Themed Promposal

    i need ideas for a promposal. Whether it be a trick or just magic themed. Any ideas?
  3. L

    Conditioning Cards for Card Manipulation

    So I was wondering what you guys do to condition cards for card manipulation. I came back to magic a month ago, and finally wore out my very old deck to the point where I had to get a new one. However, I forgot what McBride and Sheridan said about conditioning a new pack of cards. Currently I...
  4. Moorethanmagic

    New Magic Book: In Progress

    So I'm actually writing a new magic book filled with coin tricks along with card tricks all based around slight of hand! I was wondering if their was even a market anymore for something like this or if I'm just wasting time and money since I'll be self-publishing the book. It's not cheap to self...
  5. Scodischarge

    Deck Switching

    Hello there, I've had this vague idea for the beginning of a performance*, for which I'd need do a deck switch. Does anybody know a good technique for that? It would have to be a really quick move, done in half a second or less. What I've got in mind is something like the switching of one or two...
  6. Zenn_Magic

    Resources Used in Playing Card Production

    hey ya'll, i'm working on a project about resources used in producing a product. I choose playing cards and was wondering if ya'll could give me some insight into the natural, capitol, and human resources used.
  7. Zenn_Magic

    Card FROM Pocket

    hey everyone, I am trying to crate a stage trick with cards and need some advice for a segment of the trick. I want to have a spectator put the card in THEIR pocket and have it vanish into mine. is this even possible, to make a card disappear from someone else's pocket.
  8. D

    New Card Trick

    I think I just created a new 2 card transposition and I want to submit it, but some of the moves involved are from other magicians, should I reach out to them and ask if I can submit this trick or not. One of the moves came from Luke Dancy and the other move in the routine was by Justin Miller...
  9. Scodischarge

    Best Magic Book for a (relative) beginner

    Hi guys, I've been doing card sleight of hands for about 5-6 months. I've learned mostly from Daniel Madison's "How To Cheat At Cards", with the occasional tutorial from Jason England and Xavior Spades. Up to now I've been focusing on card cheating moves, but want to go into the more...
  10. Zenn_Magic

    USPC Design

    I’m designing a trick deck and was wondering if anyone knew how to get ahold of the original files for the uspc standard faces for editing.
  11. Ryker_47

    Card Controls

    I’m tired of always using the same controls and forces, because I feel that eventually lay people will pick up on what I’m doing. Does anyone have any better controls, forces or anything? I mainly use the riddle force, overhand shuffle control and simple moves like that. I’m more than happy to...
  12. Y

    Organizing a magic routine and show

    Hey guys I’m new to theory 11 and I am really excited to be here! I’ve been recently working on a card magic show and workshop charity event that I am running at my local library for December 15. I’ve been getting more serious in card magic (not as a career though) and am wondering how I should...
  13. JohnnyG

    What is that name of that card trick like Klik?

    Hello everyone, Awhile back I seen a Card Trick I might be wrong in how this trick worked but I'll try to describe the effect. The trick started with a spectator selecting a card and it is returned to the deck. Then the Magician fans the cards out towards the spectator and has them hold the...
  14. JohnnyG

    What do you guys think of this trick?

    After doing treatment for AML I was left with real bad neuropathy in my feet and hands. Doing Card Magic was out of the question for awhile. This is one of my first performances since having to retrain my hands, I was fresh out of the Hospital and decided to show off one of my favorite Magicians...
  15. B

    Beginner in Card Magic

    Greetings, I am new to card magic. Ever since I was little I've always loved sleight of hand magicians especially those work with cards. I've read through several forums recently about getting started with card magic and a lot of it has been helpful. I recently picked up the traditional...
  16. L

    Routine for school, help

    Hey everyone, Just joined the forums and am in need of some help. In a weeks time, I am performing at my school in a street magic kind of style and environment. I am needing some advice on how to put tricks together, what type of tricks to put after another, and what kind of things to open and...
  17. KoryB87

    Mentalism effect name???

    Hey guys, For those familiar with Chris Ramsay he does a trick where he gets the spectator to mix up cards and place eight face up and then turn on over..... when all is set in done those numbers are tattooed on his arm and the one that was flipped over is crossed out! I don’t want to be told...
  18. KoryB87

    Mentalism effect????

    Does anyone know where I could get and the name of the effect, where you have a spectator choose a card and when the deck is turned over it’s red and the selected card is blue??
  19. Karo-K54

    Invisible top shot

    I'm a huge fan of the top shot, and will always do it at least once a day, usually in front of the mirror. Several times, when looking at the mirror, I don't even see the card jumping to my hand. This is really incredible, since it opens many possibilities. It could be the best palm reveal ever...
  20. KoryB87

    Trying to find product/gimmick

    Recently saw Darcy Oake, he was amazing, he did a trick where he put a glass bottle into a box, then locked it into a bigger box. Took the box to a lady, had her pick a card, disappeared the card. She opened the box and it was in there. Wondering where I could find that method or gimmick?
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