Any Bodybuilders In Here?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magicman2292, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. hey guys.... for the past year, my new hobby has been bodybuilding... yes, i got bigger... wayy bigger... im active in the forums... and that kinda got me less and less interseted in magic and now i wanna come back...

    but just wondering, are any of you bodybuilders? any of you interested in lifting and getting HUGE?
  2. haha, that's mysterious, I just thought about my trainig and bing, another bodybuilder is on the forums.
    yes, I'm a bodybuilder.:D
  3. u on the BBing forums?

    what are your stats? (height, weight)
  4. Don't link people to that stupid thread.
  5. What? do you feel ofended by it somehow?

    I dont see how a thread demanding some intelligent threads in here seems stupid.
  6. Yep I am a BB. Magic/flourishing and BB are like the only things I do lol.
  7. Nobody likes a tattle tale.
  8. cool, you on the BBing forums?
  9. My brother is big on "getting huge," and I'm trying to work my way into it.
  10. Ok, wow.
    Grow up, these forums are for magic related subjects. Not to see who is a body builder, owns a dirt bike, has a tattoo, likes cinnamon oatmeal, can burp on command, or likes to use the word "Anti disestablishment".

    RDC was right for posting that thread, maybe you should take the time to read it. That goes for the OP.
  11. Im staying lean and reporting this thread.
  12. You need to take a chill pill for gods sake.

    All i said was that nobody likes a tattle tale and it's true. if you are going to report something, then do it and keep it to yourself.

    #2 Yes this thread is lame, but being a tattle aka a Rat is even lamer.
  13. Im a personal trainer for the past 4 years and I compete in track and field for running events.
  14. Hipocritical post...

    ...let this thread die, just don't post in it. It's that simple...irony...

  15. There you go ;).
  16. #17 demon5magic, Jul 27, 2009
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    You think it's stupid that someone actually made an intelligent post on these forums? Yes, it is a rare occurrence, but it's in no way "Stupid"

    And even less people like an immature brat who makes useless posts. RD didn't do anything wrong, and he was right for posting that thread. As said before, grow up.

    And these really aren't the right forums for this dude, sorry...

    PS. Lol at the Lamont joke RD, that's exactly what I thought of when I saw this thread.
  17. As much as everyone wants to discuss their own personal hobbies and goals this is a MAGIC oriented forum. Meaning, strictly talking magic and aspects relating to magic (which loosely allows video editing/camera stuffs).

    So, with that said I'm going to have to close this thread simply because Body Building is not about magic, in the least.

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