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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Feb 3, 2009.

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  2. Guys,

    I think a lot of you are missing the point of the contest. It was not designed to seek out additional "filler" for the DVD. I think it's safe to say that D&D have the content pretty well covered. Over two hours of footage - it's jam packed already.

    Rather, the contest was designed so that you have an opportunity that not many others are offered - to star (as a guest instructor) in the andthensome title. To teach thousands of others something original and unique, and then invite them to go out and perform it. Simple as that. In the process, will you attain some prime attention from the feature? Absolutely.

    We are not forcing anyone's hand here. If you'd like to participate, awesome. We look forward to receiving your submission. If not, no worries. But - again - don't ruin it for those who are enjoying it. We've got some incredible submissions already, and look forward to seeing many more in the days to come.
  3. Well, from Theory 11's customer base, anyway.

    Still doesn't strike me as an even trade. But I'm just a gnat buzzing in the face of commerce.
  4. Question to anybody from T11

    T11. PLZ answer me. I've uploaded a vid. But I haven't recieved a confirmation letter on my e-mail.
    PLZ answer me have you recieved my vid? :)
    HURRY!!! :)
  5. Just one day left...

    How many people submitted?
  6. I've just sent my video. How much is left? 2 hours?
  7. I thought it was over at 11 tonight...
  8. I create my video & I made with my father the video(he record the video XD)
    My video details: :):):):)
    ----5 min.
    ----200 MB (I don't know how)
  9. What is your trick or fluorish name?
  10. About 10 hours remaining until deadline at 11:00pm EST tonight. If you're still polishing up your submission, be sure to allow adequate time for your video to upload.

    The link to submit your videos is http://dropbox.yousendit.com/theory11.

    Looking forward to seeing the submissions to come in the final hours.
  11. Just submitted. Hope you guys like it!

    -Tyler Chase
  12. When will the decision be made by?
  13. Can you extend the deadline a couple of hours? I didn't know that the vid would take 4 hours to upload.
  14. Not trying to be a jerk, but I'm just saying, you had fair warning. And I doubt the deadline will be extended, so as to be fair to everyone. Yay fairness. :) But aww @ long upload times. :(

    Seriously, it really does suck that it takes so long. I didn't think it'd take that long, either...an hour or two, maybe, but 4 is quite a while. Make sure you don't have anything else running in the background (like Limewire, torrents, msn, etc), and hope for the best, I suppose. That's really the only advice I can give. =/
  15. Awesome. I started my upload at 6 PM Eastern (3 my time) which I thought you know was adequate time. Seems like my upload just stopped halfway through, and froze saying 2:22 left. So, thanks to YouSendIt and my computer, I don't get to put an entry in. Awesome

  16. :eek:

    That sucks big time! You even planned ahead...that makes it that much worse.

    I take back what I said earlier (to magicman), even planning ahead can backfire on you.

    I guess one should include hoping and praying (if you swing that way), along with planning ahead? =/
  17. Mine's uploading, with about 10 minutes left... Good luck to everyone!

    When will the results be announced?
  18. Yup, I left it for a while, checked back at around 8ish then I went to do my homework and watch Lost at 9 Eastern. Finished watching Lost an hour later and had a snack, came back downstairs and it had stopped just a few minutes after I left because my Norton Anti-Virus window popped up.

    I'm still going to submit it regardless, it's at like 20% right now. Hope for the best.

  19. Ouch. Yeah, I'm not a Norton fan (just because it's a resource hog, not because of what it did to ya--although, that's kind of the straw right there, if I ever saw it. Poor camel). AVG + Spybot Search and Destroy = better than Norton (and most other antivirus programs), yet are completely free, heh. :)

    But yeah, I wouldn't give up until someone posts saying it's all over. Which won't be for a while...right guys? That's right...don't hit that submit reply button...not yet, people, not yet. You can hover your mouse around that button, just don't click. ;)
  20. Either way, if my submission gets in or not, I'm super happy because I learned a lot about editing. I checked out some tutorials to work on my intro and transitions, as well as some keyframe work. It'll be on my YouTube if I don't win, and maybe my Vimeo if I can compress it to under 500 mb =p.

    The lesson here is//Norton is a gypsy.


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