Cinders by Dee Christopher

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Michael Kras, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. This is Dee's latest ebook, being released tonight. He graciously sent me an advanced copy and I must say, this is a brilliant and very creative Burnt and Restored Card effect. I'm just typing a few brief thoughts here for you before the release.

    Get this: A card is signed across the face, and held face up between the magician's fingertips. He actually BURNS the card, starting a fire to its lower end. The signature is clearly visible the entire time and is not switched at all. The card remains face up at all times. Despite these impossibly fair conditions, the card is impossibly restored and immediately handed out for examination.

    Even better... totally impromptu! That's right, no gimmicks, just borrow any deck and go right into the effect. I can honestly say all of these conditions are 100% true, nothing has been twisted or written in a sneaky manner, it's all true. Great effect, great method, there's not much not to like about this effect.

    The ebook is very clear, with clear photos and written instruction. This is one of the coolest Torn or Burnt and Restored Card effects I have ever seen. It is a real worker! If you love effects that destroy cards than I cannot recommend this more highly. Get it tonight!!

    Michael Kras
  2. Cinders is now live on my site at £6.66 :)

    Hope you guys enjoy it!

  3. Thanks for this Dee!:D
  4. I always keep my promises man ;)

    The first of a couple of new eBooks guys, The second is 23:23 - and Broken Wings, VERY underground stuff, next to NO ONE knows the new move I'm teaching, but it allows crazy predictions on the fly and Broken Wings is another impromptu TK effect - but we'll go into that another time.

    Thanks Guys!

  5. 6.66

    Dee you cheap and demonic (Insert Curse Word Of Choice Here)


  6. Awww Michael, you beat me to reviewing this one. ;) Oh well... I'll post my review in this thread in a bit.


  7. I have been looking forward to this one dee it sounds awesome, but on the site,
    the price is listed as £14.99 not £6.66?
  8. Is it just me or does it show up as £14.99 on his website for everyone?
  9. Sorry guys - My fault, there was an issue with the site, but the people that purchased it for £14.99 I've offered any of my other ebooks along side Cinders as it's a little more than I'd wanted to charge!

    I'm working on changing the price now!


  10. Mission completed! There we go chaps!

  11. Yup, very cool. :) I love this. I think some beginners in misdirection will be a tiny bit nervous about performing this because you will need some misdirection. Great effect overall and I will absolutely enjoy this.

    Add to cart. If you don't, I will give Dee your address... He and I will fly to your house, go on your computer, and purchase it using your credit card while you stand there crying and watching us....

  12. Crying for joy at being given the confidence to make such a phenomenal purchase that is!

    *Ting goes the smile!*

    Ha ha, Well I'm glad everyone's liking it - I don't have enough hands to email out all the orders though so it may take a while!:p

    That doesn't mean stop.... lol

    Thanks again guys, Have fun setting fire to things!

  13. This is a great Idea and a brilliant effect, I cant wait to get burning
  14. I'm just sitting here waiting for my email :p
  15. Well Dee you're climbing your way up! :) I may have to pick this one up sometime soon when I have money.

  16. D. Check your PM's when you get a chance bud.
  17. Dee is a bit busy right now. If you aren't getting your PDF after you purchase it, it's not an error. He just hasn't sent it to you yet.

  18. I've just caught up with sending out the ebook's guys, it's 7.28am here so I haven't been alive too long!

    Hope everyone enjoys their purchases! *waits for millions of reviews and comments*

  19. Thanks for taking the time to catch up with orders--I was happy to stay up to receive mine.

    I've played around with the handling and with only a half hour or so messing with it I can tell how nice this can look.

    Might post a better review when it's not 3:40 am...:) yay for insomnia.

    I will say it's something i'll definitely perform as soon as I feel I have it down.

    Good work Dee--and I can't wait for your next one.
  20. Guys, I've had the work on this little beauty for a while now, and let me tell you- it play big... REALLY big!

    You could have literally just shown your spectators your best T&R card effect... This takes it up a level. Actually, F*ck it, it takes it up about ten levels!

    Dee, risky choice releasing this one now (at this stage in our masterplan...) But one I just know will pay off... You're a good man!

    One thing though... Don't talk of 23:23... The underground NEED'S this for a while!


    P.S, Just joking about 23:23. Kind of.

    P.P.S, I'm not really joking.

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