Cinders by Dee Christopher

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  1. Very thorough review. I liked how you went in depth about it.
  2. Haha, for those of you that don't know - that's my lady above :p We're moving soon - flash new apartment!! :D

    I'm not THAT famous.. lol


  3. Hey man thanks for the review!

    Regarding the singed fingers bit, for everyone having difficulty, I do take my time with the burn, blow off all the cinders and gently wipe off any remaining ash.

    It allows the image of the burn to STICK. also allows the card to cool down. You won't have a problem then!:)


  4. My name is on there.... All of a sudden I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.... :) lol, Well since my original review got taken down, I'll write up a new one here soon.

  5. Haha - but I still linked to E - I'd better give Brad a call and work this shiznit OUT!:p

  6. ...Wish I had thought of that before the second time I did it...I did learn my lesson though. (realizing that if I had followed the e-book exactly as it was written I wouldn't have had to learn on my own).

    Anyway--Very good review, this really is an effect you have to put time in to be able to do well and go off well (both practicing and performing).
  7. Yeah, it does take a little practice to get down, but everything does - The end illusion you'll achieve is a powerful one though and I'm sure you'll all have a great time with it!

  8. Dude, you ARE famous!

    Only yesterday I was walking down the street and I saw a bunch of guys wearing mindlapse shirts and bending forks... I asked them where they learned these Gellerian skills... One of them looked up at me and said, in a smooth monotone...

    "Dee Christopher is my homeboy..."

    So there you go...

  9. Haha - Man. That's going on my website...somewhere.. on a hidden page :p

  10. DO IT!

    haha, you should put it on your profile bio!

    So, the show went well then...

  11. Yeah, it was good - Got 5 more bookings from 2 sources yesterday :p

    Absolutely FLOORED them with that angle zero routine. I'll write it up and post it on here :)

  12. (This review is rated from horrid to Own. because numbers are too finicky)

    What they say
    " The Highly Anticipated Release is HERE.

    "The idea rocks, Clean, Simple, Effective and most of all baffling." (Daniel Madison)

    A completely impromptu twist on the common tear and restore plot.
    A card is selected and signed from a regular or borrowed deck. The card is held at finger tips and a lighter is introduced.
    A portion of the card is burnt away, leaving half a card in the magician's hand.
    With just a wave, or even a blow the SIGNED card fully restores and is given out as a souvenir." (
    my initial thoughts
    When I first recieved this PDF, I thought 'That's sweet! how come I didn't think of that?' as I continued to reaqd through, I found the Dee explained everything in full detail

    I will give this a... sweet!
    There is no gimmick! there is a slight setup though, which you can do during performance..


    The effect, after trying it out, is a little bit angly, but some of those angles are covered by the fire. But this effect will TAKE PRACTICE. There are really only twqo 'moves' here, and one of them, if it doesn't look right, you're doing it wrong. the other is just a little bit hard for me. I don;t know why. so.....


    Overall, this effect is not a must-buy. but if you are into card magic, and you want a great and impromptu Tear and restore card, get Cinders instead. it's a Great and impromptu Burned and restored card. and fire makes everything better!

  13. Interesting review, Diz, thanks!

  14. Yeah man, thanks for the review!:D

  15. Great review, but why make yet another Cinders thread?
  16. There seems to have been many Cinder reviews lately. :)

  17. Thats because it's a sweet effect!
  18. Yeah, plus I'm paying $1 anytime anyone publishes the word 'Cinders' on any forums, and I'm lying of course.

  19. Cinders - Dee Christopher

    First of all, Im sorry Dee, I sauid I would write it earlier this week, didnt get to it =[
    lol forgive me.

    on with the Review.

    Ok this puppy is AWESOMENESS IN A CUP.

    The description is not mis leading, the effect dellivers exactly what the description says, no less.

    Effect: With All the Torn and restored cards, this is a nice breath of fresh air.
    Instead of Ripping, you BURN it. the card can be sighned and with a wave or blow its back together. yes, the signature they saw fall to ashes is restored.

    Method: Method is awesome, Nothing Too hard. Any One can master it with practice (that goes for anything really)
    I dont want to go too into it, because i may give something away. But Just trust me you can learn it easely.

    There is a Gimmick, But I Guarantee 100% you can make it, haha its nothing to make really, just trust me You have everything you need for this effect.

    This trick can be preformed with a burrowed deck and a sighned card.

    Kudos To DEE, he came up with a explosive little piggy here.


  20. I wouldn't even call it a gimmick. ;)

    Just to add something that wasn't said in the review....

    This is 100% impromptu.

    While my favorite TNR is currently Dizzi's Impromptorn, this is still INSANE! In all honesty, even if you already have a TNR routine, still get this. Spectators won't even associate this with your other TNR routine because it is just so different.

    Dee, I told you that I was gonna put my review up when the reviews for this stop coming... WELL THEY KEEP COMING! I'll have my review up within a few days because I'm impatient.:p

    Good review.


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