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  1. The first rule of 23:23 - Do NOT talk of 23:23 - haha, who am I kidding, I'm no Daniel Madison :p

    Though he has been known on occasion to wear my t-shirts... *ahem*

    Thanks for all the comments guys, keep them coming - I appreciate it!

    Yeah, I was on the fence about putting this out, but I'm sure it'll help draw attention to a certain project me and Chris are working on currently. A lot of people have asked about the Cinders release over the last couple of months so I figured I'd give you guys what you want, keep you sweet ;) haha!


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    Cinders - Dee Christopher

    Cinders - Incineration//Restoration

    Effect: Any deck is used and shuffled by the spectator. They select any card within the deck and sign their name across it, the card is bent in half and burnt right in front of them. They can watch as they see the bottom half burn away and the signature is still in view. With just a quick wave of the hand the bottom half is then restored. 100% Imprompt

    Method: The method is very clever though at first I thought it was going to be something different but as I read on I was pleasantly surprised by what was actually happening. It's a clean, quick, simple method and is completely imprompt which makes this a wonderful addition to anyones routine. This trick (could) require some misdirection at one point which might turn some of the beginners away from it but I would actually recommend it to anyone. Dee gives a clear example of something you could do which would give you the misdirection and cover needed making it that much easier to perform!

    Ebook: As expected it contains photos to help you understand exactly what needs to be done. Each step is clearly explained and easy to follow, nothing is left out of the explaination. The photos are clear and easy to see so you shouldn't have a problem following along. Dee gives tips on how to practice the effect before you go out and perform it.

    Price: 6.66 GBP - This is a limited time price so I'd suggest getting this effect as soon as possible! The price is very reasonable and I personally would not of had a problem paying more for this.

    Overall: I rate this effect 9/10 - The only reason I give it a 9 out of 10 is because I clearly believe there is always room for improvement so to me a 9 is wonderful! Awesome Job Dee, keep up the good work!
  3. Yeah, you've done the right thing dude, enough people were asking for the release of this, you had to respond at some point!

    Oh, and guys... set some cash aside for 23:23...

  4. Thanks for the review man!

    I'm really glad you like the effect, like I mentioned in the other thread I was a bit unsure as to whether to release this, but I'm glad I did!


  5. Oh, dude...

    I just read the thankyou's at the back of the EBook... You...

    You ARE a charmer, Mr. Christopher!

  6. Is this in the Proximity Effects by Dee Christopher...
    and just a quick questions are Dee Christopher's e-books are in this book?

    thank you :) im looking forward in owning the book :D
  7. Cold, Shift and Deviance are all routines fully explained in Prox.FX - However Cinders is not - It's a brand new release so get it while it's sill hot!;)

  8. It's highly possible that this is my favourite effect ever just from the sound of it.
    Will I still be able to order it at this time tomorrow? Or is it limited price and sale?

    I really can't wait to get my hands on this...

    Edit: I've never got an ebook before... What happens you pay and a Pdf is sent to you? :S

  9. Hey man, Yeah, it'll be available tomorrow still :)

    I'm sure you'll love it man, real practical, real fun and the visuals are great!

    Once you complete payment, yours truly gets sent an email saying "YAY! Another person loves you/magic!" and I personally email you out the book!

    I maybe asleep sometimes though, I do that for about 4-5 hours a day, so if it takes a while I'm in bed!


  10. I honestly can't wait, It will be tomorrow I can get it hopefully... stupid pay check :p
    The idea of a practical, visual, firey effect... A torn and restored with incredible style... Damn, so excited I dropped my cards :)

  11. Haha, well pick them back up and get your lighter out! Or I tell you what, grab someone else's deck! It can be done with borrowed deck after all, why wreck your own!:p

  12. Is it safe to assume angles are similar to a "normal" torn and restored? This sounds TOO cool to pass up (and too good of a bargain!) :cool:
  13. Hey buddy.

    Angles aren't that big a problem, buddy, and you're almost completely covered for the restoration... You've just gotta be a little conscientious while burning, but to be honest, They can 'see' that you are burning their card... they can see the face... they probably won't want to delve around the side 'Just to make sure'. You should be cool. I did it for a magician friend last night... It's so clean, he was deep-fried for a few moments before he smiled and said

    "... Oh. I get it. Very nice!"


  14. It's really not an issue angles wise, as long as your not super sloppy with it you'll be fine. :)

    It's got much better angles than a lot of TnR's I know!


  15. CINDERS! By Dee Christopher

    "The idea rocks, Clean, Simple, Effective and most of all baffling."
    -Daniel Madison

    The Effect...

    The performer has a card selected and signed. He folds it clean in half and, with the signed face of the card in view, sets the bottom half of the card alight. He lets the card burn 'til around a quarter of the card is nothing but ashes... he flicks some ash from the card to clean it up a little.

    Then the impossible happens... He takes a step back, and slowly waves his hand over the incinerated card... whereupon it visually restores!

    It can immediately be handed out...

    The Review...

    Okay, this is odd. For a while, amongst my magician friends, I've been talking about how I prefer performing T&R effects with flash restorations, as the choreographed hand-dance of piece by piece restorations leaves me cold. However, it is impossible to take away fom the visual impact of a piece by piece in comparison to all at once/flash restorations.
    So I wanted a flash restoration which was fast and sudden, but which did not take away from the effect visually...

    I was given Cinders.

    The effect is crystal clear; Card is burned, card is restored.

    But it's the little things that Dee has added that truly make this effect a showstopper.

    The card is signed across it's face.
    The cards face is towards the audience at all times.
    As the card burns, the signature is still visible.
    The contrast between phases is incredible- the burn is slow and deliberate. the restoration is quick and sudden (though with a bit of tweaking, one could take time with this phase as well- I prefer the contrast.)

    The effect really DOES look as clean as the blurb describes. It is a stunning new concept, and one which I'm sure will inspire lots of variation in handling, which Dee has publically encouraged.

    I have performed this numerous times on the street and it is a true worker, and something that I can truly see myself doing for a long time!

    At a pinch- 9/10

    Priced at £6.66 GBP and available directly from Mr. Christophers site,, it's WELL worth your time and study.

  16. On a serious note... The angles are not a problem at all. Practice it for a bit and you'll learn what angles you don't want people standing (which are angles you probably wouldn't want them at anyhow). It's a very easy effect to perform, powerful and 100% imprompt why wouldn't you want this TnR? I performed it twice yesterday with amazing reactions, kudos to Dee.
  17. Next time you do perform it, find someone to point a camera, it'd be great to see how everyone else plays the handling!:)

  18. I'll grab a friend and have him film it next time I hit the streets!
  19. Looking forward man!

  20. I'll try to rock a vid too, man.


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