Cinders by Dee Christopher

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Michael Kras, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Haha, Cheers guys - And Alex, I could never forgive you for what you've done. :p

    I like that the reviews keep coming, I asked one or two people if they fancied reviewing the product, but here, E. and the cafe both got sodomized by Cinders reviews!

    The DeeChristopherMagic store will be evolving over the next little while, I've got some exciting new projects with some very creative new artists in the works that I think may make every body wee a little bit in sheer anticipation of what's to come!


  2. Good review man!

    Doug, I know we're all waiting for your thoughts too!

    Hmm, Intriguing...

  3. Just to let everyone know, The first evolution of the new store is up!

    No new products, but I've integrated an instant download system, so that as soon as you pay a personal link is sent to your inbox - It's the same one that d+M uses on his site, but if anyone has any issues, let me know!


  4. why is there like 12 diff posts about this effect?
  5. Why not? It's a new effect, it's at it's peak time for a high volume of reviews. Everybody has opinions on it, so why should only one or two people vocalize it?

  6. i think

    i think that cinder's is possibly the best magic trick in the universe!! but maybe im a lil biased ;);)
  7. Here are my two cents. I posted this over at Ellusionist, but thought i would copy it here....

    "I give credit to Dee for the unique handling, though I'm not so sure how much i'll be doing this.
    I find the movements to be.....
    a trick for 1 on 1.

    I guess when I think of a card being "held" at finger tips a different picture comes to mind. Though the add is true, i think the card more "sits" at your tips, folded in half. The snap change is more of what I had in mind for a card being held at the tips. But that is just my own "assumption" or bias.

    Inside the ebook the add states that "the spectator can plainly see the flames lickin at their signature"...
    Well, that's not true. I guess that is considered "illusion."

    Sorry Dee, you seem like a good, stand up/creative guy and the handling might work for you, but i just don't see how this could work with more than one person and the handling is just a bit, odd.

    I would of liked to see this released with other effects as I don't think it's really a stand alone item.

    Just my opinion.


    "Just to let you know, i'm not some two bit performer either.
    I use magic that works.
    Palming doesn't bother me, I palm all the time.
    Copping doesn't bother me either.

    What bothers me is the lack of something that I thought this effect had. Sure it's a cool idea, but the hand movements, the angels, just don't make this effect pragmatic, in my opinion.

    Yes I did try it out in front of a mirror.
    I think it might work for others, but I'd SURE would love to see a VIDEO of this in real world performance.

    Once again, it's a unique handling, but I don't think it's worth the $12 for a stand alone item."


    I just the effect is a good idea, but it's just underdeveloped with a bit of odd handling.

    Nothing against you Dee, just my two cents on the product.

  8. Hey Matt, Thanks for your comments and I'm sorry you didn't get on with the effect - Its found it's way into the repertoire of many very competent magicians so I imagine it's just preference.

    I've been performing this effect for several years since it's original conception and I've never been caught out with it - I infact Shot Cinders for my new TV special over here and shall be uploading that footage to use as a vid dem for the product once I get it back from the edit team.

    As for the flames licking the spectator's signature, of course it's an illusion - Deception is our art and this can be a very convincing illusion when performed correctly, but it is an illusion.

    There is no real way the signature could be burnt away and then restored - It's impossible. However, to make it look as if it is, that's a whole other kettle of fish. I generally just have them sign the top portion to burn away the lower, but you could have them sign their name all the way across. That would add.

    Drop me a PM and I can discuss with you some alternate ideas to create this effect, I did a lot of work on it a few years back and went thru countless methods before settling on this, so there maybe something else that could work for you if you wish to delve deeper into the Incineration//Restoration plot.

    Cheers Matt,

  9. Hi Matt.

    I responded to your post on the E forum but I'll just reiterate here, for the sake of being complete.

    "I have had this effect a little while now and I have performed it (I estimate) around 20-30 times.

    The angle 'issues' you mention aren't much of a concern for me.

    For clarity's sake, I'm not some 'two-bit' performer either, I work restaurants, private party strolling gigs and in nightclubs and bars. I perform for real people.

    Now, the spectators can't be directly to the sides of you, no. You do have a lot of room to maneuvre though, if you have suitable audience management skills. I'm not saying you have to be Apollo Robbins here, I'm just saying, if you're performing for real people, your audience management skills should be up to scratch.
    I won't detail me techniques for 'positioning the audience' as

    A) I believe detailing technique is frowned upon, and

    B) It is something I have worked hard on developing, and I'm not just going to throw it around willy-nilly.

    Now, as for the 'flames licking the signature' statement.

    You can't put a negative spin on the fact that this is an 'illusion'. C'mon... what are we magicians?!
    If somebody says 'She plainly see's her card go into the deck' do you respond with "No, he performed a double lift, so she DOESN'T see her card go into the deck, it's an illusion"?

    I doubt it."

    That's directly from the E forum.

    Sorry If it seems arrogant or aggressive but the thread over there is very inflammatory.

    (I'm just stoking the flames, haha.)

  10. I pay her in massage to post things like that.

    By the way, anyone in the UK who's around next month drop me a PM as we're sorting the guestlist for our housewarming do over the next few!

  11. Chris,
    Good for you man.

    I think diverse opinions are welcome, I'm still playing around with different ideas though. Perhaps as a visual ending to card warp.

    I do think though the handling of the illusion is very clever.
  12. That card warp idea sounds really interesting - you'll have to let us know how it goes!:)


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