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  1. I swear to god 2009 will be a great year. Cant wait til you return Devil.
  2. wait what ever happen to the release of PSYCHO???? I was really looking forward for that book
  3. 2009 will be a great year. Trust Him.
  4. Is the fan change an off-shoot of Ricky Smith's Cherry Control?
  5. Thanks for the review.Will put it on my to get list ;).
    What a lucky guy getting it from him personally.

  6. It is similar and d does mention Ricky in the book, but only similar in that there is a fan in play, the handling and control are completely different, not sure if Ricky uses his as a color-change or even if that's possible but the Fan Change can also be used as a control, which is also taught in the book.
  7. Hahaa, lol. I always say that when I read his work.
  8. I got it, its pretty good. Some stuff is a little lackluster but it was worth the money.
  9. Just had a quick read through the book - Some great stuff in there by the looks of things, I'll sort out a proper review later on. :)

  10. question about rebound... it says the card can be freely chosen... could it be signed aswell then?
  11. Cant be signed....

    I just bought this ebook now and read thru it. There were some intresting ideas, and some not so much and some a little confusing (well im really tired so thats probably the reason!) I will review it later when i actually go over every effect but so far im pretty happy i think!

  12. thanks... still seams like a sick effect and i plan on getting the book next week...
  13. I really like 13 except for one little thing. I have seen this principle used in a different way before but to put it with this and combine it with compression....amazing! Also i thought the blister effect was really cool!
  14. 13+riot=sick ass effect.
  15. are these effects magician foolers?
  16. Does it matter??? ;)

    - Sean
  17. no not really but i want to fool you sean jk lol. but seriously are they?

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