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  1. I have been tossing around the idea of a tattoo for years.

    I personally have been doing a lot of research into it. I want a ring tattoo around my forefinger. It's a small area and a small tattoo. May be an issue. But the point is, I have debated it for years, and it is filled with meaning. Still, I don't know how I feel about getting something on me forever. That's a big commitment.


  2. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say months or years of thinking are in order. You are for all intents and purposes marrying an image. I've wanted a tattoo of some sort since I was approaching 18, have since got 4 piercings, have since retired one of my piercings (less than a year later), considered retiring others and am still giving the tattoo some serious thought 8 years later. Its a forever decision and its not like its doing you any harm by not being on your body right now at the least.
  3. I know I said it before and its been said a lot by others but they are all right, time and patience is the best thing to have when planning out a tattoo. Oh and Seeker, just a bit of advice, usually tattoos on fingers don't heal well especially a finger since the skin is constantly tightening and loosening as your hand and fingers move throughout the day. I personally do not have a tattoo on any fingers but have come across lots of people that do and still have NOT met someone with a decent looking ring/finger tattoo. All the ones I have seen have been all faded and scarred.
  4. This guy said it all!
  5. Exactly. I have a friend that has a tattoo for his dead grandmother. It means a lot to him. Don't be stupid and get a tattoo just because you are turning 18. The point of a tattoo is to represent something that is your life. That will be with you forever. Magic might not. You never know. Take Mr. Draven's advice.
  6. Agreed. If you don't know what you want then don't get a tattoo.

    I have one spur of the moment tattoo, and it was even just made fun of on the last Dan Sperry Live. (I did give my blessings, however.) It's the only "regret" out of all of them.

    When you aren't thinking about tattoos at all, but realize later on that the design you have in mind would make an awesome tattoo, then you stand the chance of always treasuring the permanent mark on yourself.

    Just wait until you know. I promise you that it's worth it.
  7. i second this, if you really want a tattoo you should find out on your own what you want it to be of
  8. And by all means, proofread it carefully. You don't want to have an embarrassing typo forever.
  9. I have a lot of tattoos and they all have a special meaning whether it displays my faith, love of magic, or fallen friends. I have a full sleeve dedicated to my art but Draven couldn't have said it better. You never get ink for anyone else you get it because you want it. There's no need to get it now. Whatever you do, you shouldn't get it in any visible areas while wearing a business suit or long sleeve (i.e. neck or hands) and make sure your artist is reputable and you trust them. After all, it is permanent... Good luck man!
  10. Yeah I know whatcha mean. I want a cross on the left side of my chest. Only visible if I take my shirt off and the cross over my heart is always a reminder of where Jesus is and where he will always be - in my heart. I know where I am going to get it. It's a place called 713. By best friend got a cross tattood real big on his back at that place and they did a great job it turned out sick!
  11. Actually, heart is in the middle. It is just curving to the left, down at the bottom. Just wanted to let you know, snice this is a big dessision for you.

    I have an idea for a tatoo for more than a year now. I may actually do it if one more part of my life falls into place. And good news is, I fill find that out in a week.
  12. I was aware of the true location of the heart but thank you for the heads up! Most people when they think of the heart, thay picture it on the left side of the chest. Also, when you put your hand "over your heart" for the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner, more often than not a person will place their hand over the left side of their chest. That is why I decided that location
  13. I agree, the pectoral region of the chest is a badass spot for a tat! good luck man!
  14. There are two approaches.

    Taking tattoos to personal...."meaning of your life"

    And taking them too lightly "Yeh slap that monster can on me"

    Tattoos can be meant to be fun.. It's your body have fun with it.

    They aren't going to kill you... If you like it, then get it. Don't rush into it, but don't overthink it.

    People are saying not to let people influence you, look what they did to you? You were sure about getting one, now your not sure.
    In 50 years, you'll be around 70? Who cares if you had a faded symbol at 70? And you can always get it touched up and removed.
    (My brother got one removed, said it's not as bad as you think)

    But are you going to be like trying to get yound pretty ladies at 70? You'll probably be married, with kids. They won't care what you look like....

    Do what you want man. Period.

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