Gimmick vs. No Gimmick

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Gimmick Vs. UnGimmick

  1. Yeah I use them

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  2. No, I don't like using them

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  3. I use both gimmicked and ungimmicked

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  1. Just wondering who here likes the use of gimmicks over not using gimmicks?

    Personally, I don't like using them. I try to use slight of hand as much as I can. There are some good tricks out there that use gimmicks, but I hate having to keep all the stuff on me. I did panic once for someone and they ran into me again and they wanted to see the trick. There was no way. lol.
  2. I don't like using gimmicks, if you are asked, can I see that deck, you have to say, wait a moment, as you locate and palm it out. For cleanliness, and a challenge, I go ungimmicked.
  3. So your opinion is what? It wasn't a poll. I love the wonderful user forum moderators we have on this board.
  4. I went through a phase where I didn't want to use any gimmicks, but now I do a bit of both. I'm still not too fond of gimmicks, but I have a couple I always carry now. Mainly Quantum Bender 2, Loops, and some Twilight Angels cards. And my wallet is a Real Man's Wallet and has Extreme Burn and Fraud bills loaded in it. Sometimes I'll throw Lit or the the Water Trap gimmicks in my pocket. But that's about it.

    So I lean much more toward not using gimmicks, but there are a few that are easy to carry and worth it.
  5. I think this is quite a silly question...what does it matter if an effect is gimmicked or ungimmicked, ends clean or dirty, involves purple monkeys or orange elephants? What matters is the impact it has on your audience. Thus, rather than focusing on the method of an effect, I think the real focus should be on the presentation of the effect. If you have decent performing ability and audience management, it shouldn't matter if you end extremely dirty. Think invisible deck--one of the best and most popular card related gimmicks, and it ends all sorts of dirty. Does that take away from how great it can be? Absolutely not.

    Thus, sometimes I use gimmicks, and sometimes I don't. I'm not a purest, nor am I one who prefers one over the other--I do whatever is most convenient for me, so I can focus on astonishing the audience. That's what my goal is--entertaining the people I am performing for, NOT getting off on my ability to do effects without gimmicks. :)

    I feel that not using gimmicks is far too limiting. You're cutting yourself off from some great effects. :)
  6. Its a love hate relationship for me...personally I love gimmicks even though they arent always the most effective and depends on the venue...some gimmicks are easy to carry round when doin some street performances which is wat i do occasionaly. But...i mostly do not use gimmicks in street...only for gigs and special occasions.
  7. I use whatever I need to accomplish what it is I'm trying to get across. Sleight or gimmick doesn’t have much bearing to me as long as its effective for what I'm looking to achieve.
  8. I get the spirit of "method doesn't matter, it's the effect that counts!" and appreciate and agree with it to an extent, but, people, the method does matter. There are situations where some methods just aren't practical. There's some situations where you have a personal reason against a particular method - if your trick's method is sleeving, for example, you may be opposed to it if it's the middle of hot, hot summer and you're going for a casual look. Or if you're standing up for the entire performance and an effect calls for lapping. Are you going to bring in a table and chairs while outside just for that?

    I know it's splitting hairs, but the method isn't entirely a throw away non-concern, and treating it as such is irksome.

    As for the original question: not attempting to accuse anyone here, but some younger magicians stick to sleight of hand only and profess a strong dislike of gimmicks because they want to use sleight of hand, want to be purists, and they want to do that so they can feel awesome because of their ability. They're not worried about the effect, the audience, or the method - they're worried about bragging rights. Using gimmicks takes away from their ability to brag about how many moves they can do.

    But, of course, there's also people who prefer against gimmicks for any other reason, and by no means is the above the majority rule. It's a strong, prevalent rule, but, depending on demographic, probably not the sole excuse.

    I'm for either one. I don't like extremely tricky sleight-heavy stuff, preferring fewer, simpler moves, and if I'm operating some sort of apparatus, it needs to be practical, in terms of visibility, operation, and extraction. It's surprising to see how many people don't concern themselves with those three things when designing their gimmicks or the routines around them.
  9. It's not splitting hairs at all! And you bring up a good point that I neglected to mention. Obviously your surroundings affect what effects you you mentioned, your sleeving ability kind of become moot if you're in extremely hot weather (in which case, a gimmicked coin might be in order ;)). I was just speaking in a 'catch-all' type of way, not a 'this is the rule; there are no exceptions' type of way. Like, ignoring all other factors, and you had the choice between gimmicked and non-gimmicked. That's the situation my post refers to. There are obviously many considerations to take into account, such as logical methods for the surroundings, what you're wearing, lighting conditions, the people you're performing for, etc., but I was ignoring those factors in the same way the original question seems to ignore them (or make light of them). :)
  10. Some gimmicked effects can show the impossible which sleights cannot achieve. I use both gimmick & ungimmick and don't really care if I end dirty, I'm willing to put in the effort to get clean.
  11. The question is if you like gimmicks or not. I didn't want to focus on what the audiences preferences is (cause they really would have one....*sarcasm*) There are so many different arguments on the actual reaction of something. For me I would rather do slight of hand. But I do like some gimmick tricks. But I was just reading Mat La Vore's post and to me, carrying all that stuff around just gets annoying. I guess it really started to annoy me when I was using Adam Grace's Frozen or Mathieu Bich's Exile. Talk about set up and carrying gimmicks around. Give me a break. I need a bag for that stuff. Haha.

    That's really what I was thinking about. What people perfer better. Regardless of if it ends clean or not, which do you like using better? I'll admit, there are some amazing tricks that require gimmicks. I love to wow my audience. But if I can get a wow out of someone using an ungimmicked trick, then its the same to me.
  12. "All that stuff?"

    I have a deck of cards, a wallet, and the Quantum Bender in my pocket. That's it.

    The Lit gimmick I sometimes carry is the size of a matchbook and the Water Trap gimmick I sometimes bring to bars is the size of a quarter.

    Not a lot at all.
  13. Exactly...and my list would include: PK Ring, Loops, and a few cards in my wallet (5--4 for one effect, and another for card to wallet). It's not a hassle at all...doesn't really take up pocket space (technically takes up wallet space, but they're unused portions of my wallet, anyway; and it's the only ring I wear on my left hand (middle finger, so as to not look like I'm married); and loops speak for themselves, heh).

    I'm confused...what are you even referring to? I was saying that (ignoring all other factors, aside from the choice of using a gimmick or not) it doesn't really matter how you achieve the effect that you want, as long as the audience is entertained (with the effect, not the method--I figured that was a given...apparently not :rolleyes:). I also mentioned that I prefer whatever method allows me the most time to work on presentation, as that is a very important part of an effect that I personally prefer spending the most time on (...because you can be the best sleight of hand artist in the world, but if you suck at actually performing for people, then what good are all those sleights? Sleights don't entertain an audience...that's what you're supposed to do). :)
  14. the only gimmickd trick i use is 5speed i like everything to be clean s oi can hand them the cards without anyclean up :p
  15. My "gimmicked" Opinion

    I'm new to the forums (this is my first post)

    I usually try to stay away from gimmicks for the following reasons...

    1) I like to be able to perform tricks impromptu. It's an awesome thing when I go to someone's house, use their deck and completely blow them away.

    2) I lke to finish clean. I hate having to palm off a gaff or something like that. I like to dazzle 'em then hand them the deck and say, "Take a look. It's a regular deck."

    There aren't many gaff tricks I do that I haven't come up with a sleight alternative for. EX. I utilize a totally different presentation for the Invisible that I'm pretty sure is completely original... and I just recently came up with a sleight/force method that can be done with any deck. So I'm using my Invisible Deck routine/patter without using an Invisible Deck...and it still knocks 'em dead.

    However...I don't totally shun the use of gimmicks. I'm still known for my vanishing handkerchief that uses the trusty ole thumb tip.

    I think that using gimmicks is okay once you've established yourself as a great performer. Once you've performed a great Ambitious Card or something else, then if you want to use a gaff/gimmick to really hit a home run, then do so. I would just discourage anyone from relying solely on gimmicks/gaffs.

    Sorry for the long post. Like I said, I'm new to this whole thing. Let me know what you think.
  16. I notice that almost everyone thinks of gaff cards and trick decks when they think of gimmicks. I personally think of thumb tips first. I wonder why that is...

    Anyway, I refuse to vote in this poll. I'll say this instead:

    Less is more.

    Make of that what you will.
  17. Listen well people.
  18. Could you help me out there a bit.:confused:
  19. As I said, make of it what you will.

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